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UKSG 2017: Jisc services lightning update


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Presented at the 2017 UKSG annual conference. Covers library support services, and specifically mentions JUSP, Publications Router, Monitor Local and Liberate.

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UKSG 2017: Jisc services lightning update

  1. 1. Jisc services lightning update Liam Earney, Siobhán Burke, Jo Lambert, Helen Blanchett and Mark Williams 4/27/20 17
  2. 2. Transforming Library support services (LSS) Jisc’s vision is to transform our library support services by developing a more effective, efficient and cohesive set of library services. The Vision: 24/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  3. 3. 3 Why are we transforming our services? » Review of Library support services in 2015 by Sero HE working with Ithaka S+R » The process included: › Extensive consultation with RLUK and SCONUL › Survey of 80 libraries › Five themed workshops attended by 100 practitioners › Report: enhancing-efficiency-and-effectiveness 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  4. 4. What is involved? Develop a National Bibliographic Knowledgebase (NBK) Develop a National Bibliographic Knowledgebase (NBK) Jisc Collections website redevelopment Cross-service transformation activities Coherent approach Data orchestration Systems consolidation API development User interface design Workflow mapping Access management 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  5. 5. Cross-service transformation activities » Bring coherence to our library support services » Data orchestration and standards » Workflow mapping and user interface design » Access management » Systems consolidation and API development Read more: 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  6. 6. Library support services offer 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update 6 Negotiating on your behalf Purchasing & licence management Discovery & delivery Tracking ongoing access Evaluation & impact
  7. 7. Data orchestration » Identifying location and data governance of data entities › eg organisation, ISSN, journal / book title, location » Identifying internal / external data sources » Establish “registers” › Authoritative data sources for a specific entity type » Data clean-up and implementation across multiple services » Sherpa services redevelopment providing prototype opportunities 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  8. 8. Indicative timelines » Procurement of NBK partner and data loaded from up to 75 libraries » Jisc Collections website root and branch review and business analysis » Data orchestration working group and plan created » NBK beta service available with another 75 library catalogues uploaded » New Jisc Collections website available » Data orchestration underway and new interface for services available » Further catalogue data uploading and services’ functionality brought into NBK » Data orchestration completed 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  9. 9. JUSP: COUNTER reports » COUNTER reports: DB1, DB2, PR1, MR1 » Benefits: › Enhanced content and coverage › Single point of access › Support for COUNTER compliance » Available 2017 Q3 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update 9
  10. 10. JUSP: E-books » The challenges of measuring e-book use › Report, article, action plan » Benefits: › Practical, actionable recommendations aimed at supporting the global community » Available summer 2017 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update 10
  11. 11. JUSP: Data visualisations » Data visualisations usingTableau software » Benefits: › Flexibility › Efficiency › Advocacy » Available summer 2017 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update 11
  12. 12. Open access services Submission Acceptance Publication Use SHERPA JULIET SHERPA RoMEO SHERPA REF R&D:Beta SHERPA Fact Monitor UK Jisc collections OpenDOAR Guidance, consultancy, technical support, and OA good practice Research publication lifecycle Jisc services Report on compliance Deposit in repository Manage costs Check compliance Select Journal Maximise impact Record impact Publications Router Report Monitor Local CORE IRUS-UK RIOXX For updates on our services sign up to our quarterly digest: 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  13. 13. Open access: Publications router Automatically places research articles into open repositories – saves time, maximizes exposure, helps compliance with REF OA policy 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  14. 14. Publications router – current status » Service launched August 2016 » Now delivering live notifications › From 6 content providers › To 14 institutional repositories (Eprints) – many more on way » Thousands of notifications already delivered to HEIs’ repositories Progress so far » Now adding open manuscripts of subscription content (started with Gold OA articles) » Will soon add actionable licensing and embargo information » Working to add other institution platforms (CRISs) » Elsevier Agreement will add metadata from them » Working to add further publishers Where it’s headed 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update 14
  15. 15. Monitor local: overview » URL: » Intended to record and report on data relating to the publication of open access outputs at institutional level » Will feed into Monitor UK for aggregation of data to form a UK wide picture » Released into service October 2016 » As ofApril 2017: » 17 subscribing HEIs » 2/3 showing active interest » Mix of research intensive andTeaching and Learning » Active user group for product development 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  16. 16. Monitor local: data flows and outputs HEI Reports Jisc Collections Monitor local Monitor UK CrossRef [Bibliographic MetaData] KB+ [Journals] Institutional data [Financial, person, funder] Publication Metadata APC data Compliance data 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  17. 17. Monitor: product timeline » v1.0 release: LaunchedOctober 2016. 17 HEIs subscribed » v1.1 release:To be release 10th April 2017 » v1.2 release: No firm release date, looking towards end of May 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update 17 v1.0 v1.1 v1.2
  18. 18. Announcing Liberate » New Cloud-based Identity Provider (Shibboleth IdP) for managing access to › UK Access Management Federation (for web content) › Eduroam (forWiFi networks) › Assent (for research e-Infrastructure) » A comprehensive solution that integrates with Active Directory, and delivered by Jisc as a managed service › Quick and easy to adopt and use › Lowers the barrier to adoption of UK fed, eduroam, and Assent » Currently in pilot with public libraries and a number of institutions; launches in September as a subscription service 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  19. 19. Cost More info Chat to me here: » Phone me later - 02030066042 » Email: » Band Tariff Higher education Further education per year 1 A £ 5,742 2 B £ 5,135 3 C £ 4,534 4 D £ 3,927 5 (a and b) E £ 3,326 6 F £ 2,719 7 G £ 2,112 8 H £ 1,511 9 I £ 904 10 J £ 482 4/27/2017 Jisc services lightning update
  20. 20. Questions? 4/27/2017 20Jisc services lightning update
  21. 21. Mark Williams 02030066042 21