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GSM 121: Advanced Applications of Slideshare


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Part of the curriculum for the Social Media Health Network

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GSM 121: Advanced Applications of Slideshare

  1. 1. ©2011 MFMER | slide-40 Lee Aase Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media GSM 121: Advanced Applications of Slideshare
  2. 2. About Slideshare • “YouTube for PowerPoint” • Giving your presentations legs • Sharing directly with link to Slideshare • Embedding within your Web site or blog • Slidecasting and inserting videos adds another dimension, bringing your presentations to life
  3. 3. Steps to Creating a Slidecast • Create your presentation file • Deliver your presentation, recording with your smart phone • Export the audio file • Upload your presentation file and the audio file to Slideshare • Synch the audio to your slides • Insert a video (optional)
  4. 4. Recording your Audio • Use the audio recording app in your smart phone. Options for iPhone include: • Voice Memos • iTalk • Alternative - Use consumer-grade video camera (e.g. Flip) and strip/export audio • Get audio on your computer • Download from phone via USB • Email to yourself from within the app
  5. 5. Convert Audio to mp3 file format
  6. 6. Trimming Your Recording in Audacity
  7. 7. Encoding for mp3 • Need LAME mp3 encoder to export for Slideshare use. •
  8. 8. Uploading your Presentation File • PowerPoint uploads without conversion • To upload Keynote files, export to PDF
  9. 9. Uploading Your Audio File • After uploading your presentation file, edit it to “Add audio”
  10. 10. Synch the Audio to the Slides
  11. 11. Adding a Video • Choose Edit and “Add video”
  12. 12. Advantages of Slidecasts • Audio track presents what isn’t on the slides • Inserting YouTube videos can make the presentation even more dynamic • Option for those without video editing experience and for the camera shy • Production is faster, cheaper and easier than interspersing slides in a video presentation
  13. 13. Assignment • Create a presentation with a case study of one way you have used social media in your work • Turn it into a Slidecast by adding an audio track • Post the link to your Slidecast in the comments below