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Indie Artist & Songwriter Forum Welcome Songtrust 101


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Songtrust enables over 100,000 songwriters and over 15,000 publishers to collect their publishing royalties worldwide for over 1,000,000 copyrights. Their industry-leading online solutions help songwriters, artists, managers, labels and publishers simplify music rights management including the administration of music publishing assets, performing rights, and digital licensing.

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Indie Artist & Songwriter Forum Welcome Songtrust 101

  1. 1. SUCCESSFULLY MANAGING YOUR RELEASES Best Practices and Obligations for the Independent Label or Artist PREPARING FOR SUCCESS
  2. 2. PANELISTS • DISTRIBUTION – Shelby Kennedy (TuneCore) • METADATA – Aaron Davis (Exploration) • LEGAL OBLIGATIONS – Heather Butsch (Memory Lane Music) • REPORTING OBLIGATIONS – Julien Frank (Royalty Solutions) • MODERATOR - Mark Spier (Royalty Solutions)
  3. 3. DISTRIBUTION • Expense • Product Type (Physical and/or Digital) • Stores/Strategies • Territories • Other Services
  4. 4. METADATA • Minimum Variable Data Title, ISRC, Composer Splits, ISWC, HFA Code, PRO Work Code • YouTube
  5. 5. Catalog Metadata Template Data Field Definition Required? Sample Version of Data Internal ID This field is how you identify your composition internally. It will help you to track a composition within a platform's database and provide a data point for royalty accounting. Optional my-id-1234567 Song title This is the title of your composition. Required My awesome title Writers These are all the songwriters of the composition. When possible, you should include "aka's" as well as real names. Required Writer One|Writer Two|Writer Three Writer You Control This is the songwriter(s) of the composition who you control. If you control multiple writers you can list all of them separated by a delimiter "|". Required Writer One Publisher Name This is the name of your publishing company that represents this song. It can be your company name or the entitiy associated with the specific PRO for the writer you control. Required Exploration Publishing Ownership % This is your percentage of the song that you control. Required 50 Terittory These are the territories that you control the song in. Required Worldwide ISWC Code This is the unique ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code) identifier for a composition. Optional T0910050000 ISRC Code(s) This is the ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) of any master recording that is connected to the underlying composition. Optional US0000088888|US0000099999 PRO Code This is the internal code number that your PRO assigns for the song Optional 532736497 HFA Code This is the six-character code that HFA assigns within their database to identify your composition. Optional G1497T Catalog Label(s) A list of internal labels connected to specific catalogs to apply to the asset. You can create these labels to divide up sub catalogs of your works - by entity, writer, or any other division you would need. Optional My Fonky Music|Other Unique Asset Label Artist This is the name of the artist(s) who recorded your composition. Optional The Awesome Artist
  6. 6. LEGAL OBLIGATIONS SOUND RECORDING • Samples • SoundExchange Registration COMPOSITION • Mechanical Licenses • 3rd party Publishers • Samples/Interpolations • PRO (ASCAP/BMI/SESAC) Registration • Publishing Administrator COPYRIGHT REGISTRATIONS • Sound Recording • Composition
  7. 7. REPORTING OBLIGATIONS CALCULATION • Royaltor Rate Sheet • Mechanicals • Expenses • Earnings • Outsource (if applicable) AGREEMENTS • Secure Them! • Recordation/Familiarization
  8. 8. Royaltor Management Form Field Description Sample Artist Sample Producer Royaltor Sample Artist 1 Producer 1 Product(s) One Generic Track One Generic Track Parent Product(s) No Name Album No Name Album Number of Tracks (Parent Product) 13 13 Agreement Date 5/15/2018 4/15/2018 Agreement Type Artist Producer Advance $20,000.00 $2,500.00 Advance Recoupability 100% 100% Territory Universe Universe Dist. Fee N/A N/A Royalty Rates Digital Download - 17% / Streaming - 19% / Physical Single - 17% / Video - 17% / CD/LP - 1.3% Digital Download - 3% / Streaming - 3% / Physical Single - 3% / Video - 3% / CD/LP - .23% Territory Reductions Canada - 90% / Major European - 85% / Aus, NZ, Japan - 75% / ROW - 66.66% Canada - 90% / Major European - 85% / Aus, NZ, Japan - 75% / ROW - 66.66% Price Category Reductions Budget = 66.66% Same as Artist Synch Income 50% 6% Expense Recoupablity Marketing - 100% / Publicity - 100% / Tour Support - 50% N/A Mechanicals License Granted - 100% Stat / Cap: CD/LP 11X, EP 5x, Single 2x License Granted - 100% Stat / Cap: CD/LP 11X, EP 5x, Single 2x Composition Share(s) 50% 50% Payment Frequency Quarterly Semi-Annual Payment Address Sample Artist, 250 5th Ave.S., 37203 Sample Producer, 250 5th Ave.S., 37203 General Notes
  9. 9. Mechanical Claim Management Request # HFA Song Code A23456 Song title A Great Song Album / EP Title Fantastic Album Composers Joe Songwriter, Composer Smith, Jack Author Original Artist (if applicable) N/A Artist Wonderful Artist ISRC TCADN1834370 Configuration UPC 123456789012 Label Amazing Label Paying Time 4:38 Mechanical Rate Cap 100% Stat / Cap: CD/LP 11X, EP 5x, Single 2x Release Date 05/15/2018 Notes Track # 3 Publisher Details Internal Code Publisher Name Controlled Writer HFA Pub Code HFA / Direct / NOI Share Claimed Share Licensed Controlled Licensed Status License Number 1 A00179 WB Music Joe Songwriter P34789 HFA 33.33% 33.33% N Licensed 1238775999 2 A09800 Kobalt Music Publishing Composer Smith Direct 33.33% N Out For Signature 3 A80890 Sony Music Publishing Jack Author 33.33% N Out For Signature 4 Percent Allocated 100% 33.33%
  10. 10. Questions • Questions from the Audience • See the panelists after panel • Email questions and requests for forms to: Thank you for coming!