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Brand strategy what's that when it's at home - damon mc collin-moore ifour


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Damon McCollin-Moore from ifour, talked about ‘Brand Strategy - What’s That When It’s At Home?’ and how you can go about optimising your brand and marketing strategy for the local market. Damon has spent over 20 years starting, developing and marketing successful businesses and brands for The Picture Desk, BFI, the National Media Museum and the Science Museum as well as in the education and charity sectors. He now specialises in developing brand and marketing strategy that helps organisations tap into the power of their brand and tell their story to win and keep winning business.

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Brand strategy what's that when it's at home - damon mc collin-moore ifour

  1. 1. what’s that when it’s at home? brand strategy cooee! homing 
 pigeon Damon McCollin-Moore
  2. 2. introduction betterconversation?
  3. 3. brands may be global 
 but reputations are always local big corporates you ain’t from around here, are you? growing companies any time, any place, anywhere location- based businesses the local characters yes 
 I’m local
  4. 4. definition of brand your brand is simply what people think and feel when they see or hear your name.
  5. 5. definition of brand what they think and feel about you plays a significant part in whether they buy your products or use your services. you can’t control what they think and feel. but you can influence it.
  6. 6. target audience who?
  7. 7. target audience customer
 acquisition insight specialisation customer
  8. 8. High cost Low cost High qualityLow quality Premium customer service Economy customer service us them competition and position
  9. 9. strategy alignment authenticity building your brand with a local audience
  10. 10. I love 
 ashford tell a local story champion the area have a view be a source of information
  11. 11. networking business organisations events
  12. 12. cause marketing is it a good fit? do you believe in it? can you really do it?
  13. 13. look before you leap measure 
 the return make it scaleable make the commitment local knowledge – in summary
  14. 14. thank you for your time