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Merilin lukk startup ecosystem slides ventureday.compressed


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Baltic Startup Ecosystem Overview

Published in: Technology
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Merilin lukk startup ecosystem slides ventureday.compressed

  1. 1. Estonian Startup Ecosystem Merilin Lukk Startup Estonia
  2. 2. 600 startups 4300 new jobs created, ¾ in Estonia Startups paid €35M in employment taxes (2017) Raised over 640€M in the last 10 years (90% foreign funds) Estonian startup scene in numbers
  3. 3. Investments into Estonian startups over the last 10 years
  4. 4. Fintech Developer tools Collaboration Up-and-coming and Productivity
  5. 5. Estonia has good and collaborative startup ecosystem Estonia has 1000 startups Legislative environment is clear and gives incentives for startups & investors Funding is accessible for startups Startup Estonia is supercharging the Estonian startup ecosystem to create more international success stories.
  6. 6. Becoming a part of the ecosystem Ease of access – Startup Visa – fast track visa for startup entrepreneurs to scale their business through the Estonian ecosystem! For non-EU startup founders as well as Estonian startups Startup – innovative and repeatable business model with global growth potential Access to the smallest but liveliest startup community in Europe! Being a meaningful part of the ecosystem!
  7. 7. Estonian Startup Visa in numbers Startup committee: 507 startups have applied from over 50 countries Positive: 222 Negative: 277 Under review: 8 Success rate: 43% Most interest: Ukraine, India, Russia, Turkey Most successful: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Turkey
  8. 8. Feedback ”The Startup Visa makes life easy and in Estonia, it’s kind of like a badge of honour to have the Startup Visa,” Avery Schrader from Canada, Founder of Makery, data-driven tool for strategic campaigns. “Startup Visa gave us access to the European Market,” Pavel Kirienko from Russia, Co-Founder of Zubax Robotics, designer and manufacturer of aerospace hardware “Things are so good here in Tallinn! The tech scene is very active, and the connections here are very close. It is easy to get to know someone relevant in the industry,” Kwun Lok Ng from Hong Kong, Co-Founder of Kipwise, a team knowledge sharing tool integrated with Slack
  9. 9. Biggest events not to miss!!
  10. 10. Follow us
  11. 11. Merilin Lukk Startup Visa Project Manager +372 53 463 023