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2014 11 16_evaluation_report_krakow


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Evaluation Krakow

Published in: Education
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2014 11 16_evaluation_report_krakow

  1. 1. Innovative methods for increasing effectiveness of teaching English of 55+ learners - InMETE 55+ Erasmus+ Project Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships SUMMARY OF EVALUATIONS OF THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL MEETING Krakow, 08-09.11.2014 8 people took part in the first international meeting, we also had one guest who was participating only in the first part of it. Evaluation sheets where filled in by eight persons at the end of the meeting. For all participants: - the aims of the meeting and agenda were clear; - the meeting was well-conducted; - responsibility for various tasks was distributed fairly in the meeting; - all of the partners had the feeling that they contributed usefully to the discussion and planning. All participants completely agree that: - the meeting made sure that communication between the partners will be clear and effective; - the meeting made sure that we are aware what the overall aims of the Project are. Main hopes and expectations for the Krakow meeting were: - “the project minutes will be clearer”; - “set the aim of the next phrase”; - “cooperation between partners”; - “clarifying aims, allocating tasks, meeting friends and having useful conversations”; - “to clarify the structure and the content of the project”; - - “meet new Polish friends”; - - “to clarify the outputs of the projects whose description was quite unclear in the application form”; Project coordinator: Stowarzyszenie Akademia Pełni Życia / The Fullness-of-Life Academy Association ul. Rzeźnicza 2a, 31-540 Kraków, POLAND Phone: +48 12 294-81-35, e-mail:; 1 ·
  2. 2. - “set goals”; - “set/agree on deadlines”; - “build clear base for cooperation” - “to launch the project well”. All the expectations were met. The most useful part of the Krakow meeting was brainstorming session – thanks to it partners came up with some concrete, applicable ideas and planned for next phase of the project and exchanged some ideas – also saw that they had a lot in common with teachers from other countries. For some of them it was new and useful method which might be used with students. For two people it was also very important that we had a “face to face” meeting during which we were able to make sure that all elements of the project were clear for everyone and all questions were answered - making sure that everybody knows what our goals are and what to do next make a base for our project. After the meeting all participants are sure what they have to do in the next phase of the project. Only 2 persons are not completely sure if they can meet in their organizations the deadlines for nearest Project activities agreed during the meeting. Suggestions for the next meetings: - “to bring meaningful examples of the issues: ideas, guidelines and especially materials”; - “decide the dates of the following meeting with much advance so that everybody can attend”. Conclusions: - next meetings should have similar structure – some time should be devoted to the administration matters and it is good idea to have some workshops/group work concerning the main project topic; - we have to think in advance about the next meeting dates – “it may be a problem to find common dates for the meeting because everybody are very busy”. There was only one comment about the evaluation sheet – for the next meeting evaluation points 8, 9 and 10 are not necessary. 2