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Gamifying Your Physed Program


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Some tips and thoughts on different ways to gamify your PE program to motivate and engage your students

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Gamifying Your Physed Program

  2. 2. WHAT’S UP! Ben Landers Thanks for being here
  4. 4. Link Workouts + Warm Up Activities Post
  5. 5. DISCLAIMER I am still on my own personal gamification journey. My classroom, philosophies and beliefs are quite frequently changing and evolving, but I’m excited to share some of my thoughts and ideas with you.
  7. 7. Expectations What is Gamification What are some ways to use it in PhysEd Play some “Gamified” Phys Ed activities
  8. 8. What is Gamification? ● Using game like elements in applications of real world activities ● Using the elements of Game Theory to impact Human Motivation and make things that might not normally be fun more fun and engaging
  9. 9. Real World Examples The Speed Camera Lottery
  10. 10. Real World Examples Freaky Alarm
  11. 11. Real World Examples ● Exercise ● Discovery ● Community ● 20 million daily users ● 144 billion steps
  12. 12. Basically You start with a problem: ● People speeding makes driving unsafe… ● Sleeping late in the mornings makes you late to work ● Video gamers are getting less and less exercise ● Using the elements of Game Theory to impact Human Motivation and make things that might not normally be fun more fun and engaging
  13. 13. It’s All About Motivation
  14. 14. Responsibility + Intrinsic Motivation 5 C’s ● Control ● Challenge ● Curiousity ● Creativity Tips from Curt Hinson (author of Fitness for Children)
  15. 15. What Motivates Humans? Autonomy + Meaning + Mastery
  16. 16. Autonomy Autonomy ● Having a Choice ● Being able to be creative What types of choices can we give kids? ● Choice of Activity ● Partner or Group Choice ● Choice of Equipment
  17. 17. Meaning / Purpose Meaning/Purpose ● Feeling like you are a part of something bigger ● Feeling like what you’re doing actually matters Does your class make students feel like they are a part of something bigger? Can you explain the WHY behind everything you do in your class? Do you explain it? ● If you can’t sell your students on why you’re doing what you’re doing - you need to do more research, or pick a different activity
  18. 18. Mastery Mastery ● Getting better at something ● Seeing yourself progress or “Level Up” ● We accomplish mastery through challenge Fitnessgram - power of data Student portfolios - seeing yourself progress Gamified activity progressions in class ● Self Paced Mastery
  19. 19. Additional Thoughts Social Influence ○ Seeing the progress of others motivates you to try to progress as well (Peer Pressure) ○ This is why your Physed culture is so important Deadlines / Scarcity ○ Add a time limit to the game or activity ○ Create “Special Items” or rewards that are limited
  20. 20. 6 Levels of Motivation 1. I don’t want to get in trouble 2. I want a reward 3. I want to please somebody 4. I follow the rules 5. I am considerate of others 6. I have a personal code of behavior *Kohlberg’s 6 Levels of Moral Development as summarized by Rafe Esquith (author of “Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire”)
  21. 21. How to Gamify a Physed Program Depends on who you ask ● Using “Level” and other gaming language to remix games and make them more interesting ● Providing differentiation and autonomy to students ● making tasks challenging for everyone
  22. 22. Some folks to check out on Gamification… Mike GiNicola, Ross Chakrian, Joey Feith, Jarrod Robinson, Bart Jones, Kevin Tiller, Adam MetCalf, Nathan Horne, Andy Vasily, JD Hughes
  23. 23. Self Regulated Progressions ● Develops Autonomy ● Develops Self Responsibility ● Differentiates for all Age Levels and Skill Levels ● Allows for a clear discussion of Grade Level Outcomes and what success looks like
  24. 24. *Tweet from Round Hill PE
  25. 25. A Gamification “Wizard” Mike’s Gamification Resources Shared Here
  26. 26. Gamified Stations: Students progress from easy to harder challenges based on their skill level
  27. 27. Get Creative ● Give “Special Powers” to students when they achieve a challenge or are on a smaller team or a losing team ● Track points/levels with Popsicle Sticks, Bracelets, Beanbags or Fake Money
  28. 28. ● Level 1: If the fireball drops, pick it up and try the toss again – Fireball is invincible from Ice ● Level 2: If the fireball drops it’s dead ● Level 3: Fire can be Frozen – still dead if it touches the ground
  29. 29. RULES: ● You may only use the designated body part to pass the frog ● If the frog ever touches the ground you must start over ● If someone uses a body part other than the designated body part you must start over LEVELS: ● LEVEL 1 – Use only your hands ● LEVEL 2 – Use only your elbows
  30. 30. John Sally Ryan Kim Dan 1st 3rd 4th 2nd 2 pts 10 pts 6 pts 8 pts 1 2
  31. 31. Ultimate Frisbee Showdown A Gamified Frisbee Lesson
  32. 32. ● Level 1: Learn to move the frisbee ○ Down and back with no drops for 1 point ● Level 2: Knock down a pin = 1 point ● Level 3: Ultimate Frisbee Golf ○ 1 point for each frisbee scored ● Level 4: Optional Defense ○ Same as level 3, but 1 player can be defense ● Level 5: Kan Jam Challenge
  33. 33. Connect with Ben