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TTYS Grant

Rotary District Managed Grant TTYS

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TTYS Grant

  1. 1. DISTRICT MANAGED GRANT Renovate & Refurnish A Community Room for Tri-Town Youth Services Chester Rotary Deep River Rotary Essex Rotary With Matching Funds from Rotary District 7980
  2. 2. Supporting a Vital Organization Rotary supports groups that are hands-on & doing the important work in the community. Tri-Town Youth Services Bureau is one of those groups, providing vital services for youth & families of Chester, Deep River, and Essex. Parent Advisory Group Family Counseling Youth Action Council Youth Asset Development Mentoring Babysitter Training Juvenile Review Board Truancy Prevention Girls Circle Substance Abuse Prevention Suicide Prevention Bullying Prevention
  3. 3. From Wish to Idea Tri-Town Executive Director Allison Abramson visited a Chester Rotary meeting in March, 2018 and was asked to list any projects with which Chester Rotary might be able to help.
  4. 4. Cute Room -- But No Longer Used Many of the requests on the Tri-Town wish list related to a no-longer-used toddler room and a long-term goal of creating a versatile community room that would serve all ages.
  5. 5. Going Big on The Possibilities Any contribution to the community room would be good, but with a District grant and support from all three Rotary clubs in the Tri-Town area, the project could redo the entire room. This project was a perfect opportunity for Rotary to do something big that would not get done without Rotary.
  6. 6. Three Club Collaboration for a DISTRICT MANAGED GRANT Chester Rotary presented the plan to the Rotary Clubs of Deep River & Essex who agreed to join the project. CHESTER DEEP RIVER ESSEX Chester served as the lead club for the proposal with Jan Taigen writing the grant, which was awarded. The district would now match the funds contributed by the three clubs.
  7. 7. The Room Before The room had a lot of potential, but would not be an easy re-do.
  8. 8. Rotarians Get to Work Prepping & painting the room was the first step of the project. Wall prep was a big job since the toddler room had glued-on decorations, wall shelves, and a dark painted design. Painted Primed With a chalkboard wall How many Rotarians does it take to paint a room? 11 3 rounds spackle, 3 coats primer, 2 coats paint, 3 coats chalkboard Thanks to all!
  9. 9. Simply Sharing A bonus of the collaboration was finding out about Simply Sharing, an organization run by Essex Rotarian Alison Brinkmann. Simply Sharing donated many of the furniture pieces including two couches, two work tables, a cabinet, and more. Rotarians helped with moving day for the donated furniture. Thank you Simply Sharing!
  10. 10. The New Community Room The cozy furnishings of the Community Room were chosen to create comfort and support circle-based activities. The room now features two sofas, two work tables, ottomans, a snack shelf, chalkboard wall, whiteboard, and magnet strip for display.
  11. 11. Rethinking the Other Room The original plan for the community room was to buy tables & chairs that would be stored and only brought out to use when needed. But then a new idea arose: Replace the massive boardroom furniture to convert the former boardroom to a room that could be used for many activities.
  12. 12. New Activity Room With this new plan, tables can be moved to fit a variety of activities, creating new purpose and use for this room.
  13. 13. Smart TV for Instruction A smart TV installed in the Activity Room will aid instruction and presentations, including parent clinics, babysitter training, substance abuse prevention, and more. Thank you Chester Rotarian Bob Babicz (Bob the Builder) for installation.
  14. 14. A New Library Nook The resource library, formerly on wall shelves, was relocated to a hallway nook with two custom bookcases built by Chester Rotarian Ron Woodward. Bookcases feature drawers and the Tri-Town logo. Thank you Ron!
  15. 15. Enrichment Additional items will support enriched activities for youth, teen & family events, counseling, youth service projects & more: A collection of games Sewing machines For youth or family events or counseling Four machines for service project or crafts Whiteboards, Big & Little Chalkboard Wall Welcome benches Programs, note-taking, games, or art For creative expression & messaging On the front porch
  16. 16. If we build it… they will come This project started with a simple wish list and ended with two rooms and a library redone for better comfort and function, plus added resources to enrich programming. The value of this project will reach every person served by the important work Tri-Town does for our community.
  17. 17. Thank You Room Room signs thank the Rotary clubs of Chester, Deep River & Essex F for their support of this project. Special thanks to those Rotarians who also helped with the work for this project including painting, carpentry, furniture moving & assembly, installations, and more: Ron Woodward Angela Jones John Ivimey Alison Brinkmann Lynette Bester Deb Vilcheck Bob Babicz Tim Tobin Ted Taigen Andrew Landsman Pete Yuhasz Fran Curto Bruce Maguire Allison Abramson Jan Taigen
  18. 18. The Rotary clubs of Chester, Deep River, and Essex applaud Tri-Town Youth Services for their important work and believe they can be the inspiration to bring out the best in our tri-town youth.