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CLBch@t : What , how and why


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Euroguidance network webinar: Online guidance tools and activities for students, youth and adults – Example of practices from Denmark and Serbia. Presenters were Jannie Meedom Nielsen from eVejleder, Denmark, Ružica Madžarević from Euroguidance Serbia and Joke Verlinden from Euroguidance Belgium (Flamish comunity) with Tom Billet, chat coordinator from CLB.

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CLBch@t : What , how and why

  1. 1. Waarover het gaat CLBch@t: What, how and why ? Euroguidance Webinar, 10th June ’20 For guidance professionals and Euroguidance staff
  2. 2. CLBch@t: Context Learning & studying (Study) career guidance Mental & social functioning Preventative healthcare - 72 CLB centres - 2.833 FT staff - 1FT per 420 pupils CLB = Centrum voor LeerlingenBegeleiding (Pupil guidance centre)
  3. 3. CLBch@t: Context SUPPORTING SCHOOLS ON DEMAND FOR (STUDY) CAREER GUIDANCE Learning & studying (Study) career guidance Mental & social functioning Preventative healthcare
  4. 4. CLB stand @ SID-IN Fairs CLBch@t: Context
  5. 5. CLBch@t: What? All pupils & parents are welcome!
  7. 7. CLBch@t: How does it work?
  8. 8. CLBch@t: Why?
  9. 9. CLBch@t: Why?
  10. 10. CLBch@t: Why ? PUPILS rate their chat with an average of 4.1 stars on a scale of 1-5 ! PARENTS rate their chat with an average of 4.5 stars on a scale of 1-5 ! “By writing down everything, I have gained better insight in the situation. It’s fantastic that this service is available!” A parent on the study choice of her 14 year old son “Super friendly lady. She could not really change the situation I am in, but was very supportive.” 18 year old pupil following a conversation on the impact of chronic tiredness. “Very clear and understandable assessment of the situation, with the necessary information and tips” 15 year old student following a chat conversation on the examination commission
  11. 11. CLBch@t: Who?
  12. 12. Referral to CLB or to CLBch@t? LARS (CLB-DOSSIER): ENKEL TOEGANKELIJK VOOR MEDEWERKERS VAN HET LOKALE CLB Hesitant about visiting the pupil guidance centre? Does the pupil or parent have a question for the CLB for which access to the pupil’s file is not needed??
  13. 13. Recent figures anonimous chat: CLBch@t in corona times Recent numbers compared to last year 1/3/2019- 27/4/2019 1/3/2020- 27/4/2020 Comments Number of chat conversations 873 2157 +147% Number of chats with parents 85 421 +395% Number of chats with pupils 788 1736 +120% Chats on study choice 117 339 +190% Chats on study choice with pupils 96 258 +168% Chats on study choice with parents 21 81 +286%
  14. 14. CLBch@t & Onderwijskiezer
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Useful links CLB Ch@t: Onderwijskiezer : Euroguidance Belgium (Flanders): Eurydice (Educational Support and Guidance in Flanders): gemeenschap/educational-support-and-guidance_en
  18. 18. THANK YOU ! CONTACT Mr. Tom Billiet Coordinator CLB Ch@t Miss Joke Verlinden Coordinator Euroguidance Belgium, Flanders