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We Love Brunch - Claus Stig Pedersen / Novozymes


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We Love People tror på virksomheder som drivere af positiv forandring. Og vi tror på verdensmålene som en innovationsguide for dem, der ønsker at styrke deres bundlinje ved at gøre det rigtige.

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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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We Love Brunch - Claus Stig Pedersen / Novozymes

  1. 1. Claus Stig Pedersen Novozymes 2 Verdensmålene - vores største ansvar og forretningsmulighed
  2. 2. Novozymes Business and Sustainability Journey • Insert text 2000 – 2008 2009 – 2014 2015 - … Manage Reputation Grow current Business 10 in 10 10 Bn DKK in turnover in 2010 Change the world together with our customers Develop New Business 5
  3. 3. 2009-2014 Learnings: • Value add - from sustainability collaboration with customers • Additional value add - from collaboration with a wider ecosystem of stakeholders • Growing perspectives for shared value – from collaboration and partnerships
  4. 4. 7 Purpose
  5. 5. 8 2020 Goals Strategy
  6. 6. Novozymes Impact Categories Goals 17 15Targets 169 We break down the complexity within the Global Goals (SDGs) to impact categories relevant to our business Nutrification Land use Food supply Health Chemicals Climate change Energy supply Sanitation Poverty Resources Forest Acidification Water supply Gender Waste Global Goal assessment and management From GG complexity to quantifiable and operational impact categories most relevant to our business
  7. 7. Our impact categories enable us to prioritize for the SDGs GG Assessment “Globe Stars” Business models Partnerships Products, Applications Etc. … Innovation pipeline – Global Goal Assessment & Management Innovation opportunities are evaluated and prioritized based on their: 1. Market potential, 2. Strategic fit and 3. GG impact potential
  8. 8. “Globe star projects” hold extraordinary “Together” potential - may attract “Friends & Funds” in support of our business development • “Friends”: Collaboration, Resources, Goodwill, Policy & Regulatory impacts, etc. • “Funds”: Targeted and conditional funds, primarily for “Friends” in partnerships, Globe star projects hold extraordinary potential to deliver “Biological Answers for Better Lives in a Growing World”
  9. 9. Novozymes stand strong to ride the Global Goal waves and deliver for society! • Nature based solutions delivering to many societal needs • Company Purpose, Strategy and Long Term Targets in sync with GGs • GG assessment and management tool developed and applied
  10. 10. Business Benefits: Together we can solve bigger problems! • Stronger innovation pipeline from integrating GGs in priority setting • Make solutions more relevant for development – attract Partners for Impact • Leadership edge, storytelling, branding and marketing opportunities
  11. 11. 14 Thank you!