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IRP 5 (12/3/2015)


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Fifth IRP meeting (12/3/2015)

Published in: Science
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IRP 5 (12/3/2015)

  1. 1. IRP Fifth meeting 12/3/2015 Tutor: Paolo Pareti Slides available from
  2. 2. Calendar Date # Milestones Thu 5th Feb 1st Tutorial Thu 12th Feb 2nd Tutorial First ideas Thu 19th Feb No tutorial Innovative Learning Week Thu 26th Feb 3rd Tutorial Outline of the IRP Thu 5th Mar 4th Tutorial Outline + key concepts Thu 12th Mar 5th Tutorial All main sections with content Thu 19th Mar 6th Tutorial All sections with content Thu 26th Mar 7th Tutorial All main sections complete Thu 2nd Apr 8th Tutorial Full draft
  3. 3. Weekly Report Progress report ● One-minute summary of your proposal. ● Work done last week about IRP ● Plan for next week? ● Are you having regular meetings with your supervisor? ● Any particular difficulty/challenge?
  4. 4. Exercise: Review a Complete Proposal Example B available from: Originally from:
  5. 5. Exercise Questions for Discussion 1. What do they want to do? What is the research goal? 2. What is the hypothesis they want to prove? What is the scientific contribution? 3. Why do they want to do it? 4. How are they going to do it? 5. It this novel? 6. What is the state of the art? Which are the most relevant fields? 7. How will they evaluate the quality of their approach? 8. How will they determine if they succeeded? 9. What is their research plan? What are the main components? What are the optional ones?
  6. 6. Exercise for the next tutorial (1) Expand the draft with more content. Make sure to have at least one paragraph in all the main sections of your proposal. (2) Send me your draft IRP document as a PDF attachment by the 18th of March at 23:59.