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Wiki Club 15 01


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Wiki Club 15/01

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Wiki Club 15 01

  1. 1. Thanks for volunteering! 2
  2. 2. 3 Wikipedia is turning 18 today! Launched on 15/01/2001 by Jimmy Wales & Larry Sanger
  3. 3. Fundamentals of Wikipedia 4
  4. 4. Overview of Wikipedia 5 Bit of data - N°5 website in the world - 12 billion page views & >470 million unique visitors each month - 7500 new articles each day - English: >5.2M Articles | French: >1.7M | Dutch: >1.9M Specificities - No advertisement - Non-profit organisation - 180 paid employees (Google: 55k & Facebook 5k) - Revenue: $38M (Google: $5B) - Free content created by volunteers - Donations (500 000 donors)
  5. 5. Wikipedia > Wikimedia 6 Executive Director: Katherine Maher (@krmaher) Chairman: Geert Van Pamel
  6. 6. Different projects 7 Wikimedia holds different projects: - Wikisource - Wikidata - Wikimedia Commons - Wiki Loves Monuments - Wiki Loves Art - Etc
  7. 7. Why documenting Wikipedia? 8 ● We rely on Wikipedia! (5th most used website in the world). ● Build the encyclopedia together ● Improve the quality of Wikipedia ● Community and wait… It’s fun!
  8. 8. ◉ Wikipedia is an encyclopedia Yes, not kidding! ◉ No original research Editors must base their contributions on reliable, published sources. Example: you can’t use your own academic thesis as a source. 8 pillars you need to know about Wikipedia 9 ◉ No Self Promotion Sorry, you can’t write an article about yourself - even if you’re awesome! ◉ Relevance & Notability Topic needs to have received significant coverage in reliable sources (independant from the subject)
  9. 9. ◉ Verifiability Other Wikipedians will verify the information: it’s the community that ensures the quality and correctness of the content. 8 pillars you need to know about Wikipedia 10 ◉ Neutral point of view Must be written fairly, proportionately and as far as possible without editorial bias. Ex: You can’t write “She is an expert in (...) but rather (She is a professional in (...)” Attention: no sexism accepted! Don’t write “She is the wife of” but “she is a (profession) in (...)
  10. 10. ◉ Reliable sources Editors may also use material from reliable non-academic sources, particularly if it appears in respected mainstream publications. 8 pillars you need to know about Wikipedia 11 ◉ Wikipedia contains freely licensed content For searching for pictures, you need to go to advance search > Usage Rights > Free to use, share or modify, even commercially.
  11. 11. How to structure your article: → Look at other articles for structure Example: ◉ Title ◉ Introduction (name in bold) ◉ Headings ○ Education ○ Career ○ Awards ◉ Reference list ◉ Website/Twitter ect How to start editing? 12
  12. 12. ◉ Use internal links (links to other articles on Wikipedia) Example: City, University, etc. ◉ Every affirmation needs a source! How to start? 13 ◉ Use no qualifications (best, most, etc) ◉ Write timeless Don’t write: “Last century”, “last month” Write specific dates as 27 September 2019
  13. 13. What’s Hack The Gender Gap? 14
  14. 14. 17.83%* Of biographies are about women = GENDER GAP Time to act 90% Of the contributors are men 15 *Data from 14 January 2019. Source:
  15. 15. 17.83%* 16 On English Wikipedia: 281.119 female biographies out of 1.576.951 profiles Why does it matter? ● Wrong representation of women’s achievements: the information gap influences how we think. ● We all rely on Wikipedia: 5th most visited website in the world! Even if you think that you don’t use, you do as search engines heavily rely on it (because licensed through a creative-commons share-alike license). ○ Even academics & scientists are now using Wikipedia to research! Wikipedia is not only a way to record things but is also shaping modern science.
  16. 16. 17 “Majority of editors are white men. So many young people use Wikipedia as the sole source of their information. They first go to Wikipedia the first time that they look something up. And I don’t want that to be an incredibly biased view of the world. That the only people you will read about will be men. That really frightens me” Jess Wade, Wikipedian (author of 450 profiles in 2018)
  17. 17. 18 International mouvement!
  18. 18. List of names for today 19 70% of Europe’s top Women In Tech are not on Wikipedia Source:
  19. 19. Practicals for the event on 29 January 2019 20
  20. 20. Schedule 21 18h00 - 18h30: Volunteers arrive 18h30 - 18h50: Welcome & Registrations 18h50 - 18h55: Welcome by BeCentral & announcement BeMentor (Mentorship platform) 18h55 - 19h10 : Speech by Brussels Region 19h10 - 19h20: Inspirational speech by Jess Wade (Remote) 19h20 - 19h30: Practicals by Manon 19h30 - 21h00 : Create first Wikipedia profile in sub-groups (see next slide) 21h00 - 22h00: Closing session to count profiles created + drink.
  21. 21. Sub-groups & locations 22 - Boardroom - Wikipedia Master: Romaine - Volunteer: Dries, Astrid - LeWagon: - Wikipedia Master: Jan - Volunteer: Ana, Clementine - CitizenLab: - Wikipedia Master: Geert - Volunteer: Aline, Michiel, Maïté - BeCode: - Wikipedia Master: Paul Hermans - Volunteer: Pieter, P2, P3
  22. 22. Let’s start editing! You can find me at @BrulardManon Thanks 23