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Goals Assessment 2016 17 Kenwood Library


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This document describes the library goals and assesses the success of each for Kenwood Elementary Library's 2016-2017 school year.

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Goals Assessment 2016 17 Kenwood Library

  1. 1. Kenwood Elementary Library Goals 2016-2017 Miriam Larson, Librarian Goals created: October 2016 No mid-point re-assessment Goals assessed: June 2017 This year’s goals are divided into four assessment areas identified by the Illinois School Library Media Association’s (ISLMA): INFORMATION ACCESS, LEARNING & TEACHING, PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION, and REVIEW & GOALS. More about these goal areas can be found ISLMA’s publication, Linking for Learning. They also reference Kenwood School Goals 2016-17 and tie-in to each of Kenwood’s goal-areas. INFORMATION ACCESS Green goals have been achieved. Orange goals have been achieved first semester or partially achieved. Grey golas have not been achieved this year. Goals & Measures Action Plan Timeline & Collaborators Related School Goals Outcomes Promote and purchase books that reflect Kenwood’s student population. Increase total percentage of books featuring a main character who is non-white by 10% (from 17 to 27%). Create midpoint assessment in December. Publicize noteworthy books featuring non-white characters by email and in person. All academic goals for Kenwood specify increases for African American students. Increasing student and teacher access to quality literature that represents our students aims to support these goals. Total New Fiction Books Purchased 16-17*: 145 Total with non-white main character or cover character: 67 Total with African American main character or cover character: 48 Percentage non-white: 46% Percentage African American: 33%
  2. 2. *This is only chapter books with human characters. Books with all animal/alien/fantasy characters have not been included. LEARNING AND TEACHING Goals & Measures Action Plan Timeline & Collaborators Related School Goals Outcomes Identify and select 1-4 students each quarter to improve my relationship with and boost their engagement in library. Use contracts or class list tallies to note how many reminders/warnings I give these students. Choose at least one relationship-building activity (job, lunch, recommended book, etc) Talk with teachers to problem-solve and understand challenges teacher may know about in the classroom or at home. This goal ties in to Culture and Climate in that I might use the Problem-Solving Behavior Teams to inform my engagement. This goal also aims to prevent future DRs for students who struggle to focus in library. Contracts became an important tool for me to build relationship and improve the positive behavior for a handful of students. While I used contracts all year, I didn’t identify specific students to build relationships with during second semester. Attend Morning Meeting in Classrooms 1-4 times per week. Choose 1-2 teachers per quarter and join those meetings consistently. Choose 1-2 teachers per quarter and join those meetings consistently. Our goals for culturally responsive education center on circle time in classrooms. I aim to support that as a member of the Kenwood community, and when possible, use my relationships to strengthen reader’s advisory and library lesson planning. I needed to re-commit to doing this during second semester as my consistency lagged. However, I found this to be a relaxing and enjoyable way to connect with teachers and students when I did participate!
  3. 3. Promote research and the asking of open-ended questions. Complete a mini-research project at each grade level and 2-4 teacher collaborations to support classroom research. Complete mini-research units during 2nd & 3rd quarter. Encourage open-ended questions and skills for reading informational books. Research and critical thinking are not well represented in Kenwood’s goals. There are tie-ins, however, to reading skills and culturally responsive education, as students have selection in their research topics. Kinder: Bird Research 1st: Comoflage 2nd: African Country 3rd: Ocean Animals 4th & 5th: Author Research Collaborations with: 5th Health Project, 4th & 5th African American Biographies, 3rd Gifted Space Research. Complete coaching cycle to improve 1st grade lesson that integrates literacy and coding concepts. Schedule coaching times with magnet specialist at end of 2nd quarter. Magnet specialist. CS/CT goals emphasize professional development for staff. Ms. Maa has agreed to work with me in the library as well to improve one of my coding-oriented lessons. Ms. Maa wasn’t able to observe our agreed upon unit because of a scheduling conflict. However, we did discuss the unit and she was able to provide some feedback. PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION Goals & Measures Action Plan Timeline & Collaborators Related School Goals Outcomes Support school-wide events that promote literacy and inquiry by Events that have successfully been promoted with support The librarian will make every effort to promote early planning and Culturally responsive education goals provide specific benchmarks for Miriam supported NAAPID and Black History Month by
  4. 4. utilizing Morning Announcements and connecting events with reading displays, promotion, and research topics. from the library include: Family Reading Night, Lunar New Year, NAAPID, Black History Month. The librarian will continue to improve these events and will distribute a family reading promotional flyer at family reading night. promotion with staff for these events. improved participation for NAAPID and Black History Month. hosting parents and supporting teacher projects. She presented a puppet show at family reading night. The one task I did not complete was a family reading flyer. In collaboration with library clerk Heather Denzer, aim to support culture and climate by distributing star slips. Ms. Larson will aim to distribute at least 4 star slips per week. Heather has been challenged by a Kenwood Alumni to distribute 150 star slips over the course of the year. Give teachers specific and positive feedback about their classes. Use whole-group encouragement to improve class positivity and contribute to reducing DRs as indicated in the Culture and Climate goals. Heather has been an active and consistent proponent of star slips. Miriam has been less consistent and did not track her star slip distribution but probably averaged more like 2 per week. REVIEW AND GOALS Goals & Measures Action Plan Timeline & Collaborators Related School Goals Outcomes Revise measures and timelines as needed to Review goals at mid-year. Principal and staff -- School wide revision helped narrow goals for
  5. 5. successfully complete goals. several committees. Miriam participated but needed to review library-specific goals, particularly partially completed goals.