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Terms conditions eversnap


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termsconditions eversnap

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Terms conditions eversnap

  1. 1. Terms  &  Conditions     Terms  of  Use   These  Terms  of  Use  (“Terms”)  govern  your  access  to  and  use  of  the  site,  mobile  app,  and  services  (the   “Services”)  provided  by  Forever  Snap  Inc.  (“  Eversnap”)  or  any  of  its  affiliate  websites  or  internet   properties,  and  any  information,  text,  photographs,  graphics,  videos,  or  other  materials  uploaded,   downloaded  or  appearing  on  the  Services  (collectively  referred  to  as  “Content”).  Your  access  to  and  use   of  the  Content  and  Services  are  conditioned  on  your  acceptance  of  and  compliance  with  these  Terms,   and  by  accessing  or  using  the  Content  or  Services  you  agree  to  be  bound  by  these  Terms.  If  you  are  using   our  site  on  behalf  of  any  entity,  you  represent  and  warrant  that  you  are  authorized  to  accept  these   Terms  on  such  entity’s  behalf,  and  that  such  entity  agrees  to  indemnify  you  and  us  for  violations  of   these  Terms.     We  reserve  the  right  to  alter  these  Terms  at  any  time.  If  the  alterations  constitute  a  material  change  to   the  Terms,  we  will  notify  you  via  internet  mail  according  to  the  preference  expressed  on  your  account.   What  constitutes  a  "material  change"  will  be  determined  at  our  sole  discretion,  in  good  faith  and  using   common  sense  and  reasonable  judgment.  Your  continued  use  of  our  Services  following  the  posting  of   changes  or  modifications  will  confirm  your  acceptance  of  such  changes  or  modifications.     The  Services  that  Eversnap  provides  are  always  evolving  and  the  form  and  nature  of  the  Services  that   Eversnap  provides  may  change  from  time  to  time  without  prior  notice  to  you.  In  addition,  Eversnap  may   stop  (permanently  or  temporarily)  providing  the  Services  (or  any  features  within  the  Services)  to  you  or   to  users  generally  and  may  not  be  able  to  provide  you  with  prior  notice.  We  also  retain  the  right  to   create  limits  or  charge  fees  on  use  and  storage  at  our  sole  discretion  at  any  time  without  prior  notice  to   you.     Privacy  Policy   Please  refer  to  our  Privacy  Policy  for  information  on  how  we  collect,  use  and  disclose  personally   identifiable  information  from  our  users.     Registration  Data   You  agree  to:  (i)  provide  accurate,  current  and  complete  information  about  you  as  may  be  prompted  by   any  signup,  login  and/or  registration  forms  on  our  site  ("Registration  Data");  (ii)  maintain  the  security  of  
  2. 2. your  password  and  identification;  (iii)  maintain  and  promptly  update  the  Registration  Data,  and  any   other  information  you  provide  to  us,  to  keep  it  accurate,  current  and  complete;  and  (iv)  accept  all  risks   of  unauthorized  access  to  the  Registration  Data  and  any  other  information  you  provide  to  us.     Content  and  Interactive  Areas   Our  site  includes  interactive  areas  ("Interactive  Areas")  in  which  you  or  other  users  may  post,  link,  store   or  otherwise  make  available  Content.  You  are  solely  responsible  for  your  use  of  the  Interactive  Areas   and  you  agree  to  use  them  at  your  own  risk.     By  using  any  Interactive  Areas,  you  agree  not  to  post,  upload  to,  transmit,  distribute,  store,  create  or   otherwise  publish  through  our  site  any  of  the  following:     Content  that  is  unlawful,  libelous,  defamatory,  obscene,  pornographic,  harassing,  threatening,  invasive   of  privacy  or  publicity  rights,  fraudulent  or  otherwise  objectionable  (as  determined  in  our  reasonable   discretion);   Content  that  would  constitute,  encourage  or  provide  instructions  for  a  criminal  offense,  violate  the   rights  of  any  party  or  that  would  any  local,  state,  national  or  international  law;   Content  that  may  infringe  any  patent,  trademark,  trade  secret,  copyright  or  other  intellectual  or   proprietary  right  of  any  party.  By  posting  any  Content,  you  represent  and  warrant  that  you  have  the   lawful  right  to  distribute  and  reproduce  your  Content;   Content  that  impersonates  any  person  or  entity  or  otherwise  misrepresents  your  affiliation  with  a   person  or  entity;   Private  information  of  any  third  party  including  addresses,  phone  numbers,  email  addresses,  Social   Security  numbers  and  similar  information;  and   Content  that,  in  our  sole  judgment,  is  objectionable  or  which  restricts  or  inhibits  any  other  person  from   using  or  enjoying  the  Interactive  Areas  or  our  site.   We  take  no  responsibility  and  assume  no  liability  for  any  Content  posted,  stored  or  uploaded  by  you,   other  users,  or  any  third  party,  or  for  any  loss  or  damage  thereto,  nor  are  we  liable  for  any  mistakes,   defamation,  slander,  libel,  omissions,  falsehoods,  obscenity,  pornography  or  profanity  you  may   encounter.    
  3. 3. As  a  provider  of  interactive  services,  we  are  not  liable  for  any  statements,  representations,  Content  or   Third  Party  Content  (as  defined  below)  provided  by  users  in  any  public  forum  or  other  Interactive  Area.   Although  we  have  no  obligation  to  screen,  edit  or  monitor  any  of  the  Content  posted  in  any  Interactive   Area,  we  reserve  the  right,  and  have  absolute  discretion,  to  remove,  screen  or  edit  any  Content  posted   or  stored  on  our  site  at  any  time  and  for  any  reason  without  notice,  and  you  are  solely  responsible  for   creating  backup  copies  of  and  replacing,  any  Content  you  post  or  store  on  our  site,  at  your  sole  cost  and   expense.     Your  Rights   You  retain  all  your  rights  and  ownership  to  any  and  all  Content  you  submit,  post  or  display  in  the   Interactive  Areas.  By  submitting,  posting  or  displaying  Content  in  the  Interactive  Areas,  you  grant   Eversnap  a  worldwide,  non-­‐exclusive,  royalty-­‐free  license  with  the  right  to  sublicense  to  use,  copy,   process,  publish,  display  and  distribute  such  Content  in  any  and  all  media  or  distribution  methods  in   order  for  us  to  provide  the  Services  and  only  to  provide  the  Services.  You  agree  that  this  license  includes   the  right  for  Eversnap  to  make  such  Content  available  to  other  companies,  organizations  or  individuals   who  provide  services  on  behalf  of  Eversnap  to  provide  its  Services  subject  to  our  terms  and  conditions   for  such  Content  use.  This  may  include,  but  is  not  limited  to,  photo  printing  services,  e-­‐card  services,  etc.     In  addition,  by  submitting,  posting  or  displaying  Content  in  the  Interactive  Areas,  you  grant  all  other   users  of  the  Interactive  Areas  a  limited,  worldwide,  non-­‐exclusive,  royalty-­‐free  license  (“User  License”)   to  use,  copy,  process,  publish,  display,  or  distribute  such  Content  for  their  own  personal  or  non-­‐ commercial  use.  This  User  License  is  subject  to  these  Terms  and  does  not  include:  (i)  any  resale  or   commercial  use  of  the  Content;  (ii)  modifying  or  otherwise  making  any  derivative  uses  of  the  Content  (or   any  portion  thereof)  for  commercial  use;  or  (iii)  any  use  of  the  Content  other  than  for  its  intended   purpose.     Making  Purchases   If  you  wish  to  purchase  any  products  or  service  that  we  make  available  to  you  through  the  Services,  we   will  ask  you  to  supply  certain  information  applicable  to  your  purchase,  including,  without  limitation,   payment  and  other  information.  Any  such  information  will  be  treated  as  described  in  our  Privacy  Policy.   All  information  that  you  provide  to  us  or  to  our  third  party  payment  processor  must  be  accurate,  current   and  complete.  YOU  REPRESENT  AND  WARRANT  THAT  YOU  HAVE  THE  LEGAL  RIGHT  TO  USE  ANY  CREDIT   CARD(S)  OR  OTHER  PAYMENT  MEANS  USED  TO  INITIATE  ANY  TRANSACTION.  You  agree  to  pay  all   charges  incurred  by  you  or  any  users  of  your  account  and  credit  card  (or  other  applicable  payment   mechanism)  at  the  prices  in  effect  when  such  charges  are  incurred.  You  will  also  be  responsible  for  
  4. 4. paying  any  applicable  taxes  relating  to  your  purchases.  Verification  of  information  applicable  to  a   purchase  may  be  required  prior  to  our  acceptance  of  any  order.     Descriptions,  images,  references,  features,  content,  specifications,  products,  price  and  availability  of  any   products  or  services  are  subject  to  change  without  notice.  We  make  reasonable  efforts  to  accurately   display  the  attributes  of  our  products,  but  we  cannot  guarantee  that  your  computer  will  accurately   display  these  attributes.  The  inclusion  of  any  products  or  services  in  the  Services  at  a  particular  time   does  not  imply  or  warrant  that  these  products  or  services  will  be  available  at  any  time.  By  placing  an   order,  you  represent  that  the  products  ordered  will  be  used  only  in  a  lawful  manner.  We  reserve  the   right,  with  or  without  prior  notice,  to  limit  the  available  quantity  of  or  discontinue  any  product  or   service;  to  honor,  or  impose  conditions  on  the  honoring  of,  any  coupon,  coupon  code,  promotional  code   or  other  similar  promotions;  to  bar  any  user  from  making  any  or  all  purchase(s);  and/or  to  refuse  to   provide  any  user  with  any  product  or  service.  Title  and  risk  of  loss  for  any  purchases  pass  to  you  upon   our  delivery  to  our  carrier.   Returns   You  may  request  returns  for  any  digital  products  within  30  days  for  any  reason.  There  are  no  returns  for   printed  or  tangible  products.       Third  Party  Content   We  provide  third  party  content  on  our  site  and  provide  links  to  sites  and  content  of  third  parties   (collectively  the  "Third  Party  Content")  as  a  service  to  those  interested  in  this  information.  We  do  not   control,  endorse  or  adopt  any  Third  Party  Content  and  we  make  no  representation  or  warranties  of  any   kind  regarding  the  Third  Party  Content.     Hyperlinks   You  are  granted  a  right  to  create  a  text  hyperlink  to  our  site  for  noncommercial  purposes,  provided  such   link  does  not  portray  us  or  our  services  in  a  false,  misleading,  derogatory  or  otherwise  defamatory   manner  and  provided  further  that  the  linking  site  does  not  contain  any  adult  or  illegal  material  or  any   material  that  is  offensive,  harassing  or  otherwise  objectionable.  This  limited  right  may  be  revoked  at  any   time.     You  may  not  use,  frame  or  utilize  framing  techniques  to  enclose  any  Eversnap  trademark,  logo  or  other   proprietary  information,  including  the  images  found  at  our  site,  the  content  of  any  text  or  the   layout/design  of  any  page  or  form  contained  on  a  page  on  our  site  without  our  express  written  consent.  
  5. 5.   We  make  no  claim  or  representation  regarding,  and  accept  no  responsibility  for,  the  quality,  content,   nature  or  reliability  of  third-­‐party  sites  accessible  by  hyperlink  from  our  site  or  sites  linking  to  our  site.     Advertisements  and  Promotions;  Third  Party  Products  and  Services   We  may  run  advertisements  and  promotions  from  third  parties  on  our  site  or  may  otherwise  provide   information  about  or  links  to  third-­‐party  products  or  services  on  our  site.  Your  business  dealings  or   correspondence  with  or  participation  in  promotions  of  such  third  parties,  and  any  terms,  conditions,   warranties  or  representations  associated  with  such  dealings  or  promotions,  are  solely  between  you  and   such  third  party.  We  are  not  responsible  or  liable  for  any  loss  or  damage  of  any  sort  incurred  as  the   result  of  any  such  dealings  or  promotions  or  as  the  result  of  the  presence  of  such  non-­‐Eversnap   advertisers  or  third  party  information  on  our  site.     Copyright  and  Limited  License   Unless  otherwise  indicated  on  our  site,  our  site  and  all  content  and  other  materials  on  our  site,   including,  but  not  limited  to,  our  logo  and  all  designs,  text,  graphics,  pictures,  information,  data,   software  and  the  selection  and  arrangement  thereof  (collectively,  the  "Site  Materials")  are  our   proprietary  property  or  our  licensors  or  users  and  are  protected  by  U.S.  and  international  copyright   laws.     You  are  granted  a  limited,  non-­‐sublicensable  license  to  access  and  use  our  site  and  electronically  copy,   (except  where  prohibited  without  a  license)  and  print  to  hard  copy  portions  of  the  Site  Materials  (except   Third  Party  Content)  for  your  informational,  non-­‐commercial  and  personal  use  only.  The  license  is   subject  to  these  Terms  and  does  not  include:  (i)  any  resale  or  commercial  use  of  the  Site  or  the  Site   Materials  therein;  (ii)  the  distribution,  public  performance  or  public  display  of  any  Site  Materials;  (iii)   modifying  or  otherwise  making  any  derivative  uses  of  our  site  and  the  Site  Materials  (or  any  portion   thereof);  (iv)  use  of  any  data  mining,  robots  or  similar  data  gathering  or  extraction  methods;  (v)   downloading  (other  than  the  page  caching)  of  any  portion  of  our  site,  the  Site  Materials  or  any   information  contained  therein,  except  as  expressly  permitted  on  our  site;  or  (vi)  any  use  of  our  site  or   the  Site  Materials  other  than  for  its  intended  purpose.  Any  use  of  our  site  or  the  Site  Materials  other   than  as  specifically  authorized  in  these  Terms,  without  the  our  prior  written  permission,  is  strictly   prohibited  and  will  terminate  the  license  granted  in  these  Terms.  Such  unauthorized  use  may  also   violate  applicable  laws  including,  but  not  limited  to,  copyright  and  trademark  laws  and  applicable   communications  regulations  and  statutes.  Unless  explicitly  stated  herein,  nothing  in  these  Terms  will  be   construed  as  conferring  any  license  to  intellectual  property  rights,  whether  by  estoppel,  implication  or   otherwise.  This  license  is  revocable  at  any  time.  
  6. 6.   Indemnification   You  agree,  at  your  sole  expense,  to  defend,  indemnify  and  hold  us,  our  independent  contractors,  service   providers  and  consultants,  and  their  respective  directors,  employees  and  agents,  harmless  from  and   against  any  and  all  actual  or  threatened  suits,  actions,  proceedings  (at  law  or  in  equity),  claims,   damages,  payments,  deficiencies,  fines,  judgments,  settlements,  liabilities,  losses,  costs  and  expenses   (including,  but  not  limited  to,  reasonable  attorney  fees,  costs,  penalties,  interest  and  disbursements)   caused  by,  arising  out  of,  resulting  from,  attributable  to  or  in  any  way  incidental  to:  (i)  your  use  of  our   site,  the  Site  Materials,  the  Interactive  Areas  and/or  our  services;  (ii)  your  conduct;  (iii)  your  violation  of   these  Terms  or  your  violation  of  the  rights  of  any  third  party;  or  (iv)  any  Content.     Disclaimer   UNLESS  OTHERWISE  EXPRESSLY  SET  FORTH  IN  WRITING,  OUR  SITE,  THE  SITE  MATERIALS,  THE  THIRD   PARTY  CONTENT,  THE  CONTENT,  ANY  HYPERLINKS,  OUR  SERVICES  AND  ANY  OTHER  SERVICES  AND/OR   CONTENT  INCLUDED  ON  OR  OTHERWISE  MADE  AVAILABLE  TO  YOU  THROUGH  OUR  SITE  (COLLECTIVELY,   "EVERSNAP  CONTENT/SERVICES")  ARE  PROVIDED  TO  YOU  ON  AN  AS  IS  OR  AS  AVAILABLE  BASIS   WITHOUT  ANY  REPRESENTATIONS  OR  WARRANTIES  OR  CONDITIONS  OF  ANY  KIND.  WE  DO  NOT   WARRANT  THAT  ANY  EVERSNAP  CONTENT/SERVICES  ARE  FREE  OF  VIRUSES  OR  OTHER  HARMFUL   COMPONENTS.  WE  MAKE  NO  REPRESENTATIONS  OR  WARRANTIES  WITH  RESPECT  TO  THE  AVAILABILITY,   RELIABILITY  OR  SECURITY  OF  ANY  EVERSNAP  CONTENT/SERVICES.  UNLESS  OTHERWISE  EXPRESSLY  SET   FORTH  IN  WRITING,  WE  DISCLAIM  ANY  AND  ALL  OTHER  WARRANTIES  AND  REPRESENTATIONS  (EXPRESS   OR  IMPLIED,  ORAL  OR  WRITTEN)  WITH  RESPECT  TO  ALL  EVERSNAP  CONTENT/SERVICES  WHETHER   ALLEGED  TO  ARISE  BY  OPERATION  OF  LAW,  BY  REASON  OF  CUSTOM  OR  USAGE  IN  THE  TRADE,  BY   COURSE  OF  DEALING  OR  OTHERWISE  INCLUDING:  (I)  ANY  AND  ALL  WARRANTIES  OF  MERCHANTABILITY;   (II)  ANY  AND  ALL  WARRANTIES  OF  FITNESS  OR  SUITABILITY  FOR  ANY  PURPOSE  (WHETHER  OR  NOT  WE   KNEW,  HAVE  REASON  TO  KNOW,  HAVE  BEEN  ADVISED,  OR  ARE  OTHERWISE  AWARE  OF  ANY  SUCH   PURPOSE);  AND  (III)  ANY  AND  ALL  WARRANTIES  OF  NONINFRINGEMENT  OR  CONDITION  OF  TITLE.     Limitation  of  Liability   IN  NO  EVENT  WILL  WE  BE  LIABLE  TO  YOU  OR  ANY  THIRD  PARTY  FOR  LOSS  OF  REVENUE,  LOSS  OF   PROFITS  OR  ANY  SPECIAL,  INDIRECT,  INCIDENTAL,  EXEMPLARY  OR  CONSEQUENTIAL  DAMAGES  OF  ANY   KIND  ARISING  OUT  OF  OR  IN  CONNECTION  WITH  THE  EVERSNAP  CONTENT/SERVICES,  YOUR  CONDUCT   OR  THE  CONDUCT  OF  ANY  OTHER  USERS  (including,  BUT  NOT  LIMITED  TO,  bodily  injury,  emotional   distress,  any  other  damages  resulting  from  communications  WITH  OTHER  USERS  AND/OR  ANY   DAMAGES  CAUSED  BY  OR  RESULTING  FROM  RELIANCE  BY  USER  ON  ANY  INFORMATION  OBTAINED   FROM  US,  VIA  OUR  SITE  OR  THAT  RESULTS  FROM  MISTAKES,  OMISSIONS,  INTERRUPTIONS,  DEFECTS,  
  7. 7. VIRUSES,  DELAYS  IN  OPERATION  OR  UNAUTHORIZED  ACCESS  TO  OUR  SERVICES),  REGARDLESS  OF  THE   FORM  OF  ACTION,  WHETHER  IN  CONTRACT,  TORT,  STRICT  LIABILITY  OR  OTHERWISE,  EVEN  IF  WE  HAVE   BEEN  ADVISED  OF  THE  POSSIBILITY  OF  SUCH  DAMAGES  OR  ARE  AWARE  OF  THE  POSSIBILITY  OF  SUCH   DAMAGES.     IN  NO  EVENT  WILL  OUR  TOTAL  CUMULATIVE  LIABILITY  TO  YOU  OR  ANY  THIRD  PARTY  ARISING  OUT  OF   OR  IN  CONNECTION  WITH  THE  EVERSNAP  CONTENT/SERVICES,  YOUR  CONDUCT  OR  THE  CONDUCT  OF   ANY  OTHER  USERS  (including,  BUT  NOT  LIMITED  TO,  bodily  injury,  emotional  distress,  any  other   damages  resulting  from  communications  WITH  OTHER  USERS  AND/OR  ANY  DAMAGES  CAUSED  BY  OR   RESULTING  FROM  RELIANCE  BY  USER  ON  ANY  INFORMATION  OBTAINED  FROM  USE  VIA  OUR  SITE  OR   THAT  RESULT  FROM  MISTAKES,  OMISSIONS,  INTERRUPTIONS,  DEFECTS,  VIRUSES,  DELAYS  IN  OPERATION   OR  UNAUTHORIZED  ACCESS  TO  OUR  SERVICES)  EXCEED  THE  AGGREGATE  OF  THE  NET  AMOUNTS   RECEIVED  BY  US  FROM  YOU.     Repeat  Infringer  Policy   In  accordance  with  the  Digital  Millennium  Copyright  Act  ("DMCA")  and  other  applicable  laws,  we  have   adopted  a  policy  of  terminating,  in  appropriate  circumstances  and  at  our  sole  discretion,  subscribers  or   account  holders  who  are  deemed  to  be  repeat  infringers.  We  may  also  at  our  sole  discretion  limit  access   to  our  site  and/or  terminate  the  accounts  of  any  users  who  infringe  any  intellectual  property  rights  of   others,  whether  or  not  there  is  any  repeat  infringement.     Applicable  Law  and  Venue   These  Terms  shall  be  governed  by  the  internal  substantive  laws  of  the  State  of  Delaware.  Any  claim  or   dispute  between  you  and  Eversnap  that  arises  in  whole  or  in  part  from  Eversnap  shall  be  decided   exclusively  by  a  court  of  competent  jurisdiction  located  in  Delaware.     Termination   We  have  the  right,  without  notice  and  in  our  sole  discretion,  to  terminate  your  license  to  use  our   Services,  and  to  block  or  prevent  your  future  access  to  and  use  of  our  Services.     Questions  &  Contact  Information   Questions  or  comments  about  our  site  may  be  directed  to  us  at  the  email  address