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Retail Project Delivery


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6R work with retail businesses to build internal capability for project delivery

Published in: Retail
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Retail Project Delivery

  1. 1. Retail Businesses struggle with Too many projects to deliver 1 Balancing project effort with day to day business 2 Unpractised project delivery teams 3 Limited exposure to a variety of business practices 4 #nextlevel6r
  2. 2. Delivering a project takes serious effort
  3. 3. Project Sponsors and Mangers spend time on • people and ‘life’ management • promoting the project and its outcome • defending the project against those who would see it fail • protecting the budget and other resources • educating end users and project team members • communicating and reporting • planning, scheduling and tracking # futureretail
  4. 4. 6R work with your team to create Capacity and project skills for internal teams 1 Focused attention on project outcomes 2 Embed methods for project success and control 3 #nextlevel6r
  5. 5. This helps you by #nextlevel6r • Connecting internal teams; end users and sponsors to articulate their needs to the vendor; • Preparing teams for the work that they will need to complete as part of a software project; • Developing, testing, training and roll out methods inside the client organization; • Using external experience to grow internal teams; leaving behind better skills than you started with.
  6. 6. This helps you by #nextlevel6r • Creating capacity for the business to deliver more projects; • Planning, scheduling and rescheduling project work, analyzing effort and adjusting through the project; • Sustaining focus of management by reporting and communicating at multiple levels in the organization to keep the project on track.
  7. 7. This helps you by #nextlevel6r • Meeting the vendor where they are OR lifting the vendor to improve; • Challenging solutions to ensure that they are going to deliver real business benefits; • Creating accountability between the client and the vendor to deliver for the end customer (internal & external).
  8. 8. Our style of Project Management has been described as being like ‘human middle wear’
  9. 9. Fundamentally, projects and the delivery of them, comes down to people and relationships •Project sponsors, managers and team members •Partners and suppliers •Internal and external business teams •Internal and external customers
  10. 10. Some of our clients… #nextlevel6r