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2018 liverpool liberal democrat manifesto


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Ambitious for a world class city

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2018 liverpool liberal democrat manifesto

  1. 1. Find out more at: @Liverlibdems Ambitious for a World Class CityThe Liverpool Liberal Democrat Manifesto for the May 2018 Council Elections
  2. 2. 509, Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15 5AE It's my team or Joe's!! This manifesto contains an ambitious programme for our City but based on ideas which are deliverable in times of financial constraint. Over the past few months I and my team have knocked on literally thousands of doors across the city I have been struck by the anger that people have towards the Labour administration in the city much of it directed specifically at Mayor Anderson. This is hardly surprising. The elected Mayor has all the power in the city – every decision can be traced back to his door. Although he has all the power there is nowhere in the council system where he can be held accountable to the Councillors and people of Liverpool. We need a council that works for you, and with you. Over the past 12 months we have seen financial, political and managerial incompetence on a huge scale in Liverpool. Things are now so bad that even the Mayor has recognised the problems and sought outside help for financial support and leadership support from the Local Government Association. You are paying for this lack of competence and leadership. ● We have too many mayors, AND an expensive Police Commissioner ● Our City is littered with unfinished tower blocks because the council was 7 years late in approving its development plan ● The World Heritage Status has been put at risk ● The Hope & Glory festival chaos has damaged our city's reputation ● The St John's Market fiasco has cost more than £1 Million ● Borrowing up by 63% in just 9 months for the Football Hubs project with the FA and set to reach £1.14 Billion by 2020 ● We can't even sell our own assets with a £1,000,000 sales tag for land at China Town remaining unpaid. But it doesn't have to be this way. That's is why the Lib Dem team have worked up proposals to make our City one which can equal any other city in the World. Our Liberal Democrat Team will be fighting to produce a better system of government which will be open and transparent and which will ensure that we spend every single penny properly. We will fight to retain our Country's membership of the EU and then again for Liverpool's place in the World if the stupidity of the Government forces us out. Our communications, in all ways, with the rest of the World will grow in importance. We will build on the success of our universities and successful business sectors such as tourism; bio-sciences and green infrastructure. We will deal with the problems of a poor education department and the inequalities which are still so obvious in our City. There are only two Parties that are really in the fight on May 3rd. You can either back Joe Anderson's Candidates or my Liberal Democrat Candidates. You can find details of all the Lib Dem candidates at Every Lib Dem Councillor elected and every vote we receive will strengthen our fight to bring good governance back to our City. Please give us your support. With best wishes, Councillor Richard Kemp CBE, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool Dear Friend, Richard
  3. 3. We will abolish the post of elected mayor,which has failed our city Liberal Democrats will put a stop to the current unaccountable and secretive way of running the Council. We want to see a new culture of openness and transparency which involves all the people of our City in decision making and which lets them know what the council is doing with their money. Liberal Democrats will: ■ Seek to abolish the post of Elected Mayor before the next mayoral election in 2020. Until that can be achieved, we will ensure the current mayor is held accountable to you. ■ We will create a Mayoral Select Committee, chaired by the leader of the main opposition party, at which we can quiz the Elected Mayor and top officials both against their own performance and, in comparison to our equivalent councils in the Country's major cities. ■ We will institute a major reform of our Select Committees by making half their membership from special interest groups within the community with the power to table motions and join with councillors in holding Cabinet Members and officers to account. ■ We will establish a strategy to ensure that Council and its staff are fully representative of the balance in the City for gender, race and faith. ■ Reintroduce oral questions to the Mayor in Full Council and to Cabinet Members in Select Committees. ■ Reform the senior management structures of the Council to cut waste and duplication and to recognise the existence of the new level of City Region Mayor and its staffing levels. ■ Ensure that every financial proposal, including the Bramley Moore Stadium deal, is subject to rigorous internal and external scrutiny by acknowledged experts. ■ Ensure that the diary is publicly produced for all meetings held by the Mayor and Cabinet Members in connection with the City and its Council so that all Liverpool residents know which individual companies the Council is dealing with. A City that it is well run, well governed and accountable 3
  4. 4. A city that provides decent housing for its citizens A housing policy that prioritises the needs of our city above the profits of developers Too much of Liverpool's housing policy has been based on gimmicks. It relies on speculative City Centre student flats and small apartments, which are often sold off-plan to overseas investors. This means that our young people have been forced into poor quality accommodation at high rents. Traditional areas of terraced housing have been emptied of owner occupiers or brought by landlords who fail in their obligations. Liverpool has enough brown-field sites to build 70,000 new homes, yet the council has encouraged developers to build on green field sites against the wishes of local communities. Liberal Democrats will: ■ Ensure the rapid development for private housing of the former International Garden Festival site with a mixture of outright sales; low cost affordable housing and social housing. ■ We will halt the development of further student and small studio apartments in the City Centre for which there is already a proven oversupply. ■ We will encourage the development of 2 bedroomed flats and apartments in the City's Southern areas to allow movement from large, under occupied houses to homes in people's long- term community. ■ We will ban the development of housing on parklands; green spaces habitually used by the community and land used for communal open-air activities. We will support residents in turning public green spaces into “Town and Village Greens” to ensure they are preserved for future generations. ■ We seek to will end the council’s controversial partnership with Redrow. ■ Provide area-based regeneration of selected terraced areas to ensure that empty properties are brought back into use and home ownership in an orderly and inclusive way. ■ Support sustainability of existing communities by ensuring the council gets basic services right, and takes swift action to tackle unsightly vacant properties that can blight neighbourhoods. 4
  5. 5. Regardless of Brexit, we must maintain Liverpool’s role as a Premier European City Liverpool as a confident global city Liberal Democrats believe that the best way that our city can prosper and enhance our place in the world is by retaining our membership of the EU. If we cannot do that we must build on other links both within Europe and throughout the rest of the world to market our City; our City Region and its potential for trade, commerce, educational and cultural links. Liberal Democrats will: ■ Continuing to fight for the UK's membership of the EU; the Single Market and the Customs Union. ■ If we leave the European City we will strive to keep our role as a major European City intact and seek to ensure Liverpool's place in Europe by working within the City Region to create a Liverpool Trading Embassy in Brussels. ■ Outside the EU we will seek to use our own multi-national communities and the alumni groups of our Universities to foster trading, educational and cultural links through these networks. ■ Seek to host major business; political and government conferences in our City to generate a strong identity for the City globally in all spheres ■ Capitalise on the tours and global reach of our two football clubs and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic to reach new audiences for our businesses and to promote the city. ■ Seek to repair the damage caused by property investment schemes to Liverpool’s global reputation as a safe place for people to invest and do business. 5
  6. 6. A green, safe and pleasant city to live, work and play Having a clean, green & safe environment in which people can live and bring up their children is a key way of encouraging mental and physical health. It will help us attract new people and businesses to our City. Liberal Democrats will encourage this by: ■ Introducing measures to permanently safeguard our World Heritage Status and use it as a base to develop high quality urban design ■ Protecting our Parks and green spaces by retaining their ownership but wherever possible transferring management to local non-profit making companies led by local residents and park users. ■ Scrapping the unwanted city centre highway proposals at Lime Street and the Strand and use the money instead for junction improvements, bus and cycle lanes and road safety schemes throughout our City. ■ Working with public and private landlords, public and commercial landowners and individual home owners to develop power generation in the city to make us Carbon Neutral by 2035. ■ Create on-street charging points in district centres for electric vehicles. We will also look for innovative ways to enable residents in areas without off street parking to switch to zero emission electric cars. ■ Creating deliverable targets for air quality improvement by programmes targeting transport, domestic and industrial pollution. ■ Reclaim our pavements and verges as safe spaces from selfish drivers ■ Developing with owners and managers of licensed premises the 'Ask for Angela' initiative to reduce sexual violence and vulnerability. ■ Creating 'vertical farms' on disused commercial land and properties to promote the local production of salads and fish. ■ Bringing back in-house the litter enforcement officers currently working for Kingdom and use them firstly as educators and only secondly for enforcement. ■ Build on the provisions of our newly established City Plan to develop each neighbourhood to have accessible and high quality public spaces in properties which aspire to high standards of thermal and noise efficiency and durable design. Protect our city’s green spaces from development and improve our environment 6
  7. 7. Liverpool at one stage was at the heart of global trade and our port was one of the most important in the world. Trade routes are important to us for trade, commerce and tourism. Yet we are at risk of becoming isolated. Whilst our Port has been enhanced to take all but the biggest 5% of ships, the rail services that connect us to the rest of the UK, and onward to Europe, are creaking at the seams. Liberal Democrats will: ■ Continuing to press for the building of the final 20 miles of the High Speed Rail network, to ensure that Liverpool isn’t left behind. ■ We will work to ensure the capacity freed up on the West Coast Main Line by HS2 is utilised to improve rail freight links from our city’s ports to the rest of the country and to Europe. ■ Campaigning for the development of the main eastward rail routes out of Liverpool, including HS3, to link us with Manchester, Yorkshire and the North East to assist trade, industry commerce and tourism. ■ Working with Liverpool John Lennon Airport and adding to their efforts to increase capacity and routes served both within Europe and further afield. ■ Pressing for the development of a heavy or light rail link to improve access to our airport. ■ Upgrading and providing support for Liverpool’s taxi drivers, and others in the hospitality industry, to act as a knowledgeable and supportive front door to our City for visitors. A City which is connected to the rest of the world 7 We will fight to ensure Liverpool has the transport links we need to thrive as a major trading city
  8. 8. Too many of our residents are in poor, low paid jobs or in no jobs at all. We still have housing needs that must be addressed and too few of the key public and private sector decisions about our city are made by people based many miles from our city with minimal knowledge of it. Liberal Democrats will: ■ Support local schemes such as the Liverpool Pound and Independent Liverpool to encourage more of our residents to use local businesses that keep their profits here and recycle them into the community rather than spirit them away in tax havens. ■ Recreate the inward investment and business support company, Liverpool Vision as an independent body working with the Council to promote the City. In consultation with the Regional Mayor we will seek to extend it’s remit to act as a City Region body. ■ Developing a localised peer to peer lending mechanism which will enable a low-cost method for local people to invest in local businesses ■ Establishing a Graduate Enterprise Centre to help staff and students from our three Universities to develop businesses to employ both themselves and other workers in the City. ■ Review all the spending of the Council and its agencies to ensure the maximum spend within the City for both revenue and capital projects. ■ Providing marketing and logistical support for credit unions. Helping them to expand their reach and protect local people from exploitation by high interest money lenders. ■ Re-establishing the City's food fares as places for Liverpool owned and led businesses in the food manufacturing or retail sectors. A city that can stand on its own two feet The council must support and help grow more of our own local businesses to retain talent and profit within Liverpool 8
  9. 9. A City of Good Health and enhanced Life Expectancy Liverpool has huge disparities of life expectancy and healthy life expectancy. The difference in expected longevity is up to 12 years in wards of the city just 3 miles apart. 30% of our 11 year olds are obese - 5% of them clinically obese. Liverpool still has too many smokers and drugs users. There are not enough places for our elderly, either when they come out of hospital in the short term or when they need long-term care towards the end of their lives. Liberal Democrats will: ■ Create three new council run residential homes for the elderly to assist with the problems caused by 'bed blocking'. ■ Working with supermarkets and food retailers to promote healthy eating and drinking, alongside programmes in schools to educate and support children and parents into cost-effective eating actions. ■ Promoting 'a mile a day' walking programme in every school in the city. ■ Using our new football hubs for programmes involving 'walking football' and other projects aimed at encouraging older people or people recovering from trauma or illness into sport and physical recreation. ■ Working with Food Banks to promote healthy eating choices as well as subsistence and emergency foods. ■ Promote social prescribing programmes to enable access to therapeutic arts, sports and befriending activities. ■ Working with both private gyms and council sports centres to encourage taster courses to encourage more people to take exercise. ■ Working with schools to understand the extent of and develop programmes to deal with 'period poverty'. ■ Reviewing all bus and cycle lanes in the city to upgrade them, make them more relevant to today's traffic patterns and helping people move from cars to healthier forms of transport. 10 We will create three new council run residential homes for the elderly
  10. 10. The quality of education in Liverpool has been in decline for the whole of this decade. There has been little leadership of the education service by politicians or the council as a whole. Too many of our city’s teachers and head teachers are quitting, meaning some of our children are being taught by a different supply teacher every day. We have slipped behind other cities in terms of qualifications and the number of young people who are not in Employment, Education or Training. Liberal Democrats will seek to remedy these issues by: ■ Establishing a non-profit making agency to provide and coordinate the work of high quality and local supply teachers. ■ We will tackle the causes of the “brain drain,” - giving our city’s teachers the support that is currently lacking from the council. ■ Working with Trades Unions and schools to stop the drain of newly qualified teachers leaving the profession after a few years. ■ Working to provide a variety of financial and other incentives for young people to both stay on in school and to commit better to the education that they receive whilst in school. ■ Working to assist our libraries to develop as learning hubs encouraging the use of the written word and subsequent oral language activities in all their forms by people of all ages. ■ Encouraging the development of a 'Liverpool Curriculum' to provide a range of appropriate materials to address the history of Liverpool and its culture and localise the national curriculum to help school leavers have knowledge appropriate to the local economy. ■ Developing further links with Liverpool's public and private museums to develop a wider understanding of the uniqueness of Liverpool and our place in history by school and university students. A city which values education and learning 11 Wewillreversethedeclineinthequality ofeducationourcityhasseenthisdecade
  11. 11. Liverpool is 'The world in one City' but too often our multi-cultural communities, both long standing and new arrivals are not welcomed into the city, and fail to deliver their full potential in the development of our World Class City. Women are too often marginalised with under-representation of Women in public and private leadership positions throughout the Liverpool City Region. To rectify these imbalances the Liberal Democrats will: ■ Develop a Women's Leadership think tank composed of members of the three main Parties; the Women's Equality Party, the Women's Leadership Group and women from academic and business backgrounds to work together on key issues connected with the suppression of women's talent and the creation of enhanced opportunities. ■ Practical assistance methods to assist women who have financial or other difficulties connected with family activities to attend courses and programmes designed to enhance their knowledge and capacity. ■ Diaspora by diaspora work to recognise and develop the capacity of people excluded from personal and societal advancement by prejudice, language or lack of knowledge. ■ Arts programmes which draw on the huge variety of oral, musical and other talents based on the former cultures of our new Liverpool Citizens. ■ Working with our Universities, colleges and schools to enhance programmes designed to reskill workers of all ages for new opportunities in the jobs market. ■ Recognising the growing problems of mental ill health, the Council will produce a comprehensive strategy to combat loneliness by pulling together better use of the council's assets such as parks and libraries and working with voluntary groups. ■ Will work with major employers, especially in the City Centre to ensure that that people behind the counters and serving customers are representative of the ethnic and faith mix of Liverpool as a whole. ■ Ensuring mobility for people using wheelchairs and other mobility aids, the Council will review all major junctions on major shopping centres and routes to stations and bus stops to increase the number of marked dropped disabled access crossings. A City which recognises the potential of all our citizens 11 Develop and utilise the talents of all our residents
  12. 12. NAME(S)__________________________________ ADDRESS_________________________________ ________________________POST CODE________ EMAIL____________________________________ PHONE___________________________________ I can help deliver leaflets in my area I can make a donation to the campaign. I enclose a cheque (payable to Liberal Democrats) for £_____ Donations over £12 qualify for Liberal Democrat Membership. Tick here if you would like to join Donate Join the Party Speak to voters Spread the word Help in the office Return to: Liverpool Lib Dems, 509 Smithdown Road, L15 5AE or online at I would like a postal vote for the election I will be voting Liberal Democrat on May 3rd [If you return this form] The Liberal Democrats & their elected representatives may use the information you’ve given to contact you. By providing your data to us, you are consenting to us making contact with you in the future by mail, email, telephone, text, website & apps, even though you may be registered with the Telephone Preference Service. You can always opt out of communications at any time by contacting us or visiting for more information go to Find out more at: @Liverlibdems Published & promoted by A Makinson on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, Printed by LDPS, all at 509 Smithdown Road Liverpool 15 5AE Unlike Joe Anderson’s Labour, our election campaign isn’t bankrolled by trade unions or donations from big businesses like Redrow and Carillion. We rely on the help and support from local people in Liverpool to enable us to fight for our city and our local communities - keeping in touch all year round. You can help the Liberal Democrats to win for Liverpool by joining us, volunteering to help us in your community or by making a small donation. Let us know online at or by returning the form below. You can also make a quick donation online at: Like what you see? Then help us win for Liverpool