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The Marshall Entrepreneurial Business Review pitch deck


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Pitch Deck for "The Marshall Entrepreneurial Business Review (EBR) which provides entrepreneurship stories, expertise and actionable steps, but with the authority and research from an actual university and without a hefty tuition bill.

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The Marshall Entrepreneurial Business Review pitch deck

  1. 1. A University Research Publication for Entrepreneurs The MARSHALL EntrepreneurialBusiness Review
  2. 2. What is it? Learn. Experiment. Achieve. Take off!  “MARSHALL EBR” is a publication sourced from universities that provides the latest knowledge and expertise to help entrepreneurs succeed.  Think HBR, but specializing in entrepreneurship.
  3. 3. About theFounder  MBA PM candidate (USC)  Successful start-up entrepreneur  Publishing background working at Fortune 500 & major publishers Fox, Disney, Sony, & Investors Business Daily  Visionary and Adventurist  Seasoned PMP (Professional Project Manager)  Team management and Culturist expert  Operations expert with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (IASSC) RebeccaBennett
  4. 4. The Story Working in corporate America was not full-filling my natural curiosity for learning, experimenting and doing things on my own. Personal growth tends to happen at the pace of promotions and organizations are conservative when it comes to experimenting and extending autonomy. I turned to resources such as hbr and Entrepreneur magazine where I was able to learn so much more. But as a new startup entrepreneur I had to piecemeal everything over several years to figure out how to start a business. I thought how nice would it be to gain entrepreneurship expertise and actionable steps practiced by the entrepreneurs spotlighted in entrepreneurship magazine, but with the authority and research from a university…and without a hefty tuition bill.
  5. 5. Who is the Audience?CUSTOMER Established and aspiring business owners Students/Grads (early adopters) pursuing business degrees with an entrepreneurial focus. (The most conferred degree - 547k/yr) Women (underserved) in their 20s and 30s who consider themselves risk takers Initial local focus on Los Angeles and Silicon Beach but with plans for a Global reach Higher education orgs, entrepreneurial centers & Professors teaching entrepreneurship PAINPOINT Lack of a quality and authoritative source for learning entrepreneurship Lack of publications that provide steps to take action Knowledge has to be piecemealed from several sources SOLUTION Provide Inspirational stories and actionable expert solutions tried by real entrepreneurs and backed by university research to help entrepreneurs self- serve their learning needs along their entrepreneurial journeys BENEFITS Receive clear actionable steps to push forward Operate off the latest, authoritative research that’s close to the action Fewer and less costly mistakes made the hard way More responsible and impactful leaders Less piecemealing information
  6. 6. Competitive Advantage  Content focuses on "actionable" insights procured directly from entrepreneurs, both leaders as well as newbie seed ventures.  Most publications serving entrepreneur market were founded and run on east coast, not west. We have proximity to Silicon Valley, San Diego & Silicon Beach's new rising entrepreneurial community physically and relationally.  Being a Trojan at USC, a highly-ranked school known for entrepreneurship and its tight- knit networking community allows "MEBR" to be close to the research (partnership with leading university gives more authority and access than competitors).  Founder’s decade of experience in publishing industry
  7. 7. Monetization and Forecast Monetization Channels Paid subscribers  Webinar series, Seminars, Workshops  One-on-one coaching  Licensing  Sponsorships & ads ForecastBased on Competitor Benchmark(HBR)  75% subscriptions/paid content: 278,241 subscribers estimating $27,545,859 annually based on $99 subscription  25% advertising $103,680/yr in ad revenue based on 2.4 million impressions/mo
  8. 8. Business Model Canvas KP • Marshall School of Business, Greif Center, & professors • Sponsors & Advertisers (Target USCalumni companies) KA • Produce content • Research • Interviews • Network • Develop partnerships • Build/Maintain website VP • Latest expertise & research by experts and real entrepreneurs with a focus on actionable insights • Provide a learning resource for current students & professors to draw from CR • Free & registered users • Paid subscribers CS • Aspiring & established entrepreneurs • Leaders • Main target demo: Males in their mid- 30’s, MBA- entrepreneur focused grads, risk takers KR • Staff (content producers, business development, marketing, digital platform developers) • Access to experts and leaders CH • University • Website • iTunes & GooglePlay • Feedly • Medium • Podbean, BuzzSprout • YouTube, Vimeo • Social & Email C$ • The Team (content producers, business development, marketing, digital platform developers) • Domain, website hosting • Web dev • Stock photo/infograph subscription • Studio equipment R$ • Paid subscribers • Webinar series, Seminars, Workshops • One-on-one coaching • Licensing • Sponsorships & ads
  9. 9. What are the criticaluncertaintiesin the opportunity and how can you research/test them?  Will Marshall partner on this?  What is the demand for the subscription? How much are they willing to pay?  What potential content publishers might want to license the content?  Pitch to Marshall  Run a poll to better define target market, demand and pricing. (HBR newsstand price is $18.95 and $99/yr for all print and digital content)  Call content publishers to assess demand
  10. 10. Trends that have led to this opportunity cominginto existence?  Entrepreneurial economy is on the rise due to the internet, online economy, cloud computing, increasing ability to outsource, tools that enable remote working, and cheaper office space. It is being led by Millennials (Entrepreneur & BNP Paribas Global entrepreneurs Report)  Entrepreneurs are seen as high status and in the U.S. are often seen as celebrities and highly admired. (2016 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor)  Millennials are currently the dominate group and thus the tipping point for their values and culture to be commonplace has occurred. Millennial males in particular are the largest target market that want to become their own boss (Winograd)  North America has the highest level of intrapreneurial activity and reports the highest rate of opportunity perception at 58%. Only 13% of North Americans intend to start a business in the next three years. (2016Global Entrepreneurship Monitor)  A Business Insider survey of 225 executives reports 22% want to launch their own companies.  According to one recent poll, 51% of teens hope to one day start their own business (Entrepreneur)  More than two-thirds of all adults see entrepreneurship as a good career choice.  With many baby boomers having to retire early because of ageism in hiring practices, they are being forced to set out on entrepreneurial journeys of their own and become their own bosses.
  11. 11. What early evidencecan you generate to show that this is an attractive opportunity?  The market is already established & growing  The entrepreneur market is underserved by current major university publications  Already have a great base of early adopters (Poll suggests 85% future customers) - the usc network!  The publication will help distinguish the Marshall brand as an entrepreneurial center of expertise and studies  Why now? The Millennial tipping point has recently occurred so it is a prime time to be an early mover to gain their readership as leaders of the entrepreneurial economy and be seen as their expert source.  Rising demand: HBR’s Traffic climbed 79% last year, representing a third of HBR’s traffic and registered user volume grew 20%.
  12. 12. How will I reachthe customers?  Announcements to the USC community  Partner with USC library & bookstore to offer  Social media marketing campaigns (the main communication platform of my target market)  Networking events and conferences (procure email lists for email marketing)  Third-party forum distributors (free content only, for top of funnel strategy): Apple News, Google Play, Smart News, Flipboard, Medium, Feedly, PodBean, BuzzSprout, YouTube  Marketing campaigns directed to over 200 entrepreneurship centers and 500 higher- education institutions
  13. 13. Next Steps Put the team together!  Hire content procurement team (source from Annenburg journalism school) to begin sourcing topics and experts  Create the digital platform with help from developers  Hire marketing team to get early adopter subscribers  Hire business development expert to establish licensing partnerships (Apple News, Google Play, Smart News, Flipboard, Feedly, over 200 entrepreneurship centers and 500 higher-education institutions) Build & launch a beta version for early adopters