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Water Quality Bureau Central Office


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Water Quality Bureau Central Office

Published in: Environment
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Water Quality Bureau Central Office

  1. 1. Sharon Gayan Water Quality Bureau Director Wastewater (Jason Knutson) Permits (Adrian Stocks) Water Evaluation (Brian Weigel) Monitoring (Tim Asplund) Lakes and Rivers (Carroll Schaal) Assess (Monitor Condition) Plan (TMDLs, Water Quality Standards) Manage (WPDES, Grants, External Partners) Water Quality Bureau Central Office Vacant Field Operations Directors x2
  2. 2. Wastewater Program
  3. 3. Water Quality Bureau Updates • Realignment Initiatives – Study Groups • Wastewater Permitting • Septage • Aquatic Plant Management – Cross Program Integration • Lakes & Rivers – Fish & Wildlife • Streamlining Permits • Operation Certification
  4. 4. Water Quality Bureau Updates