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Presentación Charles Wookey en IAE


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Presentación de los criterios del ámbito "Medios, Contenidos y Bienestar Infantil"

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Presentación Charles Wookey en IAE

  1. 1. Thinking about business purpose Introductory comments by Charles Wookey, CEO of A Blueprint for Better Business
  2. 2. IMPACT Business Academia Government
  3. 3. SUPPORTING RESEARCH Academic Conference 2016 In September 2016, we co-hosted an international academic conference with London Business School and the LBS Leadership Institute. The aim of the conference was to explore the impact on business, of having a purpose that serves society. The academic committee was chaired by Harvard Business School Professor, Rebecca Henderson, and the conference was witness to 19 papers being presented. A summary of the event can be found here. We also cite the following academic work as the evidence base for Blueprint – Bad Management Theories Are Destroying Good Management Practices, Sumantra Ghoshal 2005 Gerry George journal of academic management Beyond Self‐Interest Revisited, Hector O. Rocha and Sumantra Ghoshal, 2006 Self-Determination Theory in Work Organizations: The State of a Science, Edward L. Deci, Anja H. Olafsen, and Richard M. Ryan Understanding purpose through experimental designs, Nava Asharef Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations, Dan Ariely Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Dan Pink