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Towards a critical art librarianship conference


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Althea Greenan slides

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Towards a critical art librarianship conference

  1. 1. Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths The Women's Art Library is an important collection of documentation dedicated to women's art practice and critical contribution to visual arts and culture. The collection is housed in Goldsmiths, University of London in the Library’s Special Collections and Archives. The aim is to facilitate innovative research relating to women's art practice and critical writing.
  2. 2. Different shelves, different spaces. Installation shots of Hilary Robinson’s publications, kept together in the Women’s Art Library in the Special Collections Reading Room and dispersed in the main sequence.
  3. 3. The WASL display board at Battersea Arts Centre showing posters, photographs of installations, and issues of the newsletter.
  4. 4. Anthology from Women’s Art Library’s magazine edited by Maria Walsh and Mo Throp and launched at Chelsea Space with the exhibition CAN DO: Photographs and other material from the Women's Art Library Magazine Archive Curated by Mo Throp and Maria Walsh 18 November – 18 December 2015
  5. 5. Examples from advertising campaigns run by the UK-based women artists activist group Fanny Adams
  6. 6. Forthcoming talk as part of exhibition events Print! Tearing It Up, Somerset House 8 Jun - 22 Aug 2018 25 June 19.00-20.30 Panellists include Althea Greenan, Shaz Madani Designer and Art Director of Riposte magazine, Sofia Niazi resident Artist at Somerset House Studios and Editor of OOMK Zine, and Teal Triggs Professor of Graphic Design and Associate Dean of Royal College of Arts School of Communication. The evening’s discussion is chaired by Ruth Jamieson, Writer and Author of Print Is Dead. Long Live Print.
  7. 7. File Under Female is a collaborative project created by award-winning Chesterfield artist Bella Milroy, Artist in Residence at the Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths, University of London. Our essay was in response to Symrath's annotation as well as the wider politics of archives and the **female**
  8. 8. Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths Start date: 1972? 1976? 1978? 1982? “When did we start again?” Felicity Allen, make 81 (1998) 2-3 The Women Artists Slide Library 1981?-1993 Constituted as an educational charity in 1983. The Women’s Art Library 1993 – 2000 Make, the organisation for women’s art 2001-2002 The Women’s Art Library 2003- present Locations: Battersea Arts Centre 1982-86 Fulham Palace 1987-2000 Central St Martins 2000-02 Goldsmiths 2003-present When the London Arts Board and Arts Council of England funding came to an end the charity gifted the collection and institutional archive to Goldsmiths University of London.
  9. 9. Feminist Net-work: Digitization and Performances of the Women’s Art Library Slide Collection Althea Greenan University of Brighton May 2017
  10. 10. 3000+ books, 10,200+ paper artist files, 150+ archive boxes, 100+ audio visual items, 990+ posters and 1500+ photographs + approximately 46,400 slides made by artists
  11. 11. As an art librarian, I am always aware that however many art books, magazines, slides and videos I acquire for the library, more actions, events and thoughts remain undocumented there. I realised that if I do not engage with this problem, not only will I be unable to provide current readers with information on the artists they are interested in, but my collections are likely to divulge only a simplified and reductive version of history to future researchers. Jacqueline Cooke, “Art Ephemera, aka ‘Ephemeral Traces of “Alternative Space” : The Documentation of Art Events in London 1995-2005, in an Art Library’” (Goldsmiths, 2007),
  12. 12. Curator Special Collections and Archives
  13. 13. Slides of women’s artwork moved (rescued?) from the University’s teaching slide collection before it was dismantled (thrown into a skip set up by the staff entrance). Research photograph of slide from Isik Tüzüner’s slide file in the Women’s Art Library
  14. 14. Research photographs of slides from Permindar Kaur’s slide file
  15. 15. Costumes for Curators # 3, Amelia Beavis- Jones 2015 Photo: Julian Hughes Nicole Veillard, art historian who became History , working with slide files in Battersea Arts Centre.
  16. 16. 24.08.2015 Kill the archivist! The Women’s Art Library and Feminist Review £1,000 research bursary 2015 This year’s Living with Make: Art in the archive bursary is presented in association with The Showroom. Deadline for proposals: 31 October 2015 Bursary period: January to March 2016 Public launch at The Showroom: September 2016 Women’s Art Library and Feminist Review are inviting artists and curators to propose an original engagement with the call to “Kill the archivist!” as a provocation to explore the possibilities of unravelling the mechanism of the archive. This is a call for projects that propose the archive not as an authority but as an unregulated knowledge, or a space of different temporalities. The call is open to all including students. The selected project will be presented in the Open Space pages of a forthcoming issue of Feminist Review and feature in a public launch event in association with The Showroom.
  17. 17. Queer To Me, performance by Kiona Hagen Niehaus as part of launch event of Cybernetic Resistance, produced by Brenda Guesnet and Kiona Niehaus Hagen, Winners of the 2015 Living with Make: Art in the Archive Bursary, Women’s Art Library and Feminist Review with the Showroom
  18. 18. Queer To Me, performance live-streamed into the Showroom 11 November 2016 (Photo by Dr Rebecca Fiebrink)
  19. 19. Promotional image for Claire Collison’s exhibition Watch This Space, Kingsway Corridor, Goldsmiths University of London March 2018
  20. 20. Detail installation shot of Everyday Women Glassworks by Pippa Davismoon and Charlotte Morrison Special Collections and Archives exhibition space March/April 2018
  21. 21. Published in 2015 Available as a PDF download
  22. 22. X Marks the Spot: Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski, Lauren Craig, Gina Nembhard at the launch of publication Human Endeavour and the exhibition Show and Tell at the Women’s Art Library, Special Collections, Goldsmiths October 2015
  23. 23. Rita Keegan and Gina Nembhard speaking at the launch of publication Human Endeavour, Special Collections, Goldsmiths October 2015
  24. 24. Shareena Hill
  25. 25. Shareena Hill Unprepared, 1991, Watercolour on paper 39”x28” Shrine, 1993, Oil and glitter on canvas, 24”x38”
  26. 26. Projection of Lauren Craig’s Women of Colour Index Slide Show onto former site of Centre for Caribbean Studies, Laurie Grove, Goldsmiths on the occasion of the launch of publication Human Endeavour October 2015
  27. 27. Published in 2015 Available as a PDF download
  28. 28. WOCI Reading Group Winner of the 2018 Art in the Archive: The Women’s Art Library/Feminist Review Bursary Thriving through everyday acts of resistance In partnership with Barby Asante the 198 Gallery and Louise Shelley, the Cubitt Gallery. “ For the Women’s Art Library (WAL) bursary we propose to be able to continue with our research into WOCI: This would consist of running reading groups at WAL and inviting artists from the Index to talk and engage directly with students and public participants. In the past year WOCI Reading Group has branched into other institutions, which has reduced our time and physical visibility at WAL. The bursary would be a productive and vital opportunity to build on the foundations of the WOCI Reading Group, which aims to make Black and Asian Art History a compulsory part of Art Education. Fundamental to our work is to keep the artists in WOCI visible and offer cross-generational dialogues so that rather than be confined to the archive, we can explore art practice from the past and how this intersects with the present and future of production and care for artists of colour.”
  29. 29. Towards a critical art librarianship: theories and practices We have to live in the future. Anyone practicing politics that goes against the current socio-economic nightmare* is practicing the future. They live in the future, by desire and by necessity. We have to start somewhere. We have to start with the micro. Kerri Jefferis and Sophie Chapman: Of The Hand That Point Out, Of Fingers That See Press Release 2016 the-hand-that-point-out-of-fingers-that-see/
  30. 30. Dr Althea Greenan The Women's Art Library Special Collections and Archives The Library Goldsmiths, University of London New Cross, London, SE14 6NW +44 (0)207 717 2295 My normal working days are Mondays-Thursdays Special Collections is open Mondays to Fridays 10-6 during term-time and 10-5 outside term. Email for an appointment. All researchers welcome.