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Infosys CarePlusTM - Re-imagine the Care-as-a-Service


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Infosys CarePlus is a next-gen care platform built as-a-service on Salesforce. It enables payers to connect better with healthcare consumers by providing a 360-degree view of the consumer through personal and health-tracking tools and monitoring devices.

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Infosys CarePlusTM - Re-imagine the Care-as-a-Service

  1. 1. 1 CAREPLUS TM Re-imagining Care in the Digital World…
  2. 2. Confidential information The content in this presentation is confidential to Infosys Limited ("Infosys“). This document contains information and data that Infosys considers confidential and proprietary (“Confidential Information”). Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, the following: • Corporate, employee and infrastructure information about Infosys • Infosys’ financial information, project management and quality processes • Customer and project experiences provided to illustrate Infosys capability Confidential information in this document shall not be disclosed and shall not be duplicated, used, or disclosed – in whole or in part – for any purpose other than for this discussion without specific written permission of an authorized representative of Infosys.
  3. 3. Risky and Expensive Population Health Management 45% of Americans have alteast 1 chronic disease 50% of chronically ill patient do not get care 70% of deaths caused by chronic diseases Worried well Risk management Episodic care Targeted condition Chronic condition Complex cases End-of-life support Extended target population $ High cost (86%) | Inaccurate diagnosis | Aging population
  4. 4. Next-gen PHM for Accountable Care Identify care gaps Stratify risks Engage patients Manage care Measure outcomes Define population Population Health Management Disease based customization Data integration and unified view of the member Predictive analytics and reporting Better patient outcomes | No data siloes | Proactive diagnosis
  5. 5. Trends in Healthcare Payer mergers Payment innovation Consumerism and member experience Clinically integrated network Preventative care and customize health plans Strategy on disease based content
  6. 6. Infosys Digital Health Model – A Perspective Content User experience Platform • User generated content through collaborations across the Patient, Payers and Providers • Disease specific content for Chronic illnesses • Intent driven design for a better user experience • Mobile first design providing an omni- channel interface • Flexible platform on the cloud • Simplified integration framework which can connect to EHR, claim - backend systems and the fitness & health monitoring devices Source :
  7. 7. Infosys CarePlusTM Enriches the Ecosystem of Care Providers Infosys CarePlusTM is a next-gen integrated care platform built as-a-service on the Salesforce®. It enables payers to connect better with healthcare consumers by providing a 360-degree view of every consumer through personal, health tracking tools and monitoring devices. Collaborative platform Value-based model Holistic care Human-centered design Actionable analytics Connected patients Volume-based model Affordable healthcare
  8. 8. Functional capabilities of Infosys CarePlus
  9. 9. Re-imagine Care through the CarePlus Stack CarePlus Core Smart Care Care Ux Kit Care Coach CarePlus Connect CarePlus Wave Care Pro C+ Data Model Care Management Utilization Management Disease Management Wellness and Population Virtual Care Clinical Claims EMR Demographic Biometrics Wearables REST API SOAP API O-Data Connector| | Community for providers (Doctors) • Widgets • iOS and android native apps • Intent driven UI • Wellness hybrid App on Sf1 • Virtual care plug-in • Predictive model for hospitalization through ANN • Self-learning algorithm • Operation reports • Analytical dashboards • Clinical data summary
  10. 10. © 2016 Infosys Limited, Bengaluru, India. All Rights Reserved. Infosys believes the information in this document is accurate as of its publication date; such information is subject to change without notice. Infosys acknowledges the proprietary rights of other companies to the trademarks, product names and such other intellectual property rights mentioned in this document. Except as expressly permitted, neither this documentation nor any part of it may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, printing, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of Infosys Limited and/ or any named intellectual property rights holders under this document. Thank you! 10