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Sheng Kung Girls' High school J1 Adventure Unit, written by Nela Lin

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  1. 1. A World of Adventures Junior One Nela Lin @ SKGSH
  2. 2. In this unit… Focus: Different kinds of adventures and travel planning Grammar: Simple past, adverbs of time and homophones Vocabulary: Transportations, places, countries
  3. 3. Warm Up1 Lesson discussions: Talk about the picture with a partner. What can you see? What is happening? Have you ever tried these activities before? In your groups, you are going to talk about your experience Which activities did you remember the most? Why? Which activities did you hate the most? Why?
  4. 4. Conversation Tim: Jess, I’ve been looking forward to our yearly campout for three weeks. It's going to be a wonderful day for hiking tomorrow. It is great to do outdoor activities and camp under the stars. This is the life. Jess: Yeah, me too. But Tim, I’m a little bit worried about the weather. The weatherman said it is going to rain later tonight. Tim: Ah. Don’t worry. Nothing can spoil our adventure. Those weather reports are never right. Jess: And it said there is a chance of high winds. Tim: Ah. I’m not worried! Why are you worried about that? Don’t worry. Jess: Tim, Tim. Did you remember to bring our raincoats like I told you, just in case? Tim: Uh . . . no. I left them on the front porch. Jess: What are we going to do now? Tim: We’ll have to sleep in the car! Hurry…. get in! Jess: So, Tim, what are we going to do now? Tim: How about playing a card game? Jess: Uh. I left the cards next to the picnic table. Hey, you don’t want me to go out in this rain and get them, do you? Tim: No. That’s okay. So what now? Jess: Well, we could head down the mountain and stay at that guest house we passed on the way up, or just go home. Tim: Hmm, why don’t we just make the best of it here and hope the weather clears up soon. Jess: That’s a good idea. Let’s enjoy watching the rain. 2
  5. 5. Conversation1 • campout • hiking • outdoors • weatherman • spoil conversation2 • adventure • raincoat • porch • picnic table conversation3 • guest house • head down • make the best of it Vocabulary3
  6. 6. • Guest house • Campsite • Hostel • Hotel • Motel • Homestay • Dormitory Vocabulary of lodging3
  7. 7. Trasnportation words3 1. Taxi 2. Train 3. Cable car 4. Subway line 5. Underground 6. Hot air balloon 7. Blimp 8. Cruise 9. Helicopters 10. RV 11. Jet ski 12. In-line- skates 13. Motorcycle 14. Scooter 15. Kayak 16. Sailboat 17. Skateboard 18. Airplane / plane 19. Ship 20. Convertible
  8. 8. 1. Guest house 2. Hostel 3. Hotel 4. Motel 5. Campsite 6. Dormitory Match2 a) A place to stay for people who are travelling by car, where you can park your car outside your room. b) It is an area where people can camp, often with a water supply and toilets. c) A building with many rooms, each with its own bed and bathroom. d) It is a large building at a university or other schools where students live. e) It is a house where people pay to stay and eat meals. f) A very inexpensive place where usually young people stay for a short time. Many people share one bathroom.
  9. 9. Vocabulary words3
  10. 10. Vocabulary words3
  11. 11. Vocabulary words3
  12. 12. Vocabulary words3
  13. 13. Vocabulary words3
  14. 14. Vocabulary words3 kayak
  15. 15. Vocabulary words3 sailboat
  16. 16. Vocabulary words3 skateboard
  17. 17. Vocabulary words3 subway line
  18. 18. Vocabulary words3 underground
  19. 19. Vocabulary words3 Jet ski
  20. 20. Vocabulary words3 in line skate
  21. 21. Vocabulary words3 convertible
  22. 22. Vocabulary words3 hot air ballom
  23. 23. Vocabulary words3 blimp
  24. 24. Vocabulary words3 motorcycle
  25. 25. Vocabulary words3 scooter
  26. 26. Vocabulary tasks3 1. ____ Taxi 2. ____ Cable car 3. ____ Cruise 4. ____ Helicopter 5. ____ RV 6. ____ Kayak 7. ____ Sailboat 8. ____ Skateboard 9. ____ Subway line 10. ____ Underground 11. ____ Jet ski 12. ____ In-line-skate 13. ____ Convertible 14. ____ Hot air balloon 15. ____ Blimp 16. ____ Motorcycle 17. ____ Scooter P b i o f g k l j d e h n a c m q
  27. 27. • Paragraph 1: You will start your week down in San Francisco, California, where you will see the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is very famous in San Francisco. You can ride on the local 1.__________ or take the 2. _______ to all the popular sights. Listening Task4 subway line cable car
  28. 28. • Paragraph 2: From The Golden Gate Bridge, you will ride a 3. ___________ to the San Francisco zoo. You will have a great adventure looking at all the wildlife. You are going to experience a Californian safari. It won’t be the same as a real safari in Africa. Unlike an African safari, you have to wear 4. _____________in a California safari. Be ready for a great outdoor experience. Remember, don’t pet the lions. At the end of the stay, you can go to the beach and enjoy riding the 5. ______. Listening Task4 motorcycle in-line skates jet ski
  29. 29. • Paragraph 3: The next two days, you are going to be in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is about two hours away from San Francisco by plane. Where are you going to stay? You are going to stay in a very popular 6. ______. Once you are there, you are going to take a 7._______________to see the Grand Canyon. In the evening you are going to stay at a 8. _________ and you are going to explore the dessert. Listening Task4 hostel hot air balloon campsite
  30. 30. • Paragraph 4: After all that, you are going to the city of Las Vegas. There will be a 9. ___________ waiting for you. The driver will take you around the entire city. In the evening, you are going to stay in a 10. ____________. In addition, you are going to see “The Dream.” It’s a live show with a combination of water, fire, swimming, acrobatics and spectacular effects. Listening Task4 convertible guest house
  31. 31. A: I went to Japan during my winter vacation. B: You went to Japan? Tell me about your trip. A: 1. __________, we couldn’t book the trip to Japan. Because of the Chinese New Year, there is no seat at all. B: 2. __________, how did you make it? A: 3. __________, someone canceled their trip. we could get the tickets. B: Wow! A: We went home and we had to pack 4. _____________. Our trip was the next day. B: So, you were in a hurry. A: Yes, I thought I got everything: my camera, cell phone, iPad, warm jacket... B: What happened 5. ________? A: I got the best seat on the plane, and the view was just amazing. When I wanted to take a picture, 6.____________, I couldn’t find my camera. 7. ______________, I couldn’t take any photos. B: Sorry to hear that! A: When we arrived in Japan, I had to buy a new camera. B: Was everything okay at the hotel? A: After all that happened, 8. ______________, everything was just fine. The trip to Japan was just amazing. What an adventure! Grammar Focus5 A: Complete the conversation with above adverbs. First Then Luckily immediately next suddenly Unfortunately finally 1. then 2. finally 3. immediately 4. first 5. luckily 6. next 7. suddenly 8. unfortunately
  32. 32. Simple past5 B: Complete the following sentences with simple past. 1. tell 2. visit 3. drink 4. eat 5. be 6. go 7. make 8. stay 9. invite Nela loves to travel. Three months ago, she 1.____________ to Africa and 2.________________ in a small hostel or a hotel for two months. She 3.________________ a lot of museums in Sierra Leone and Kenya. She 4._____________ some fantastic food and 5._______________ some great wine. Luckily, the weather 6.__________ warm and sunny. Last night she 7. ____________ some friends to her home. She 8. ________________ a meal and 9. _____________ them all about her trip. went stayed visited ate drank was invited made told
  33. 33. Question Answer When did Nela go to Africa? Model: Three months ago 1. She went to Africa. 2. She stayed in small hostels and hotels. 3. She travelled for two months. 4. She went to Sierra Leaone and Kenya. 5. She visited a lot of museums. 6. The trip was fantastic. 7. It was warm and sunny. 8. She made a meal and invited some friends to her home. Warm Up5 Look again at the text and write questions for these answers. Where did she go? Where did she stay? How long did she go? Which cities of Africa did she go? What did she do over there? How was the food? How was the weather? When did she come back?
  34. 34. there their wear where to two Homophones5 Example: I read a great book last night. I like your red dress. Complete the sentences using these words: 1. I need _________ one-way tickets to Taipei. 2. How are you getting _________? 3. She’s going _________ Singapore this afternoon. 4. She is going _________ her red dress tonight. 5. ________ plane leaves at 8:30 6. _________ is the airport. Their there wear Where to two
  35. 35. Jason Lewis a British man from Catterick, Yorkshire, UK. Real Story6 4. Traveled by ____________ _______ days 3. Traveled by _____________ ______ months. 2. Traveled by ___________ ______ days. 1. Will travel by ___________ 5. will travel by _______ 6. Will travel by _______ 7. Will travel by _______ pedal boat 111 in-line skates 3 pedal boat 53 pedal boat bicycle kayak bicycle
  36. 36. Jason Lewis6
  37. 37. Tasks7 • You are going to be a travel agent, you are going to create a week long travel itinerary of your ideal trip. You are going to advertise your trip. • You can choose a place / places where you want to go, length of time, budgets, transportation they are going to use, etc. • You are going to make a travel brochure.
  38. 38. Sample itinerary7
  39. 39. Sample itinerary7
  40. 40. Sample itinerary7
  41. 41. Sample itinerary7
  42. 42. Sample travel itinerary7
  43. 43. Charts to help you7 Transportation Lodging Highlights
  44. 44. Charts to help you7 Remember only for a week
  45. 45. 1. Get together with your partner (2 to 3) 2. One person should have at least 10 sentences, one minute each. 3. Use at least 5 to 10 new words from the lesson. 4. Choose at least one or two countries you are going to offer in your itinerary. Oral test8
  46. 46. Creating travel brochure8
  47. 47. Creating travel brochure8
  48. 48. Creating travel brochure8
  49. 49. Sample Conversation TA: Hello! Welcome to ______ Travel Inc. How can I help you? C: Hi! I want to go on a vacation. TA: Where do you want to go ? C: I think I’d like to go to ______. TA: Great! We have lots of travel plans for _______. C: Ok, can you show me? TA: Sure. Here is a tour that lasts 7 days. We can fly you to _______on a first class ticket. C: Oh, that’s good, I love to fly. TA: When you arrive, you’ll stay at ______ (hotel, hostel) C: Oh, that’s a great place. TA: On day 2 you can go to the _____. You’ll get there by_____. That day you’ll stay at _____. C: That sounds like fun! Will there be many people? TA: No, this time of year it’s not crowded. On day 3 you’ll ________.
  50. 50. Sample Conversation C: How exciting! I’ve always wanted to go there! TA: Good! On day 4 you can visit _____. You can get there by _____. That day you’ll stay at a ___. C: Wow! I didn’t know people can still go there! TA: Then on day 5 you will ________. C: What? Really? Isn’t that dangerous? TA: No, it’s not scary at all! C: Ok, I guess I can try it. What about day 6? TA: On day 6 you’ll be staying at a 5 star hotel. There is a nice spa there and you can relax. C: That sounds wonderful! TA: Finally, on day 7 we’ll have a taxi pick you up at the hotel at 8 am. It will take you to the airport and you’ll fly home. C: That sounds great. I look forward to it! How much does it costs? TA: Only NT 200,000! C: What!!!?
  51. 51. Sample Oral Test Video
  52. 52. Oral test8