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Dennis uitz ipo ico


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Alternative Business Financing through ICO and in Difference to IPO

Published in: Technology
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Dennis uitz ipo ico

  1. 1. IPO vs. ICO Official Material of BDSwiss® Dennis Uitz May 2018
  2. 2. IPO ICO Distribution of shareholdings Long list of checks to fulfill 4-6 months for regulatory approval Creation of digital tokens No adherence to regulatory framework White paper only Vs
  3. 3. A healthy regulatory environment allows investors to make informed decisions. The better the information provided, the more will be invested by investors. Legal IPO legal declaration of intention Standards of transparency ICO Outline key information of the project No standard for an ICO White Paper Mezzanine combination of financing Vs
  4. 4. ICO’s have opened up the buying process to everyone. By democratizing it, a whole new class of investor money is entering the playing field. Buying IPO IPOs only available to institutional investors Only buy the stocks once they are publicly traded on exchanges ICO Democratize fund raising Power back to the people Decentralized nature of blockchain enabling this access Vs
  5. 5. Reward IPO Stock is about ownership of a company/business Dividends Selling the stock when its value rises ICO Value is derived from its perceived utility Adoption means a higher value Potential stake in the future revenues of a project Vs
  6. 6. BDX & the Future Crypto will move more towards regulatory oversight. BDX White Label service wants to be ahead of the curve and bring the same level of IPO transparency and due diligence to crypto partners of the platform without the bureaucracy. All ICO Tools and functions from one provider Management of all processes around your ICO Marketing material for publishing your ICO Listing on BDXchange our decentralized exchange Professional help to check your story line Token distribution and post ICO management system Consulting on ICO planning including timeline