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2016 bbcon presentation - game changing tests


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2016 bbcon presentation - game changing tests

  1. 1. Mike Snusz − Principal Strategy Consultant, Blackbaud Bryan Evangelista − Vice President, Lautman Maska Neill & Company Game Changing Tests
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  4. 4. Setting Up Useful Direct Mail Tests The How, When, Where and Why
  5. 5. How To Test? Define your goal BEFORE you test Test only one thing at a time Wait long enough for a conclusion Split data proportionally and randomly Ensure there is enough quantity (and gifts) for a readable result
  6. 6. When and Where to Test? As often as possible! Try and test at least one variable in every campaign Tests aren’t limited to just Package A vs. Package B Creative/Design elements Timing Donor Segmentation Prospect Lists (80/20 rule)
  7. 7. Why Test? Move the needle based on program goals Build on what’s working, change what isn’t Stay one step ahead of your peers Testing is FUNdamental!
  8. 8. Setting Up Useful Online Tests The How, What and Why
  9. 9. 25%, 25%, 50%25%, 25%, 50%5,000 - 10,000 10%, 10%, 80%10%, 10%, 80%Over 10,000 How to Test Email
  10. 10. Find It: Google “M+R Chi-Square Test” How to Test Email - Statistical Significance
  11. 11. What to Test
  12. 12. 0.12% Conversion Rate $205 avg. gift 0.05% Conversion Rate $156 avg. gift Images: No eye contact vs. eye contact Multiple Kids/Family vs. One Family Send Time: 6:30am vs. 12:15pm From Name: Individual Name Vs Org Name Content: Longer vs. shorter sentences. Specific vs. emotional outcomes Simple vs. strong language More vs. less aggressive ask 12.29.15 Email 12.29.14 Email What to Test
  13. 13. What to Test
  14. 14. +101% more fundraising emails sent past two years *Source: 2014-15 Luminate Online Benchmark Reports Why Test Online?
  15. 15. -75% fundraising emails conversion rate past four years *Source: 2014-15 Luminate Online Benchmark Reports Why Test Online?
  16. 16. Which Test Won? In the Mail
  17. 17. Which Test Won? Renewal Reminder Renewal Reminder Colorful OE Plain OE Raised 16% more $$
  18. 18. Which Test Won? Notecard Appeal Notecard Appeal No Photo Photo Doubled RR and tripled $$
  19. 19. Which Test Won? Notecard Appeal Notecard Appeal One Stamp Two Stamps Increased revenue by 30%
  20. 20. Which Test Won? Letter/Reply Letter/Reply Salutation Only Salutation and Body 23% more $$
  21. 21. Which Test Won? Renewal Reminder Renewal Reminder No Labels Address Labels Renewed 35% more donors with only a $2 dip in avg gift
  22. 22. Which Test Won? Calendar Follow Up Calendar Follow Up Email Ask on Back Email Ask on Front 12% more $$ and no change in # of email addresses
  23. 23. Which Test Won? Ask string on Reply Ask string on Reply Other My Best Gift $5 increase in average gift and 17% lift in response
  24. 24. Which Test Won? Monthly Giving Push Monthly Giving Push One Time Ask Dual Ask Tripled the number of sustainers with no overall $$ impact
  25. 25. Which Test Won? Online
  26. 26. Which Test Won? Matching Gift Email Appeal Matching Gift Email Appeal from Executive Director from Family Providing Match Conversion Rate 2x Higher
  27. 27. Which Test Won? 1) Why back-to-school means more to you 2) 25 8th Graders Need Your Help 3) You can ensure that more students get a chance 4) Give them the chance that was given to you Conversion Rate: 2x Higher
  28. 28. Which Test Won? “Make a gift of any size…” vs. “Make a gift of $10 of more…” 33 more conversions
  29. 29. Which Test Won? Conversion Rate: 2x Higher Avg. Gift Size: 3x Higher
  30. 30. Which FB Ad Test Won? 50% more click throughs
  31. 31. Which FB Ad Test Won? 71% more click throughs
  32. 32. Testing Trumps Fundraising Intuition
  33. 33. Testing trumps marketing intuition
  34. 34. Two Final Thoughts
  35. 35. When Something “Just Works”
  36. 36. 0.1% higher open rate Which Test Won?
  37. 37. @MikeSnusz @lautmandc Thank you!
  38. 38. Did we leave you inspired, wired, or fired up? Tell us in a session survey on the mobile app, and you’ll be entered to win a complimentary pass to bbcon 2017 in Baltimore!