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The Nordic Microdata Access Network


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C.G Hjelm

Published in: Science
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The Nordic Microdata Access Network

  1. 1. NordMAN (The Nordic Microdata Access Network) C-G Hjelm
  2. 2. Main goals 1. Test the model for cross Nordic microdata access which was proposed in the “Feasibility Study Regarding Research Access to Nordic Microdata”. 2. Propose and implement a common framework for metadata accompanying microdata available for research purposes across the Nordic NSI’s.
  3. 3. Similar legal framework in the Nordic countries • Possible to give researchers access to microdata • Allows transfer of de-identified data from one NSI to another under certain conditions Similar authority structure in the Nordic countries: • high security levels • data is de-idenitfied before delivery • amount of data needed is assessed • risk assessment (”harm test”) Remote access systems in DK, SE, FIN, GL* • safe behind fire walls etc. • researchers need to sign security agreements to access data • output is logged and controlled * Norway on its way Background/framework
  4. 4. Why ? • A unified way of application for Nordic data • One variable is compatible with one in a other Nordic country ? • Larger populations with data from all Nordic countries (~26 millions) • Increased quality of research • Synchronizing with other (Nordic) initiatives • Definitions and metadata in English
  5. 5. Work packages in the project 1. Planning and administration 2. Implementing and testing the common model of cooperation (m 1-18) 3. Assessment, needs and decision of a future common metadata framework (m 1-6) 4. Development and implementation of an IT solution (m 7-12) 5. Filling contents into the Nordic metadata model and user-testing (m 7-18) 6. Final report
  6. 6. Work packages - percent's
  7. 7. Pilots • We need some research pilot projects to both test the model and test the metadata – What areas shall we start with ? – What are the present problems ? – Testing the model and system !
  8. 8. Governance • Reference group • Steering group
  9. 9. Questions ! +46 706 17 63 42 (mobile)