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Quote Tweet, Don’t Reply!”: The History of K-Pop Fandoms’ Twitter AUs and Roots in Interactive Storytelling


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A presentation on K-pop Twitter fandoms for ELO 2020.

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Quote Tweet, Don’t Reply!”: The History of K-Pop Fandoms’ Twitter AUs and Roots in Interactive Storytelling

  2. 2. I acknowledge the Indigenous Peoples as the traditional stewards of the land where I am presenting from. The land I am on today is the current and traditional land of the unconquered Seminole tribe and the Timucua people. I acknowledge the painful history of genocide and forced removal from this territory, and I honor and respect the many Indigenous people connected to this land on which we gather and perform. LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
  3. 3. TODAY'S PRESENTATION TOPICS TO COVER A Brief Overview of K-Pop Fandom Fanfiction AUs Twitter and Soc-Med AUs Outcast and Dora AUs Fan interactions Discussions & Conclusions ∙
  4. 4. this presentation examines: the rise of the twitter fic in K-pop twitter fandoms and develops a scholarly discussion about these fics. a new way of interacting and developing online/digital literacy create new examples of non-linear and noncontinuous storytelling, which allows for new understanding of the expanding genre of fic amongst fans.
  5. 5. THE KPOP FANDOM ACTIVE FANBASE Next Big Sound K-pop fans are some of the most active users on twitter "Over the past two months, BTS saw over 36 million mentions [on Twitter in 2018]." KOREAN POP a genre of popular music originating in South Korea (traced to early 90s).
  6. 6. "stan" twitter SYNONYMOUS WITH FANDOM individuals congregated around certain, specific interests ranging from queer identity to K-pop groups WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO STAN "idol" culture parasocial relationships affective affinity
  7. 7. fan fiction and RPF fan produced work that retells, continues, or completely scraps and rearranges canonical media works illustration by Bill McConkey
  8. 8. DEVELOPED OUT OF CHAT AUS two characters may use chatrooms to talk to one another, and often spawned into role-playing situations where fans would become the characters TWITTER & SOC-MED AUS
  9. 9. OUTCAST AU
  10. 10. RELEASED OVER 5 NIGHTS IN JANUARY 2018 BY @FLIRTAUS AUTHOR/READER INTERACTION 'THEY HAVE NO CHOICE' about 10 tweets each night, 4 pictures in each tweet each night ended up the author speaking directly to the fans of the story author used the poll function on twitter to get input from the readers and fans "AREN'T YOU THE ONES MAKING THE CHOICES?"
  11. 11. twitter polls
  13. 13. discussions & conclusions M E D I A L I T E R A C Y "Their ability to dominate online conversation is not an accident: learning how to get views on behalf of your favorite group is part of K-pop fandom" (Ohlheiser 2020). R E M E D I A T I O N "culture’s desire to simultaneously and paradoxically to multiply its media and to erase all traces of the mediation" (Bolter and Grusin 1999). A T E X T O F O U R O W N "Gatekeeping will drive people away from things they love. Because they are told they have to prove themselves and that they don’t really like what they like, and that they’re just fakes" (Gardener 2018).
  14. 14. thank you! T W I T T E R @rouselaurenc E M A I L A D D R E S S W E B S I T E