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Alice - Automate Everything


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Solve daily problems at work with this bot

Published in: Technology
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Alice - Automate Everything

  1. 1. @TechGirlPooja MoEngage Automating repetitive Communication tasks with a Bot Selenium Conference 2018 Chicago
  2. 2. MoEngage @TechGirlPooja
  3. 3. Hi Chicago! at the Cloud Gate @TechGirlPooja
  4. 4. Why How Live Demo What @TechGirlPooja
  5. 5. @TechGirlPooja
  6. 6. @TechGirlPooja
  7. 7. - Problem @TechGirlPooja
  8. 8. Pull Request Feature branch dev branch staging branch test->fix->test master test-> fix-> test when all good @TechGirlPooja
  9. 9. No commits to go inside without review - Unreviewed commits How
  10. 10. How Common transparent place to track - No quick record to traceback
  11. 11. Be Proactive and Alert/Act How - No Danger Sign board
  12. 12. How Keep me posted on things of importance - Lack of Awareness
  13. 13. How Talking bot - No automated Guide
  14. 14. Live Demo - time
  15. 15. More Power Hey Alice, tell me this Hey Alice, just do this Hey Alice, do this only if it’s Me Hey Alice, be more intelligent!
  16. 16. Shield - The in-house Continues Integration on top of Alice @TechGirlPooja
  17. 17. Show me tech behind connect the dots GitHub Apis Slack Apis Hubot Apis Jenkins @TechGirlPooja
  18. 18. X-GitHub-Event: pull_request I'm Alice I Parse raw data, make them meaningful and co-ordinate with the right systems I can hear & respond and I talk CoffeeScript I’m the one who knows everything 😉 @TechGirlPooja
  19. 19. Try
  20. 20. Credits Problems @ work Friends at work: Hitesh, Akshay, Philip Paeps, Siddhant Panda & Team MoEngage Github Apis: Slack Apis: webhooks Hubot app: Jenkins Photo: © unsplash, google, giphy,
  21. 21. Future • Easier Integration • Support for different platforms • Adding more generic solutions
  22. 22. @TechGirlPooja Thank You for staying awake