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Anti harassment sample 101320


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Anti harassment sample 101320

  1. 1. Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Harassment is NOT the CLA way. NOT Here are a few slide examples from an anti-harassment training for a company that manages pet products. Feedback for the session was overwhelmingly positive. Harassment is a very important and serious topic. By adding carefully crafted fun and humor, this session made it easy for participants to be engaged.
  2. 2. Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Woot Woo! Hey honey! Look over here hot stuff! Whistling, name calling such as “babe”, or rating someone’s looks, sexual sounds or gestures such as sucking noises, winks, body motions, etc. Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability
  3. 3. Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability How many inappropriate items can you find? Interactive Activity 1:
  4. 4. Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Hey I’ve got a really good old fogey joke for you! … Age Harassment
  5. 5. Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Common But NOT Acceptable Excuses of a Harasser or Supervisor I was just teasing It’s your fault for being too nice Oh, she does that to everyone You must have wanted it, otherwise he wouldn’t have done it Why can’t you learn to accept a compliment Interactive Activity 2:
  6. 6. Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability This is Duke And this is Lucy Duke meets Lucy at work on his first day. Duke asks Lucy on a date. Lucy responds by growling at him and running away… Duke is persistent!
  7. 7. Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability In this situation, What was inappropriate about Duke’s behavior? What should Lucy do?
  8. 8. Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Who Can Be the Harasser? Victim: Male or Female Harasser: Male or Female Supervisor Supervisor of another employee Coworker Customer Not Age Specific Same or Opposite Gender Minorities or Majorities Private Public Email, etc. Onlooker Interactive Activity 3:
  9. 9. Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Stalking or following someone
  10. 10. Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability Customer Service, Leadership, Accountability

Editor's Notes

  • This is the same way people feel when they experience harassment as adults.
    Maybe…. Someone makes fun of the way your body is shaped?
    Perhaps they make a joke about your religion not knowing you belong to that group?
    Or suppose someone thinks you have a disability even if you don’t, or if you do? And they make a comment about your disability which makes you feel uncomfortable.
    Or it could be that someone makes a comment about the color of your skin?

    At CLA, we don’t ever want anyone to be treated inappropriately. That’s why harassment is not the CLA way and does not align with out core values.
  • (((Sound effect)))

    As you can see whistling, or calling someone a name such as babe… Even if intended to compliment someone… can be harassment. Comments such as “check him out” or even negative sounds such as barking will also qualify for harassment if they are unwelcome. Lets not forget the non verbal actions such as sucking noises, winks, or pelvic thrusts. These types of sexual sounds or gestures are also not appropriate.
  • We’ve given you examples of physical and verbal behaviors, but we must also realize that visual items can be harassing.

    The items we carry with us or in our desk space can also be harassing.

    Take a look at the picture. How many inappropriate items do you see on this desk? (7)

    Hopefully you were able to identify all seven. Here they are.  (one by one). Some of these are sexual and some of these are violent items that we should not have on our desks as they can be threatening and intimidating.
  • Pause - Age is another topic we need to be cautious about. We should not make fun of those who are much younger than us and say, you are so young you don’t even remember the Beach Boys. At the same time, jokes about an older generation should also be avoided.
  • Here are some of the common excuses a harasser might make, but none of these excuses are valid if harassment has occurred. (read slide)….
    Remember perception is everything. While these excuses may seem valid, it does not matter if the harasser did not mean to harass or had good intentions. If the victim, feels it is a hostile environment and any reasonable person could see that the behavior would create this environment, then it likely is harassment.
  • This is Duke… Duke has worked at our company for 2 years and works hard in the sales department.

    .  And this is Lucy. Duke meets Lucy at work on her first day when she gets her orientation tour.

     Duke asks Lucy on a date. Lucy says no. Duke continues to ask her for dates. Duke is persistent…. and so Lucy does what any dog would do that doesn’t like being harassed… she barks at him and tries to bite him…. And runs away 
  • … In this situation, what should Duke have done? What should Lucy have done?

     Well, clearly Lucy is not welcoming the invitation for a romantic relationship. Duke should not have continued to pursue her. Lucy who clearly felt uncomfortable should not have responded by attacking back, but should have reported the situation to her supervisor or the HR department. We’ll go into more details through today’s session, but this is just the beginning of the kinds of situations that we want to avoid at CLA
  •  Well The victim may be male or female….  the harasser may also be male or female. In a report done outside of CLA, 61% of men surveyed and 62% of women surveyed, said they had encountered sexual harassment in some form. As you can see harassment can come from all genders. It can be male on female, female on male, or even same gender. We typically think of harassment as male on female, but the number of male related claims are on the rise from the EEOC in recent years.

    The harasser or victim might be a supervisor,  it might be the store manager or another agent of the employer,  it might be a supervisor in another area,  or perhaps a co-worker, or  even a non-employee such as a customer. It can come from the elderly and the very young. And -… It can include minorities harassing other minority members in the same class.

    …it can be done in private, in public, through email, or even outside of the workplace – may include business trips, happy hours after work hours and it even includes Facebook.  Furthermore the victim doesn’t necessarily meant the person was harassed, but a victim can also be someone who was simply offended by the offense or a witness. The list could go on and on. I mean even one our favorite dogs in the store could potentially be held accountable… or rather the dog’s owner that is.

    Since Harassment can come from many people, it reiterates how important it is for us to use good judgment in all that we do and make sure the behavior is clearly appropriate and work related and…. nonoffensive.

    The CLA Way is a ZERO Harassment tolerance, regardless of the reason or the status of the person in the organization –

  • Stalking can consist of – excessive phone calls, obsessive behavior, and uninvited visits. Let’s not forget requests for dates and sending gifts when asked to stop are also behaviors we must avoid.

  • (((Sound Clip)))

    Now that you’ve learned about harassment, what are the next steps? (((PAUSE)))

    Well you should

    - Commit and contribute to our CLA free harassment.

     Review the CLA Handbook, specifically the harassment sections.

     To receive credit for this course you must click confirm on the acknowledgement button located in our CLA University. This will move your course to a passed status.

    And finally honor our CLA core values at all times,  which are Customer Service, Leadership, and Accountability. Remember at CLA our business lives by following our core values and doing the right thing. This means we need to be respectful of everyone at all times.