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The presentation of the franchise TONUS-CLUB


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The presentation of the franchise TONUS-CLUB

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The presentation of the franchise TONUS-CLUB

  2. 2. WOMEN ONLY HEALTH CLUBS Elena Berezhnaya Olympic champion in figure ska ng Russian school of figure ska ng is among the very best in the world. This is why we invited Olympic Ska ng Champion and very happy mother of two children Ms Elena Berezhnaya to join our health club, and see whether our equipment range in conjunc on with our SMART training system could deliver the results. Elena was so impressed with the outcome, she became our brand ambassador. Today Elena con nues to a end TONUS CLUB regularly; she o en offers valuable recommenda ons to our team on the further improvements TRUSTED AND ENDORSED BY THE OLYMPIC CHAMPION 1
  3. 3. A WORD FROM OUR CO-FOUNDERS Now is the best me to start your own business. Not just any business, but the healthiest one on the planet. Back in 2002 we decided to introduce en rely new concept to the well-established fitness industry, and so we opened the very first TONUS CLUB inSt.Petersburg,Russia. Ourinnova vefranchisingconceptisbasedonextremelysuccessfuland me-provenbusinessmodel. A growing number of women are keen to lose weight and get fit, but simply feel too in midated by the prospect of joining a conven onal gym or health club. Each TONUS CLUB is essen ally a bou que wellness studio, providing comprehensive, stress- free solu on for a woman of any age, regardless of her current fitness level. Over the past 10 years, nearly 1 000000 women residing in 9 different countries have had the opportunity to experience TONUS CLUB. Together with our esteemed business partners,theyarethekeytooursuccessandcon nueddevelopment. We are very proud that today, 14 years since the incep on, TONUS CLUB has the biggest network of women-only health clubs opera ng in Russia. Holding #1 posi on is always challenging in a compe ve market, but we discovered and perfected truly unique format, where any woman can actually enjoy the me she spends at the health club achieving her personal goals, whetherinweight-loss,physicalfitnessorgeneralwellbeing. “Smart,nothard”isourphilosophyforexerciseandwellness. Wearenotlikeothers.Ourbusinesswascreatedbywomen,forthewomen,henceitisdes nedforthesuccessandprosperity! Elena Korostyleva and Irina Chirva TONUS CLUB CO-FOUNDERS WOMEN ONLY HEALTH CLUBS BOARD MEMBERS OF RUSSIAN FRANCHISE ASSOCIATION 2
  4. 4. TONUS CLUB is the first of its kind and the ONLY health club for women offering strictly individual training system based on science Innova ve Health Club format, that is 7 mes more effec ve than your standard fitness rou ne Year a er year TONUS CLUB franchise is being listed among Top-3 most popular franchising concepts in Russia. 60% of women who followed our ‘SMART- training’ process were able to reach their personal objec ves within the first 3 months. WOMEN ONLY HEALTH CLUBS TONUS CLUB® FRANCHISING: “WE ARE NOT LIKE OTHERS” TONUS CLUB is about relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere normally associated with a bou que wellness studio or a day spa, therefore we were able to unlock new demand from women who had never before considering "joining the gym" Our gentle exercise solu on is specifically designed to accommodate every woman at any age. This allows you to increase your target market to include the 40+ women, which is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing niche segment 3
  5. 5. WHAT REALLY MAKES US DIFFERENT? WOMEN ONLY HEALTH CLUBS Other fitness clubs with their much adver sed 30 minutes workout sessions are mainly focused on the needs of extremely busy women. Our priori es are very different. On the average, our ladies spend 1,5 to 2 hours at TONUS CLUB - no wonder nearly 70% of them renew their ini al membership. Why? Because they enjoy it! Very rarely woman’s individual characteris cs, personal objec ves, special needs and age factor are taken into considera on by a fitness club, unless you hire a personal trainer. “SMART” training system combines the proven effec veness of the toning table exercise with vacuum and compression therapy delivering revolu onary, highly effec ve body-sculp ng solu on. Depending on the type of objec ve our Club member wishes to achieve, this fully automated system may also prescribe other elements, such as far infrared body wrapping, roller massage exercise machinery or any other stress-free equipment available at your TONUS CLUB studio. As the propor on and number of ‘ me-rich and cash-rich’ customers rises, sooner or later fitness industry is going to capitalise on the opportuni es this will provide. At TONUS CLUB we are already ahead of the game, being the only European franchising concept in fitness, that is specifically targe ng 50+ segment. 4
  7. 7. WOMEN ONLY HEALTH CLUBS ENJOYABLE. SMART. EFFECTIVE Proven, me-testedequipmentrangedeliveringcomprehensivesolu onguaranteedtobenefit awomanofanyage 6
  8. 8. WOMEN ONLY HEALTH CLUBS TONUS CLUB GUARANTEES A GOOD SHAPE! Before A er TONUS CLUB helped me to change completely! Now I am in a good shape and more self-assured. I got over my fears and achieved the main goal – healthy and beau ful body! Victoria, 45 7
  9. 9. WOMEN ONLY HEALTH CLUBS TONUS CLUB® FRANCHISING. IT’S HEALTHY AND IT’S WORKING. We’ve got everything you need. And we share. With every new TONUS CLUB owner we share everything we’ve learned, all the challenges we had to overcome, all the valuable ideas that helped our partners to succeed. Over the past 10 year, as our network con nued to expand, we’ve accumulated the knowledge and exper se to perfect our business model to the point, where we can guide you all the way through your business endeavor. Assistance with loca on selec on Detailed review of the premises by our experts Two-stage training process for proprietors and staff Personal start-up manager Help with design and equipment selec on Step by step Pre-Opening plan developed and implemented Individual marke ng plan for your loca on Personal manager from Support Team Con nuous training and workshops Franchisee Summit Franchisee benefits: 8
  10. 10. 1. What are the size requirements for a TONUS CLUB studio? A typical TONUS CLUB studio is ranging 120 to 250 sq. meters in size. 2. Do you offer training? Our Training Academy has been working for over 10 years, to provide constant support and exper se to Club owners, Club managers and staff. Our dedicated start-up manager is always working side-by-side with every new franchise, especially during the pre-opening phases , while our marke ng experts are assis ng in drawing up most effec ve marke ng strategy suited for your par cular loca on. 3. Do I need to have prior experience in fitness/wellness industry to become a franchisee? No. Many TONUS CLUB owners have no prior experience in business whatsoever. As we measure our performance by your results, we assist you with each step along the way – from loca on selec on to staff hiring and training. 4. What are the ongoing royalty fees a franchisee must pay? Based on our experience, we know that your income level is going to rise, so our Royalty amount is fixed once and for all in our Franchising Agreement. That means you can plan be er without worrying that royalty fees are increased alongside with your profit margins. 5. What is my earning poten al with TONUS CLUB? There are many factors affec ng any Health Club’s ability to generate healthy income. Loca on, opera ng costs, financing terms, your entrepreneurial skills and talents. Another important factor is the level of your personal involvement in managing the business as well as the corresponding sales process. Competency level of your staff, their sales and communica on skills can also play important role in ge ng the most out of your TONUS CLUB studio. On the average, our franchisees are earning 70€-100€ from each sq. meter WOMEN ONLY HEALTH CLUBS Q&A 9
  11. 11. TONUS-CLUB® Orenburg demonstrates good stability. 175 membercardsweresoldbeforeopeningoftheclub! There is no magic in the success of the club: I just took note of everythingthatwassaidontraining. Plus I had a very strong desire to implement the project. I believed, and s ll believe with all my heart that the system we proposeisveryefficientandreallyhelpswomen! NataliaZabudskii,Orenburg WOMEN ONLY HEALTH CLUBS REVIEWS TONUS-CLUB® Novorossiysk - one of the first clubs in the chain (running since 2009). During this me the club has acquired a sufficiently large customer base and deserved a good reputa on! The success of the club depends on the staff. Employees in Novorossiysk work with enthusiasm. Women recommend us to friends. The brand is well known in Russia, so everyone who works in TONUS-CLUB®feelsasenseofpridebelongingtothechain. ArtemPedorin,Novorossiysk Julia Potsipko - one of the most ac ve franchisees in our network!In3yearssheopened4clubsinSaratovandEngels. To achieve such success in business I certainly had to learn a lot and to work hard. But when you develop within a large chain, a numberofissuessolvemucheasierandmoreefficient. I like my job and the fact that it brings not only opportunity to helpotherpeople,butalsofinancialindependence! JuliaPotsipko,Saratov Ekaterinburgisthe4thcityinachain.IgorPenyaginbecamethe first franchisee in the city. Two clubs were open on "St. Valen ne'sDay"! I like democra c character of a format of the TONUS-CLUB®. This club is suitable for every woman. I decided to open club despite the lack of experience in a «services sector».Many inhabitants of the area visited the opening ceremony. To my astonishment, we were supported by clients of TONUS-CLUB® fromotherci es.Itshowsthehugepopularityofabrand. IgorPenyagin,Ekaterinburg 10
  12. 12. SAVE UP TO 5100 EUR ON FRANCHISE FEE Learn more on Call: +79817438955 (WhatsApp, VIBER), Skype: TONUS CLUB HEAD OFFICE E-mail: