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Open source Social Media - CICT Draft 001


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Introductory notes.


Published in: Data & Analytics
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Open source Social Media - CICT Draft 001

  1. 1. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: So Old.
  2. 2. They are businesses and their business is selling your personal information. That’s “a feature, not a bug.”
  3. 3. It’s a great way for your parents, your teacher, your boss to watch you. (Who here has 2nd account?)
  4. 4. Dangers of Social Media (or)
  5. 5. Open Source Social Media
  6. 6. • IMAGINE IF: • You could run Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, other apps ON YOUR OWN COMPUTER • IMAGINE IF: • You could get Instagram updates on Facebook or Twitter. That you could connect them, publish from one to the other. Welcome to the universe of ‘Federated Media’ or ‘The Fediverse’.
  7. 7. (But! Not a lot of phone apps, yet.)
  8. 8. Live Demo Federated Media
  9. 9. Closed Source vs. Open Source: Facebook = Diaspora, Friendica (and GNU Social,, Hubzilla) Twitter = Mastodon (popular!), Pleroma for short messages Instagram = Pixabay YouTube = PeerTube SoundCloud = Funkwhale The fun part: they cross connect!
  10. 10. Let’s back up a little bit: • Short updates with pictures, text are called ‘microblogging’. • Social media is basically • 1. ‘microblogging’ with pictures, video, sound and • 2. Connecting users. • Open Source social media connects users ACROSS different services, different sites in a way that business social media cannot. • Because it is open source, you can choose any server.
  11. 11. Downside of Open Source Social Media • Everyone’s on Facebook every day, all day, forever why don’t they stop • Almost no phone apps! • Sign-up is not in one place, you need to pick your server -- ‘instance’
  12. 12.
  13. 13. You connect by signing up on a server called an ‘instance’ I use Twitter a lot for news, so I’m testing out Mastodon.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Instances – (servers) can be fun though
  16. 16. There’s a lot! Let’s test it out. (Cross server Connections)
  17. 17. “Nomadic Identity” You can leave one server and TAKE your posts with you. (New feature.) Your posts are your creative content. I learned this “the hard way” when I turned a Facebook Group into a web site. I paid to copy the posts and format into a web site. by-hubzilla-67eadce13c3b
  18. 18. Case Study: Moving Your posts
  19. 19. Diaspora (2010) has lasted longer than Google Plus (2011)
  20. 20. Links from this talk: