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What's New with Ivanti Automation 2020

  1. 1. Copyright © 2020 Ivanti. All rights reserved.Copyright © 2020 Ivanti. All rights reserved. 2020 Releases What’s New with Ivanti Automation
  2. 2. Copyright © 2020 Ivanti. All rights reserved. Housekeeping ▪ We are recording for later review ▪ If you have audio problems, please message Momentum ▪ You’re in listen only mode ▪ Q&A / Chat for questions ▪ Survey after the webinar ▪ Once you leave the webinar, please click the link to the Survey
  3. 3. Ivanti Automation Source: Gartner Automation Lightweight, secure and efficient automation platform enabling customers to integrate with any system
  4. 4. Ivanti Automation Source: Gartner AutomationO n b o a r d U s e r AD account Mailbox AD Groups Create account Assign rights Create account Assign rights Access ftp Deploy Software S e r v i c e R e q u e s t
  5. 5. Approvals License Optimizer check Software automatically deployed / License position updated Self Service Catalog Request End User needs new software Automated Software Request
  6. 6. Deploy software / server config (DC, SQL, IIS) Virtual resources provisioned and access granted to requester Ongoing VM management / maintences User requests VMs from Self Service Portal Provisioning of Virtual Machines
  7. 7. Product Strategy Optimizing Administrator experience with new template libraries, reporting and analytics Extend integration tools & APIs enabling Ivanti, partners and customers to leverage Automation in their solutions Expand Automation connector library, deliver prebuilt templates focused on key verticals Deliver best in class enablement training to our teams and customers
  8. 8. Ivanti Automation Product Roadmap – Objective Map Q3 2021Q4 2020 Q1 2021 Q2 2021 Grow Automation Usage OUTCOME TIME FRAME Integrate Ivanti and Beyond Unify IT Improve usability & expand features of core technology Extend ecosystem of connector & ability to integrate Key technology enabling Ivanti Portfolio
  9. 9. 2020.0 Released January 23d 2020 • View trace content in Console • New task for changing team membership for agents • New task to query team membership • Enhanced the Dispatcher WebAPI functionality (remove an agent from environment, change team membership, retrieve output parameters for a job) • Release notes
  10. 10. View trace content in Console (2020.0/1) Agent traces can be activated, obtained, and deactivated from Console. . The trace content is transferred and saved in the database server in a compressed format.
  11. 11. Team Membership tasks (2020.0) 1. A new task was introduced to change team membership for the configured agent(s). 2. New task was introduced to query the agents that are members of the specified team(s).
  12. 12. Enhanced the Dispatcher WebAPI functionality (2020.0) 1. Remove an agent from environment 2. Change team membership 3. Retrieve output parameters for a job
  13. 13. 2020.1 Released April 23d 2020 • Data compression for active jobs and job history • Added support for a new licensing method (prototype) • New Linux agents were added - SUSE v15.1 (ppc64le), CentOS v7 and v8, RedHat v8 (x86, x86/64, and ppc64le) • Extended the “View trace content in Console” functionality • Search by GUID in the Library view • Custom job invoker in Dispatcher webAPI • Tree-view like global variables menu • Evaluator for Local User task • Extend Firewall task to accept port ranges • Enhanced the WebService Invoke task • Invoke Web Service - Allow dynamic Host name • Improved search for agents • Various database improvements
  14. 14. Support Ivanti License Server (2020.1) We have introduced a new tab, Ivanti License Server, where the user can configure the settings for a new licensing method.
  15. 15. Tree-view like global variables menu (2020.1) If the number of global variables is greater then 20, the context menu in various places (like tasks) will no longer present the list of global variables. Instead, you can click the See more... context menu option to show a tree-view list of global variables
  16. 16. Evaluator for Local User task (2020.1) The evaluator tab was introduced for the "Local User (Query)" task. You now can set the output of the query to a parameter
  17. 17. Invoke Web Service (2020.1) 1. Support additional authentication methods: Negotiate & NTLM User. 2. Support dynamic host name. Allows modules built using the Web service task to be portable.
  18. 18. 2020.2 Released July 23d 2020 • GDPR search and replace in Console • Filter job results • Secondary database password • Preserve job result views in Console • Copy-paste task, Add (task, module, project, job) and Duplicate (task, module, project, job) • Added support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and SUSE 15 x86_64 Linux agents
  19. 19. GDPR search and replace in Console (2020.2) Console users can search and/or replace strings from the Job History. This was initially implemented as a command line option in processor.exe. To make this easier, we added a GDPR button the Console's Job History view, since the main purpose for this view is to anonymize data in the Job History content. The only input required is the search string. Note that the operation can take a while depending on the size of the Job History content. Once the search is complete, you can review the search results by clicking the Results button.
  20. 20. Filter job results (2020.1) Console users can filter the entire Job History based on the same table headers present in the Job History view. There are some filtering capabilities in the Job History view also, but those apply only to the entries from the current page, while the new filtering will apply to the entire Job History. Combine the filter criteria as needed and click OK to view the filtered entries.
  21. 21. Preserve job result views in Console (2020.2) The Job results details window will preserve its settings, if modified. Until 2020.2, each time the job results details window was opened, a standard layout was used. Starting with 2020.2, each change to the job history details window will be saved for each job source and the Console user will not need to re-arrange the columns in the Tasks or Agents tabs
  22. 22. 2020.3 Released October 26th 2020 • PowerShell Core support for Windows • Filter in Audit Trail view • Add agents to teams based on new rules (AD Group, AD OU, environment variable) • Windows version and build number info in Topology views • Linux/Unix/MacOS download resource task optimization • The Printers (Query) and Registry Settings (Query) tasks now support evaluators • Tasklet Editor (Preview feature)
  23. 23. PowerShell Core support for Windows (2020.3) A new task to support PowerShell Core (7.1) was created. Its available only for Windows agent for now. We will add support for Linux/MacOS also in the next release.
  24. 24. Add agents to teams based on new rules (2020.3) Three new rules were added to the automatic agent to team membership. If the agent is part of a particular AD Group or OU or has defined a specific system environment variable, the agent will automatically join the team. These rules will be evaluated once each 24 hours to better reflect the AD computer state in AD.
  25. 25. The Printers (Query) and Registry Settings (Query) tasks now support evaluators (2020.3) Before 2020.3, these tasks did not support applying evaluator logic on the returned data. They now have an Evaluator tab.
  26. 26. Tasklet Editor (Preview feature) (2020.3)
  27. 27. Connectors
  28. 28. 2020 Connectors Examples Ivanti Security Controls Ivanti Endpoint Manager Twilio G-Suite User Management Jira Slack – User Management
  29. 29. Ivanti Marketplace (
  30. 30. Ivanti Automation UEMITSM ITAM Identity Security “Enterprise” Includes Standard, plus… All external 3rdparty connectors (SFDC, ServiceNow, IBM etc), Marketplace automation connectors Enables Unified IT Integration beyond Ivanti products “Standard” Inclusive to all Ivanti customers All Ivanti product connectors Enables Unified IT vision with Ivanti products
  32. 32. n-powered-by-res Automation-revision-download-links
  33. 33. enhancement-requests
  34. 34. Q&A
  35. 35. Copyright © 2020 Ivanti. All rights reserved. REMINDER… Leave a Review at Gartner Peer Insights Share your love of Ivanti products with your peers!
  36. 36. Copyright © 2020 Ivanti. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2020 Ivanti. All rights reserved. Thank You!