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Social Tech April 5 Intro


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Social Tech April 5 Intro

  1. 1. social technology, day 1 In which we do an experiment, talk about the course requirements, and develop rules for social objects. And eat dinner (optional).
  2. 2. the experiment talk to a stranger get two strangers talking to each other make an object that gets two strangers talking to each other document it (text, photo, video, twitter #strangemuse) text me when you get to part three with your location 831.331.5460 be safe and respectful
  3. 3. what gets you talking to strangers? extraordinary events intriguing accessories (dog, baby, balloons, knitting) confusing or frustrating situations shared experience of a surprise or secret specific instructions/unusual rules personal need what else? HTTP://MUSEUMTWO.BLOGSPOT.COM/2008/07/STRANGER-ENCOUNTERS-CONDITIONS-FOR.HTML
  4. 4. course information
  5. 5. two goals 1. learn something marketable 2. do something original
  6. 6. two goals 1. learn something marketable 2. do something original INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL MEDIA PROJECT FOR A REAL MUSEUM CLIENT ASSIGNED APRIL 26 PRESENTATIONS JUNE 8 FINAL REPORT DUE JUNE 12
  7. 7. two goals 1. learn something marketable 2. do something original GROUP EXHIBIT PROJECT TO CREATE A SOCIAL EXHIBIT STARTS TODAY WHOLE TEAM PROJECT EXHIBITION OPEN JUNE 5-7ISH
  8. 8. other expectations 1. read books groundswell (required) here comes everybody, taking on the system, convergence culture, or born digital 2. blog every week ( 3. read and tag online content of interest 4. comment on online content every week
  9. 9. ways to reach me: phone / 831.331.5460 email / twitter / ninaksimon facebook, flickr, linkedin MW2009, AAM, C2
  10. 10. social object theory
  11. 11. Third places quot;host the regular, voluntary, informal, and happily anticipated gatherings of individuals beyond the realms of home and work.quot; (Ray Oldenberg, 1989)
  12. 12. “social networks consist of people who are connected by a shared object” (Jyri Engeström, 2005) HTTP://WWW.ZENGESTROM.COM/BLOG/2005/04/WHY_SOME_SOCIAL.HTML
  13. 13. what do social objects look like? videos conversations secrets
  14. 14. museums are also organized around objects...
  15. 15. but museum objects are not designed to be social objects. i’m trying to change that. HTTP://MUSEUMTWO.BLOGSPOT.COM/2008/09/EXHIBITS-AND-ARTIFACTS-AS-SOCIAL.HTML
  16. 16. lots of different museums are trying this... monterey bay aquarium boston children’s museum museum of life and science brooklyn museum oakland museum calgary science center ontario science centre chabot space science center art gallery of ontario chicago history museum san jose museum of art columbus museum of science and industry science museum of minnesota denver art museum SFMOMA denver community museum st. louis science center levine museum of the new south the wild center minnesota history center
  17. 17. but change isn’t easy.
  18. 18. curators feel threatened TRADITIONAL FUTURE Authority is content provider Authority is platform provider
  19. 19. visitors don’t mix
  20. 20. empty terms in museum mission statements: “safe space for difficult conversations” “town square for civic engagement” “commitment to community engagement”
  21. 21. our job: make a model that demonstrates that this is possible
  22. 22. what are the rules that govern social objects?
  24. 24. what rules do we need to make museum-ish social objects?