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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Lesson 1 Завдання до уроку з теми “Human variability” Students have to read the definitions and be ready to fill in the chart, defining the characteristics as inherited or environmental. Human variability Human variability, or human variation, is the range of possible values for any characteristic, physical or mental of human beings. Inherited and non-inherited Characteristics Inherited (heritable) characteristics are those traits which are passed on to offspring directly from their parents. These traits are passed on by way of the genetic material that is combined from the parents during the process of sexual reproduction. Heritable traits include, structural and distinguishing characteristics, such as eye colour, hair type, skin color and earlobes. Non-inherited characteristics are acquired and not necessarily passed on from generation to generation. Athleticism, artistic ability, leadership qualities are all learned during the early years of life. Environmental Variation Environmental variation is the ability of an organism to alter greatly its phenotype depending upon environmental conditions.
  2. 2. TASK 1: Students have to decide if a characteristic is an example of inherited or environmental variations Copy these variations and write if they are inherited or environmental: Hair colour( natural) Hair length Language Eye colour Gender Weight Skin colour Religion Form of the ears Tattoos Keys Hair colour( natural) Inherited Hair length Environmental Language Environmental Eye colour Inherited Gender Inherited Weight Environmental Skin colour Inherited Religion Environmental Form of the ears Inherited Tattoos Environmental Task 2 Let’s try and make up a short summing up. Fill the gaps with the following words: environmental factors, physical, culture, habitat, genetic variation, genes, variability, Human variability and its variations Human __________, or human variation, is the range of possible values for any characteristic, __________ or mental of human beings. _________________ is a variation due to _________ inherited from the parents. Environmental variation is a variation caused by ____________________ such as __________, climate, __________, or competition from other species.