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Deciphering the data recruiting benchmarks for 2020

Metrics Are Your Friend
As a recruiter, you probably have a love-hate relationship with metrics.
It’s okay, we get it.

That’s why we’re opening this informative session. We’ll cover the latest recruiting benchmarks, complete with live Q&A and actionable takeaways you can use the moment you leave class.


Nick Bushak, Co-Founder & CTO at Gem, will analyze and explain the latest benchmark metrics. He’ll take you for a walk through each stage of the recruiting funnel. And he’ll decipher how the data has shifted since COVID-19 hit the U.S., offering guidance for where to start if your numbers aren’t up to par.

In other words, you’re going to mend some bridges with your metrics and learn how to utilize the data at its greatest capacity.

And hey, that’s what data is for, right?

​So let’s do it.

Here’s what you’re going to learn.
How to catapult your open and reply rates for your outreach.

We will dig into averages and show you how to do better.
We will talk about the “hard to fill” reqs.

What roles are you most (and least) likely to see responses for?
And how should you position your messaging to move your prospect to the next step?
How to systematically structure your recruitment funnel to set goals, targets, and deliver on your expected outcomes.

This data was drawn from over 1 million outreach emails and nearly 600,000 candidates who entered the process through Gem’s customers.

We’re talking solid metrics and real insight – benchmarks that will help talent acquisition teams gauge true hiring success against industry standards.

So, are you ready to learn? Great.

See you there.

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Deciphering the data recruiting benchmarks for 2020

  1. 1. Deciphering the Data: Recruiting Benchmarks for 2020
  2. 2. Meet the Presenter Nick Bushak Co-Founder & CTO, Gem
  3. 3. Agenda Why Benchmarking Matters Outreach Stats Passthrough Rates Q&A
  4. 4. Methodology
  5. 5. Why Does Benchmarking Matter?
  6. 6. Does your recruiting organization currently measure recruiting performance against benchmarks? Audience Poll
  7. 7. Why Measure? • Gauge success of sourcing • Understand funnel health • Forecast hiring outcomes
  8. 8. Why Benchmark? • Find out where you’re under-performing • Identify important trends • Uncover pain points • Implement changes or justify investments to improve
  9. 9. What Can Benchmarks Tell Me? Outreach • Average open rates • Average reply rates • Response rates by role Pipeline • # of Candidates needed for 1 hire • Conversion rates at each stage of the funnel
  10. 10. Outreach Benchmarks
  11. 11. Email Open Rates For a three-stage email sequence, average open rates are: 87% Composite Average 91% Small Companies 85% Medium & Large Companies
  12. 12. Email Open Rates
  13. 13. Email Reply Rates For a three-stage email sequence, average reply rates are: 38% Small Companies 40% Medium-sized Companies 49% Large Companies
  14. 14. Email Reply Rates
  15. 15. Recruiting During Covid-19
  16. 16. Is your recruiting team building pipeline right now? Audience Poll
  17. 17. Outreach Down During COVID • Recruiter outreach is down nearly 20% • 55% drop in outreach for sales/success/biz roles • 18% drop in outreach for Engineering roles in the U.S.
  18. 18. Reply Rates Up During COVID Sales/Success/Biz roles: +20% Engineering roles: +14% Product/Design: +9%
  19. 19. Passthrough Benchmarks
  20. 20. Passthrough Rates
  21. 21. Aggregate Passthrough Rates
  22. 22. Passthrough Rate Phone Screen → Onsite 40% of phone screens lead to an onsite
  23. 23. Passthrough Rate Phone Screen → Offer Extended 50% of onsites lead to an offer extend
  24. 24. Passthrough Rate Phone Screen → Offer Accept 75% of offers extended lead to a offer accepted
  25. 25. What stage of the recruiting funnel is the biggest challenge for your organization? Audience Poll
  26. 26. Passthrough Rates by Company Size Small Companies Large Companies
  27. 27. Offer Accept Rate by Company Size 5% 1-249 FTE 9% 1,000+ FTE 10% 250 - 999 FTE
  28. 28. Offer-Accept Rates by Company Location 5% Accept Offers 10% Accept Offers 12% Accept Offers Company HQ Elsewhere
  29. 29. Passthrough Rates by Gender 2x As many male candidates enter process as female
  30. 30. Passthrough Rates by Gender Female Male 45% 40%
  31. 31. Passthrough Rates by Department
  32. 32. How Gem Can Help
  33. 33. Outreach Stats
  34. 34. Content Stats
  35. 35. Pipeline Analytics
  36. 36. How Gem Can Help Gem’s product is capturing that data for Dropbox for the first time ever. Now that we have top-of-funnel data, we have much better insights into which parts of the funnel to optimize. We can focus on what matters because Gem is in the background, contributing the numbers. Which for us means unlocking both time and insights. Mike Moriarty, Director of Technical Staffing
  37. 37. Are you interested in a Gem demo? Audience Poll
  38. 38. Q & A
  39. 39. Thank You