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Planning your f iori elements project

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Presentation in SIT CPH 2019.5.4
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Planning your f iori elements project

  1. 1. Planning your Fiori Elements Project by Steve Guo in SIT CPH 04.05.2019
  2. 2. Introduction of Steve Guo Name: Steve Guo / GUO ZHIJIA / 郭之嘉 Live Billund, Denmark since Dec,2018 and came from Beijing, China Work at as Solution Architect Experience: 13 years enterprise IT, 5 years as SAP Full-stack developer from design to delivery, 3 years as professional trainer and architect • SCN:@steveguo1984 • • Twitter:@steveguo1984 • LinkedIn:
  3. 3. Contents • What is SAP Fiori Elements • Why using Fiori Elements • What prevent using Fiori Elements • Key factors for success of using Fiori Elements in large scale • Transparency • Challenges and constrains • Dual model UX • Solid skill • When do you get most benefits from Fiori Elements?
  4. 4. What is Fiori Elements • Fiori Elements is a metadata driven development technology for Enterprise to build mobile first applications rapidly for commonly daily task • It is available in late 2016 and now we can say it is mature • Fiori Elements is highly used in S/4 HANA. 485 of 1290 apps in S/4 HANA 1809 are developed using Fiori Elements 485 514 291 Apps by technology in S/4 HANA 1809 Fiori Elememts Free Style SAPUI5 Other The data came from analysis from data in SAP Fiori Apps Library Also consider: 1.SAP standard app generally more complex than custom development apps 2.SAP started Fiori Elements in 2016 while there is already several hundreds of free style apps
  5. 5. Architecture of Fiori Elements Customer SAP Design Time Runtime Smart Template Customization Extension Annotation Adaption Fiori Elements App
  6. 6. Fiori Elements – Architecture Detail • Smart Template • Several non-modifiable template provide by SAP for common patterns for enterprise application • Customization • Customize basic settings in a configuration file, such as the url of backend api • Extension • Hybrid custom code with standard code in certain area. Such as custom column in table, custom action button in toolbar  Annotation  Supplementary information for data. Tell the template how to consume data. Like which fields should add to the table, where the value help of the field comes from?  Adaption  Change display and field arrangement at runtime. It can performed by developer or even key user. Like hide fields, change sequence, change label, change properties of UI control
  7. 7. Scenarios Supported by Fiori Elements List Report + Object Page ALV Like reporting with a detail page Table in detail page for navigating to next level CRUD function is enabled if it is supported by the backend Extendable content area, filter bar, and custom actions Fully responsible
  8. 8. Scenarios Supported by Fiori Elements Analysis List Page Display chart and table together For analysis based on a detail level data set Optional to navigate to Object Page
  9. 9. Scenarios Supported by Fiori Elements Object Page Fully responsible dashboard arranged by as set cards with different types Flexibility of define custom navigation to detail page and custom card type Global filter can used to filter data for all cards
  10. 10. Why using Fiori Elements? • Faster Deliver Business Value – days to weeks • Lower Development Cost – reduced team size • Unified User Experience • Higher Quality and Flexibility – pre defined integration test, highly customizable and adaptable. • Free update from templates
  11. 11. What prevent using Fiori Elements? • “Our system is not up to date” • “I am afraid that user have requirements that Fiori Elements can’t do in the future, even it looks good now” • “The template looks not like result of user research” • “Many developers can do simple developer, but expert is rare” • “I don’t want to be locked by this technology”
  12. 12. Key factors for success of using Fiori Elements in large scale • Transparency • Challenges and constrains • Dual model UX • Solid skill
  13. 13. Transparency • Highly trust and transparency should been set up among Vender, Customer and End User about • What is is • How it works • How much effort can be saved using Fiori Elements • The possibility of future constrains
  14. 14. Challenges and constrains • System requirements • Front End ( For front-end part, you always have a workaround ) • Start from ABAP 7.50 as Smart Template (SAPUI5 1.38, 2015) • In ABAP 7.51 get mature and change name to Fiori Elements (SAPUI5 1.44, 2016) • In ABAP 7.52 Fiori Elements (SAPUI5 1.52, 2017) – my suggested lowest version • In ABAP 7.53 Fiori Elements (SAPUI5 1.60, 2018) – my suggested version • Also support in SAP Cloud Portal • Not support OPEN UI5 • Work arounds: • Link to new SAPUI5 library in old SAP version
  15. 15. Challenges and constrains • System requirements • Back End ( For back end part, some constrains existed ) • Basic reporting function generally works on any SAP system that have SAP Gateway, you can write annotation in 3 ways • Any version: Local Annotation in SAPUI5 app • Annotation Model using SEGW: Any abap system have SEGW • SADL( Annotation from CDS ) : ABAP system >= 7.50 • `CRUD Function is only support by ABAP >= 7.51 • In ABAP 7.51, Constrains due to lack of draft support [ Those also apply to current ABAP Cloud] • No durable lock • For multi level object, you need to save before add or delete subitem • For non-hana based system, use of analytical list page and over view page is not recommend • Work around for backend • Implementation odata service manually and make it it functional like the auto generated service
  16. 16. Challenges and constrains • Transaction – CURD • Can’t change the position and look and feel for basic create/delete/edit/save/cancel button • Only display original value in edit mode • Solution: custom smart control/ read only text field in the form / wait for new feature in near future • Limited control type and only simple layout supported • Solution: Override facets in the screen by extension • Multiple value input • Solution: Save it as comma separated list and manually process the transformation with multi input control
  17. 17. Challenges and constrains • Analysis • No pivot table support • Support of charts are quite basic • No relation between charts in one view • Limited data source type compare to analytic products • Don’t support planning scenarios • Solution: • Only stick on operational analytical scenarios • Use in connection with Analytic Solution, such as BO, Analytic Cloud and Smart Business
  18. 18. Dual Model UX for Custom Development • Innovation • Design thinking and design lead development from scratch • Advanced scenarios that need cutting edge, unique user experience • Normally it is supported by large amount of basic apps.  Foundation  Custom business process match standardized interactive pattern  Let user understand the template before user research  Gap analysis instead of design the whole prototype  Core Concept  Any custom development is the combination of building foundation as well as innovation apps  20% of screens are supported by 80% basic screens for making a system mature  Most innovation of Enterprise IT will finally lead user to a basic screen  We should accelerate the speed of building foundation and put more effort on innovation
  19. 19. Build solid skill for Fiori Elements • SAPUI5 • MVC, DataBinding, ODataModel, Extension • Learn OData Annotation in Control Level • SmartField, SmartForm,SmartTable,SmartFilterBar,SmartChar • Understanding OData V4 Annotation • Translate between OData V4 Annotation and CDS Annotation • Fiori Elements specific document • SAPUI5 SDK • ABAP Programming for Fiori / ABAP RAP
  20. 20. When do you get most benefits from Fiori Elements? • General Consideration for the right time for Fiori Elements • Use it for apps for internal user • For users that have chance to use many different function in system ( power user ) • Consideration by Function • Reporting: Works perfect in almost all reporting case. Flexibility, highly customized table, variant management and sharing the link are generally liked by end user • Configuration and Maintenance for administrator / power users. Fiori Elements can develop those app very fast, the UX is good enough for those users • Regular transactions (CURD): Implement with high extended Object Page, higher effort but is still much lower than free-style • Dashboard and analysis application based on transaction data from a single system
  21. 21. Summary • Fiori Elements have great value for enterprise • But it is not a core for all case • Use it hybrid with other approach to get most benefits • Keep trust and transparent across all roles about the facts • Prepare knowledge before use it, learn before doing
  22. 22. May the force be with you SCN:@steveguo1984 Twitter:@steveguo1984 LinkedIn: