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Side Hustle Panel | SXSW 2020


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Side hustling is not for the faint of heart. As a team of one, side hustlers have to manage the business, fundraise and market the product or service all outside the 9-to-5 hours. Despite the extra hours, side hustlers dedicate more years to their personal business than their full time job. According to HostGator’s Side Hustle Stars entries, side hustlers had been working on their side hustle for about 5 years, while full time employee tenure is about 4.2 years according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from Afie Braimoh and Calixto Garbriel Bravo on the challenges and successes they’ve faced as a side hustler over the past couple of years.

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Side Hustle Panel | SXSW 2020

  1. 1. Are side hustles the new constant means of employment? 5 years …. Average time a side hustler has been working on their business (based on HostGator’s Side Hustle Stars applicants) 4.2 years …. Median number of years employees stay at full time jobs… (according to Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  2. 2. For SXSW 2020, vote to hear why two side hustlers have stuck with their business and how they thrive both in their careers and side hustle.