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Compliance Consulting PRICE CHART


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Official pricing for KAAG consulting

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Compliance Consulting PRICE CHART

  1. 1. KAAG * * (404) 919-0660 COMPLIANCE CONSULTING & COMPLIANCE PRICING MODEL & TERMS Name of Service Tier 1- Small Company Plan Tier 2- Midsize Company Plan Tier 3- Growth Company Plan Cost Per Month $5,000.00 $10,000.00 $20,000.00 Hours of Legal/Business Work & Advice *No rollover to next month 10 20 30 Number of regulatory issues we will handle per month 1 2 3 Access to Dar’shun Kendrick via phone or email During normal business hours All the time EXCEPT for weekends and holidays Anytime, including after hours, weekends and holidays Auditing of compliance procedures and documents Semi-annually Quarterly Monthly *Flat fees do NOT include any fees or costs associated with consulting, including but not limited to, travel fees outside of metro-Atlanta 10 county area. Those are separate and can be negotiated separately.