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Why Good, Integrated Lease Data Matters to Your Business


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Robert White, President, WhiteStar Corporation.
Discusses best practices and strategies for efficient corporate lease mapping

Published in: Technology
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Why Good, Integrated Lease Data Matters to Your Business

  1. 1. Why Good, Integrated Lease Data Matters to Your Business Robert White President WhiteStar Corp
  2. 2. WhiteStar and DigitalGlobe • Two Year Partnership • Vectors + Rasters = Success • Bonus Layers Offered by WhiteStar in • Townships • Counties • 4,000,000 + Wellspots
  3. 3. Think About • Software Automation of Manual Workflows • Do Lease Data Support your Business? • Incomplete? How do you know? • Up-to-Date? How do you know? • Do Polygons Approximate Legal Descriptions? • Are Leases Mapped Incorrectly? • Is it an Ugly Map? • Is it Stored in a Real GIS Database?
  4. 4. Good Land/Lease Data… • Generates the Right Answer(s) • Enables Opportunities • Simplifies Due Diligence • Enhances Competitive Analysis • Reduces Risk • But Requires an Ongoing Commitment to Map and Maintain
  5. 5. Why Aren’t We There Yet? • “One Time” Budget Mindset • Confusion of Software and Data • No Commitment to Updates • Software Companies Selling Software • Churning of GIS Personnel and Expertise • Diverse, Competing Departments • Data Silos • Complexity Like This:
  6. 6. More Reasons “Southwest quarter of Southwest quarter (SW ¼ of SW ¼) and West Half of Southeast quarter of Southwest quarter (W½ SE¼ SW¼) of Section Eleven (11), Township Four (4) North of Range Eight (8) West, containing sixty (60) acres of land, more or less, together with the residence, garage, barns and garden used by J. H. Kurth, Jr. for the past ten (10) years, and also the garage building now being used as a pipe storage room, but there is excepted from this sale all other buildings and improvements on said property which are expressly reserved by the vendor.”
  7. 7. More Reasons 2 • Lots 6, 7, and the South ½ of Lot 3, West 60 feet of South ½ of Lot 4, West 60 feet of Lot 5 and Lot 8, Block 20, OLD SURVEY, Leesville, Vernon Parish, Louisiana.
  8. 8. Best Practices • Automate, Automate, Automate! • View Data + Software as Equal Halves • Define Workflows and do Pilot Projects • Budget Proportionately for Data • Budget for Updates • Software Should Fully Leverage Data • Avoid Building Your Own Software
  9. 9. Best Practices – Open/Free Data • What Purposes are Served by the Authors? • What is the Improvement Strategy? • What is the Error Reporting Mechanism? • Does it Support Your Strategic Plan? • If Streaming, Is it Here for the Long Term? • Did They Save the Hard Ones Until Later?
  10. 10. Quiz - Spot the Assumptions! “Show me the Working Interest in 5-T53N 69W” “What Features Have Changed in this Area?” “List Home Owners Within 100 ft of Our Pipeline.” “Calculate Property Values Affected by the Flood.” “What Acreage Remains in Ector County?” “Is our Facility in a Flood Plain?” “Are Poles on the Right Side of the Road?” “What does the Coastline Look Like?”
  11. 11. Summary • Data Should Support Business Processes • Collection • Analysis • Quality Control • Updates • GIS Projects Cry Out For Funded, Repeatable Processes Leading to More Accurate Data.
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  14. 14. Questions?