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College planning slides from the Guidance department

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Hsc presentation (1)

  1. 1. LGHS Guidance Presentation     Helpful Links Naviance Login - ( > Guidance > Naviance) Guidance Website - ( > Guidance) Parent Information Night Presentations, Grade Level Handouts, Videos, Materials, Sequence Charts, Elective Options, Graduation Requirements, School Profile, Course Descriptions, College & Career Center - ( > Guidance > College & Career Center) College Visits, Scholarships, Job Shadow Day, Summer Opportunities Assessments - :SAT, PSAT, AP exams : ACT College Information California Community Colleges: and California State University Systems: University of California: Common Application: 9th Grade Transition check-in meetings (fall). Four-year planning activity (spring). Individual check-ins to discuss course selections for 10th grade, and general high school goals. 10th Grade Strengths explorer activity in Naviance. Students provided with ‘personality profile’ based on survey (spring). Individual check-ins to discuss course selections for 11th grade, and ensure goals are being met. 11th Grade Junior post-high school timeline activity (fall). Career Interest activity in Naviance (spring). Individual check-ins to discuss course selections for 12th grade, discuss post- high school plans. 12th Grade Individual check-ins to ensure students are eligible for graduation and their post high school goals (fall). Support students with college application processes (all year). 9th Grade PIN - Graduation requirements - College entrance requirements - Typical college testing schedule 10th Grade PIN - Graduation requirements vs. college entrance requirements - Naviance - PSAT/SAT/ACT - College systems and entrance requirements - Executive functioning 11th Grade PIN - PSAT/SAT/ACT/ Subject Tests - Naviance college search - Executive functioning - Types of colleges and review requirements - Finding ‘fit’ 12th Grade PIN - College systems - Application process and deadlines - Testing dates - Online videos
  2. 2. é Graduation é Start of School College Timeline Nov Dec Jan Feb Apr JulyMar JuneMay Aug Aug Oct Nov Dec Feb MayJan AprMar JuneSep J u n i o r Y e a r S e n i o r Y e a r Name: _____________________________ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ é Attend College Info Night Visit Colleges Write Essays/Personal Statement Be Involved in Summer Activity é Finalize List of Colleges ë ì SAT/ACT for 2 nd time (if needed) Early App. to Private Colleges ê Commit to a College ê é Mail Final Transcript to College Visit Colleges Visit Colleges Submit Financial Aid Application Regular Decision Apps. Due ê Learn Outcome Of Early Apps. ê é UC/CSU App. Deadline Colleges Provide Acceptance Results Registration & Orientation for Community Colleges Register for è ACT/SAT