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Wednesday 8a.4-terra spectrum


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Trees and Utilities Conference 2017

Published in: Environment
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Wednesday 8a.4-terra spectrum

  1. 1. Trees & Utilities 2017 • Travis Yordi- Dir. Application Architecture • Nathan Jones- Technology Consultant
  2. 2. Innovation
  3. 3. Innovation
  4. 4. Innovation
  5. 5. Innovation
  6. 6. What Do These Things Have In Common? • All have shown us the vital role that innovation and technology play. • All have made the world a truly smaller place, exchange huge amounts of data • All have put incredible technology into the hands of masses, in a simple and easily digestible way
  7. 7. Utility Vegetation Management • In the past decade, software has emerged as a game changer for utility VM. • As tech develops, tendency toward highly complex and difficult to operate. • A rift developing between technology and field personnel (ultimate end user).
  8. 8. When Technology Outpaces the End User
  9. 9. Which One Are You? Or
  10. 10. Process Improvement
  11. 11. Automated Workflows
  12. 12. iOS Platform
  13. 13. Drag and Drop Interface
  14. 14. Digital Timesheets
  15. 15. Customized Reporting Tools