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FTMLS Brochure


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FTMLS Brochure

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FTMLS Brochure

  1. 1. FAST TRANSLATIONS AND MULTILANGUAGE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD expertise in variety of domains
  2. 2. CUSTOMER NEEDS COME FIRST We pride ourselves on delivering professional translation services on time and on budget. Our native language specialists give each translation project their dedicated attention and care, to ensure our clients satisfaction. If you are looking for a translation company that offers outstanding quality and affordable pricing, then look no further. Additionally, we take our clients confidentiality seriously to ensure complete privacy of your important business documents. Competitive Pricing Fast Turnaround Experience We recognize the importance of building and sustaining long- term relationships with our global clients, which is why all of our services are priced to suit both Small Businesses and Large Corporations. We tailor make our rates according to the job specification, enabling us to work with new businesses and Entrepreneurs. Deadlines can be time critical and we know that it´s not always possible to plan months in advance when a document needs to be translated. We also know that if deadlines are not met, business can be lost. We overcome this by bringing in additional man- power, to ensure that our work is produced and delivered in the shortest amount of time possible. Our translation team represents a harmonious blend of a rich wealth of knowledge, combined with extensive experience in the language translation sector. We have rigorous qualifying procedures, to ensure that we hire only the best linguists in order to eliminate the margin for potential errors in language translation.
  3. 3. Our company policy is simple: We strive to exceed your expectations by delivering outstanding results each and every time. Taking a collaborative approach to each project means we work with you, not just for you. 7REASONS TO CHOOSE US Confidentiality We handle sensitive documents with utmost privacy and care at all times Reliability We employ a multi step quality assurance system and project managers to guarantee customer satisfaction Reputation With over 20 years of experience in the translation industry, we have built up a solid base of clientele as well as an outstanding reputation. Variety No task is too small or too large. Our dedicated linguists can help you with everything from legal translation to Sales and Marketing copywriting. Customer Service There will always be someone available to update you on the status of your project, or answer any questions Accuracy All of our work is proof read before submission. Consistency We use the latest technology, which maintains consistency in terminology.
  4. 4. Our Company Philosophy At FTMLS we believe in the power of language to form long lasting relationships, as well as educating and informing people on a particular subject. Our promise to you is to produce a grammatically perfect translation, created by a native language specialist and thoroughly checked, so you never have to worry about errors.
  5. 5. FAST TRANSLATIONS AND MULTILANGUAGE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD expertise in variety of domains About Us FTMLS was founded in 2012 and has quickly become one of India’s leading professional translation agencies. We are a dynamic team of expert language professionals who recognize that the customer’s needs come first. Since FTMLS launched, we have rapidly expanded thanks to a combination of affordable, budget friendly pricing and producing the highest standard of translation work. Working on a wide range of projects with clients worldwide, from certified translations, brochures and multi lingual data entry to market research and much more, has allowed us to obtain a wealth of knowledge and gain extensive experience in the translation services sector. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, a professional translation service enables you to accurately communicate the services your business offers, in various languages to appeal to global counterparts. In order to succeed in the business world of today, expansion into international markets is key. Taking a proactive, enthusiastic approachtoeveryaspectofthetranslation project, from start to finish, means we can consistently meet even the tightest deadlines. Our Mission Our objective is to work closely in conjunction with our clients in order to deliver outstanding work. A client’s budget and timescale are always at the forefront our minds and we strive to produce high quality content on time and on budget. In the ever evolving, fast paced market of today’s business world, our aim is to help our clients progress to become leaders in their specific industry which is why we relish the opportunity to form and nurture long term relationships with everyone who confides in our services.
  6. 6. How We Work We understand the importance of adapting our linguistic tone, in order to appeal to your target market. Content is king and this is exactly why we make sure to fully understand your precise requirements with regards to the purpose of the translated document within your communication strategy, before beginning any project. Once work has begun, we take a collaborative approach to our work- we don’t just work for you; we work with you to ensure customer satisfaction at every level. What differentiates us from other translationservicesinahighlycompetitive market is our ability to address even the most diverse and challenging requests and deliver a solution, which exceeds your expectations. Our work ethic is to deliver both local and global services. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to help several local and international businesses address and overcome their language barriers, so they can improve their sales performance and maximize their revenue. For more information about our specialist team and how we can help you with your translation projects, please get in touch with us today.
  7. 7. OUR SERVICES FTMLS is a full service translation agency and we undertake projects covering all aspects of communication including but not limited to: Written translations for website localisation, official document translation, legal translation and brochures, manuals or e learning. We also specialize in a wide variety of other translation services including: lip-synching for video content, voiceovers, subtitling and interpretation. Document Translation Services We specialize in fast document translations for every type of written text be it legal, medical or an informal piece of writing. The project manager evaluates each document submitted to us before assigning it to an experienced translation expert most suited to your needs. Website Translation A companies website is one of the most important marketing tools in the digital market today. In order to effectively communicate your brand to potential customers worldwide, you need accurate translations, which allow your untapped overseas target market to relate to you and understand how your services or products can benefit them Website Translation For a website to be found by potential customers in multiple countries, a multi lingual Internet presence is crucial. Our state of the art website localization services will enable your brand to become recognized worldwide through overcoming your language barriers which are currently preventing you from maximising your sales revenue.
  8. 8. For specific translation requests, please contact us, and one of our team members will discuss your prerequisites with you. Technical Translation Specific technical content demands meticulous attention to detail and expert knowledge of technical terms and intricate concepts. We employ sector specific linguists to translate your technical documents, to ensure no mistakes are made. Medical Translation The accurate translation of medical documents can literally be a matter of life or death. To date, we have successfully translated several different types of medical translation, allowing us to further develop our experience in the medical translation field, as well as the trust of several global clients in this industry. Subtitling Adding subtitles to video content such as E-learning videos, presentations, short or feature films, promotional videos and many more, can be time consuming and expensive. Our specialist team of translators can create subtitles for your videos, which are perfectly translated, saving you valuable time and money. Interpretation Interpretation is an extremely important aspect when discussing business in large, multi lingual conferences or meetings when several country representatives are present. Our team of interpreters not only possess excellent translation skills, but they also know how to communicate with others from different cultures and etiquettes. All of the interpreters follow strict codes of conduct to make sure that your sensitive data remains confidential throughout the duration of any translation or interpretation.
  9. 9. Other Services Multilingual Transcription Transcription is the most efficient way to convert live or recorded speech into a text document. A popular service amongst legal, medical and business professionals and once the transcription has been completed in the native language it is then ready to be translated into any language by a member of our language translation team. Certified Document Translation The official translation of a Marriage, Death or Birth certificate is of crucial importance with regards to the termination used. Our certified translation service enables you convert important documents such as these into the necessary language, securely and accurately. Marketing Material Our professional business writing service allows your business to create essential marketing material that you don’t have the time or resources in -house to complete. We specialize in everything from email campaigns, direct mail letters, social media posts, presentations, speeches, to web content, white papers and blog articles, which are written by a member of our creative team. We can also help with SEO in different languages, by translating your onsite and offsite text to optimize your ranking on Search Engines. Product Descriptions and Reviews An accurate product description can help you increase your sales revenue, by explaining in your potential customers native language how and why your product can be beneficial to them. Not only do we produce accurate translations of existing product descriptions, our talented writers can also help you create the perfect sales pitch by researching the product and writing them for you. We can also create thoroughly researched reviews of your products, elevating your online presence and hence position your brand as an expert authority or leader in the field.
  10. 10. Languages Other Languages Asia Arabic, Burmese, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Cambodian, Dari, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Hebrew, Kurdish, Malay, Mongolian, Nepalese, Pushto, Singhalese, Thai, Tajik, Uzbek, Vietnamese. Africa Afrikaans, Amharic, Swahili, Somali India Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Manipuri, Oriya, Punjabi, Sindhi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu. Western Europe Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Maltese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish Eastern Eastern Europe Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Slovak (Slovensky), Turkish USSR Russian, Ukranian English Translation Services English translation services are imperative for businesses wanting to expand into other English speaking markets. English the 3rd most spoken language in the world, and is an official language in over 50 countries. However, not all English is the same. English is the primary language spoken in the following countries, which make up for a percentage of English speaking countries worldwide: The United Kingdom, The United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Nigeria, Belize, Ireland, Jamaica Although English speakers from different regions always understand each others in conversation, when it comes to written translations or website localization, it’s important to use the correct English terms and expressions, depending on which English speaking country you are targeting, to ensure you accurately relate to your target market. We recognize the subtle, yet poignant differences in the style of English used in different countries around the world. And it is for this reason that we will only use translators from the UK to translate documents for a UK audience, and from the US for documents and websites directed at an audience in the States.
  11. 11. Our Quality Assurance Process Step 1: Project Review The PM completes a review of the overall scope of the project: timeline, inventory of files, glossaries (if applicable), and final file delivery. Working with the client, the PM identi¬fies all text that should remain in the source language, if any, and develops a list for the translator’s and editor’s use. It is at this point in the project life cycle that the PM also identifies any typos, inconsistencies, missing text, etc. in the source document (or any other area requiring client clarification) and reviews these concerns with the UNHCR Step 2: Template Building/Translation Preparation During the project review, we will determine whether a template needs to be built for the translation phase or we can use a template from our library. There are several reasons this might be necessary. For example, the client’s source file might need to be cleaned up or recreated if it is in a non-editable format (e.g. scanned PDF). By creating a template, we’re able to easily process your formatted documents through TRADOS, a translation memory software program. In addition, through the use of standardized templates we ensure that each of our translators follow work in a standard process. The process ensures that the work is always completed following the same process, which lessens or eliminate most errors in translations. Another benefit is that the completed translation looks the same no matter which one of our over 200 translators completes the work. Step 3: Glossary Development For some projects we develop a standard glossary that all translators can reference when working with your materials. Fast Translations and Multilanguage Solutions maintains a full-time Language Resources Department to direct the work of individual translators and to oversee the development of client/project specific glossaries and translation memories. The combination of these two tools ensures that your projects are completed with the highest levels of quality and consistency. Although the glossary is usually created during the initial project and periodically updated according to a client’s needs, translation memory development is an ongoing process that is continually updated with each new project.
  12. 12. Step 4: Translation At this stage, the PM places the translation with an appropriately quali¬fied and experienced target language translator, based on the content and translator’s subject matter expertise. Fast Translations and Multilanguage Solutions only utilizes translatorswhoarenativespeakersofthetargetlanguage.Theprojectjobsheetrecordsthetranslatorwhowillberesponsible for the quality and accuracy of the work. The translator will translate the materials and return to the PM for copy editing. Step 5: Copy Editing All initial translations are reviewed by a second, and equally quali¬fied, professional translator/editor to ensure the quality of the translation. Because language translation is a human endeavour, we’re realistic about the fact that errors or stylistic differences may occur, regardless of how qualified a translator may be. That’s why we have more than one set of qualified eyes review every translation, specifically targeting grammar, typography, word choice, etc. Any errors that are found are noted in the job sheet that accompanies each translation project by the editor. The editor is responsible to the PM to ensure that all errors are noted in the job sheet. Step 6: Translator/Client Review Once the editor has completed the review of the initial translation, he/she will return the translation and the job sheet to the original translator. The original translator will use his/her discretion to accept or reject the suggested changes and noted such on the job sheet. If our client asks to review the translation prior to formatting, we will ask them to track the changes in the submitted drafts. Step 7: Formatting Our desktop publishing team will precisely format each translation to match the original material, while also being sensitive to the audience’s cultural nuances. Normally, we will format your translation with the same application that was used to lay out your source document. However, in some cases we may choose to use an application that is better suited to a target language’s fonts and other requirements. Your PM will work with you to ensure all our deliverables meet your requirements.
  13. 13. Step 8: Quality Assurance/Proofreading After we have finished formatting your material, we will produce a mechanical proof to determine that: • The layout matches the source language document • The correct fonts have been used • The headers and footers are consistent with the source language document • Proper names are spelled correctly • The pagination matches the source document and the text flows correctly • All source language updates have been incorporated • Margins, graphics and positioning are correct • That all errors that were noted by the editor have been adjudicated and noted as such on the job sheet. Step 9: Final Translator Review One of our in-house translators or the original translator will conduct a final review of your project to ensure that the text has been formatted correctly. He/she will verify that words have been hyphenated properly and nothing has been omitted from the text during the formatting stage. The reviewer will proof a hard copy printout and/or perform an on-screen review, depending on the need of each particular project. Step 10: Final Check/Delivery Your PM will gather all the final deliverables, verifying that they meet your original specifications. He/she will make sure the layout, page numbers, proper names and other details match your source document one last time. The PM will also close out the job sheet and ensure that all errors that were noted have been adjudicated and have been entered into the QA database. Once the PM is satisfied that the translation is final he/she will deliver the finished project to the client.
  14. 14. Fast Translations and Multilanguage Solutions PVT LTD 1743/44, Kampoo Road Lashkar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India, 4740011 +918826368721 FAST TRANSLATIONS AND MULTILANGUAGE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD expertise in variety of domains