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Bimbo Babe


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Bimbo Babe

  1. 1. FeminizationphotocomicbyMorgana.Sexuallyexplicit.Foradultsonly!
  2. 2. I did what you told me to do. I caught him cheating again and again, so I went to Deborah to get that potion. I am glad the order can be of help, Anna.
  3. 3. I spiked his beer with it, with the ashes of a photo of the porn star he likes so much. Oh god, that hurts. What did you put in that beer, honey?
  4. 4. Help me» Now that was the fun part, watching his tits grow and listening to the fear in his voice.
  5. 5. Oh my god!
  6. 6. This is not happening to me!
  7. 7. But this isn’t possible!
  8. 8. What have you done to me?
  9. 9. is this a kind of revenge for me sleeping around. Come on, m it is just what men do. I am sorry, that was not the right response. Give me back my dick and I will never do it again!
  10. 10. You know, at that moment it felt as if I had my revenge.
  11. 11. When you turned your husband into a sexy maid, he hated every moment of it, didn’t he?
  12. 12. Ginger turned her husband hal into a girl while he was watching porn. He never used the internet again after that.
  13. 13. You also told me of witches who had made men fuck their transformed partners. There was always the risk that they would never be able to get an erection again after that.
  14. 14. My husband had never felt so humiliated in his life. He never strayed again. But that is the problem, after the first shock of cupping his huge tits, lars got curious..
  15. 15. It was as if the man inside him understood that he had direct access to the porn star of his dream.
  16. 16. I put up a hidden camera in the bedroom. Take a look! He got aroused from touching his huge tits and his pussy.
  17. 17. Ok, I see. This is a man lusting for his own female body.
  18. 18. I thought so too, you know, and when he started calling his old lovers I saw that as a proof of him still being the cheating man.
  19. 19. His girlfriends found the idea of him having become a busty bimbo very exciting, and many of them came to our house while I was out.
  20. 20. One of them was into bdsm, and I suspect it was she who awakened another desire in lars.
  21. 21. I suspect she gave him the taste for penetration.
  22. 22. You like having a cock inside you, don’t you bitch?
  23. 23. I think it was at this time he understood the allure of sexual surrender.
  24. 24. He realized he could be that sexy bimbo men lusted after. That he could get the real thing, real cock.
  25. 25. So one day she seduced my brother while I was away.
  26. 26. he surrendered to the woman he was slowly becoming.
  27. 27. And now he felt the power of multiple orgasms for the first time. And if you ever go multiple there is no way back.
  28. 28. So what did you do? I threw him out of the house. I let him have a suitcase with some dresses and some lingerie. But I kept everything else. He had no need for his man things anyway.
  29. 29. He stayed with Michael and Esther first.
  30. 30. Thank you for helping me, guys. I have no idea what to do.
  31. 31. But as soon as Esther was out of the house, the two were all over each other. lars wanted black cock. It must feel so strange to have tits. You have no idea.
  32. 32. Lars was no destroying a second marriage, the one of Michael and Esther.
  33. 33. When Esther found out, lars was out on the street again.
  34. 34. T hen I did not hear from him for a long time, until a friend sent me this web page.
  35. 35. He is known as «sexy Sabrina» now, fucking new men every day.
  36. 36. Are you planning to change him back? There are potions for that as well you know. Absolutely not! I reported him missing when I threw him out of the house. As soon as possible, I will have him declared dead, and there is nothing he can do about that. No one would believe him right?
  37. 37. He will get old eventually, so I hope he puts away some of the money he earns as a hooker. Who knows, maybe she can marry some rich guy. She would have to pay for a new identity first, though.
  38. 38. I don1t care. I might not have gotten the revenge I hoped for. He love sex as a woman too much for that. But still.. he has lost everything else.
  39. 39. He is nothing but a bimbo babe now.
  40. 40. That is all he will ever be. The end
  41. 41. Main imagery from Additional photos from Pornstar platinum For more feminization photo comics visit