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Presentation at CPAMOPOC session by WorkInCulture (December 2017)


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Presenter: WorkInCulture
Date: December 13, 2017
For more information about CPAMOPOC project:

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Presentation at CPAMOPOC session by WorkInCulture (December 2017)

  1. 1. The challenge: Addressing Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts and Culture sector.
  2. 2. Partners: Funded By:
  3. 3. About the Program Provides a variety of resources and tools that are now available to organizations throughout the sector. Encourages a stronger and more vibrant arts and culture sector through inclusion. Focuses on human resource and management practices in the creative workplace.
  4. 4. Program Learning Outcomes Through our program, leaders from Arts and Culture Organizations are enabled to: 1. be able to describe the value of inclusion in relation to their organizational priorities. 2. recognize and identify relevant resources to increase their capacity to develop strategies, implement practices and increase their organization’s capacity to be more inclusive. 3. develop an action plan to implement practices and increase their organization’s capacity to engage diversity in their workplace. 4. contribute to building a network of leaders who are committed to championing diversity and inclusion in the Arts & Culture sector
  5. 5. Program Elements
  6. 6. Program Elements
  7. 7. Program Elements
  8. 8. Program Elements
  9. 9. Sage Lowell – Video Interview • [insert video clip]
  10. 10. Lisa de Wilde – Video Interview • [insert video clip]
  11. 11. Cole Alvis – Video Interview • [insert video clip]
  12. 12. Nina Lee Aquino – Video Interview • [insert video clip]
  13. 13. Key Outcomes • Increased knowledge, skills, and confidence of inclusive leadership, tools and practice • Increased connections, partnerships, and networks across the inclusive leadership community • Program participants/organizations developed new or updated inclusive leadership policies and procedures • Evidence of participants removing barriers for more diverse leadership
  14. 14. Key Outcomes • Additional Outcomes • Long term impacts and evaluation
  15. 15. Setting the Stage • Inclusive Workplace Index (group activity? Homework in prep for next session? TBC)
  16. 16. Next Steps • TBC • TBC • TBC
  17. 17. THANK YOU!