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Marketing Automation: Master your data


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Marketing automation talk on the TYPO3 Developer Days 2017

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Marketing Automation: Master your data

  1. 1. Marketing Automation Master your data Personalize your content Jurian Janssen –
  2. 2. This is what it’s all about
  3. 3. What is marketing automation? Helps you save time by handling repetitive marketing and sales tasks on pre-defined schedules, and by gathering critical and useful information into a central location to help sales teams focus on the right potential customers and leads at the right time.
  4. 4. "I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen." ~ Ernest Hemingway
  5. 5. What is Mautic? Mautic is an open source alternative to the more common, paid marketing automation software. Mautic is - Open source - Licensed under GPL3 - Self hosted
  6. 6. What does it do? DEVELOPER
  7. 7. 4 M’s of Marketing Automation The four key stages of the process with Mautic. - Monitor - Magnify - Maintain - Master From IP to contact, and from contact to customer
  8. 8. Step one: Monitor Master your data
  9. 9. Step one: Monitor Monitoring starts after installation and implementing the tracking script into your product. Tracking is based on: - IP and/or Cookie - Page, View or URL
  10. 10. Step one: Monitor – Data reliability Initial data of an IP is fetched from a source of your choice. - Reliable data - Correct data - Your preferred service is not available? Simply create it yourself!
  11. 11. Step two: Magnify Master your data
  12. 12. Step two: Magnify Magnifying in essence is the process of collecting contact data piece by piece until a desired profile is reached. The magnification scope can differ per use case, per company or sometimes even per contact segment.
  13. 13. Step two: Magnify - Tools Magnification tools could be: - Forms (especially TYPO3 8 LTS) - Newsletters - Whitepapers or Downloads - User registration
  14. 14. Step two: Magnify - Strategy Magnifying data about a person is a job that needs to be performed with care. - Asking too much at once will scare people away - Make a deal (enter your email, we will send you xyz) - Remember: people that are unlikely customers will most likely not enter their details anyway. Do not waste resources on them. - Use the right channels, don’t get creepy Building profiles takes time!
  15. 15. Step three: Maintaining Master your data
  16. 16. “Questions do not have to make sense, answers do.” Thief of Time
  17. 17. Step three: Maintaining Maintaining data related to marketing has a lot to do with consistency and structure. Keep in mind what data you want, not only what data you need. Think structured, build structured.
  18. 18. Step three: Maintaining So, what is wrong with this form?
  19. 19. Step three: Maintaining What I want Bert van Elmt Sandra Bergh Will Stiller What I get Van Elmt Sandra Cool Company
  20. 20. Step three: Maintaining Van Elmt Is ‘Van’ a first name? Is the last name ‘Van Elmt’? Sandra Sandra, Sandra who? Cool Company Is that even a name? Some users may enter wrong data out of privacy concerns, but most do so because instructions are unclear
  21. 21. Step three: Maintaining So use this instead - Isolated data sets - Less susceptible to ‘Error by ignorance’ - Not more data, but more specific data
  22. 22. Step four: Master
  23. 23. Step four: Master Personalized content will play a major role in future web development and content creation. Integrations with such systems will become a standard in the CMS world over the coming years.
  24. 24. Step four: Master – Using data Segmentation of leads based on collected data. Entering and exiting email and social media campaigns based on data. + Callable webhooks are being worked on at the moment
  25. 25. Step four: Master – Using data
  26. 26. Step four: Master – Using data
  27. 27. Where to get started? Community Repository Slack
  28. 28. Go try it It’s free It’s open source It’s awesome!
  29. 29. Want to know more? Contact Jurian Janssen @woeler on Slack #typo3-mautic