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Mary Poppendieck, ASAS 2017


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The talk from Mary Poppendieck at ASAS 2017: Organizational Architecture for the Digital Age.

Published in: Technology
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Mary Poppendieck, ASAS 2017

  1. 1. For the Digital Age Photograph © Tom Poppendieck Mary Poppendieck
  2. 2. Distracted  IT Departments Around the World Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 2
  3. 3. Y2K Insurance Cut Costs Copyright©2017 Poppendieck.LLC 3 We will build you new systems  guaranteed to work in Y2K. Stick to your core competency  and let us handle all your IT.
  4. 4. To Contractors To Startups Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 4
  5. 5. Manufacturing Information Technology Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 5 Without great software engineers,  government contracts will fail. Without great manufacturing  engineers, we will lose our  capability to design products.
  6. 6. Copyright©2017 Poppendieck.LLC 6
  7. 7. Copyright©2017 Poppendieck.LLC 7 Break transactions into services Expand services, not transactions Each service owned by an autonomous team Federation Central Database  Responsible  for Transactions Big Front End Big Back End Jeff Bezos:   Serious Growth  requires independent agents.  “We need 2‐Pizza teams.”  Too Slow}
  8. 8. Autonomous Services Teams  Autonomous Services  Independent Deployment  Much Stress in Operations Pinkham moves to South Africa Asked to pursue project there Assembles and leads a team Develops EC2 in 2 years EC2 Launches in 2006 and the rest is history… 10 Years Later:  ⟹ $15 billion/yr. Chris Pinkham (VP Infrastructure)  Proposes self‐service deployment for development teams Maybe sell the capability? Time Passes…. Photograph © Tom Poppendieck Copyright©2017 Poppendieck.LLC 8
  9. 9. Technology Platform Central Database Enterprise Architecture Federated  Architecture Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 9 Local Persistence
  10. 10. Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 10 Small Useful Service  Independently Deployable Full Stack Team You Build it – You Own it Practices No Central Databases API’s with Contracts Extensive Automation Situational Awareness Service Performance Consumer Services Provider Services Photograph © Tom Poppendieck
  11. 11. “One of the most scalable organizations in human  history was the Roman army. Its defining unit: The squad  — eight guys. The number of guys that could fit in a tent.” 1.Squad members sit together. 2.Squads have an internal leader. 3.Squads are stable over time. 4.Problems are assigned to squads. 5.Squad dependencies are minimized. “As a manager, your focus should really be creating these high‐ performing squads of people who have good chemistry, who can get  things done. Then you figure out how to apply them to problems.” Chris Fry has been SVP of Engineering at Twitter and led development at Salesforce Copyright©2017 Poppendieck.LLC 11 Chris Fry
  12. 12. Copyright©2017 Poppendieck.LLC 12 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck
  13. 13. Copyright©2017 Poppendieck.LLC 13 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck
  14. 14. Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 14 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck
  15. 15. Copyright©2017 Poppendieck.LLC 15 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck
  16. 16. Small, Multi‐Disciplined Team Including Design, Engineering, Product, Ops… Freedom to Act Strategic Intent and Constraints are Clear Frequent (Continuous) Deployment Feedback from deployment is readily available Learning is More Important than Delivery What will customers Love? How do we know? Success = Meaningful Outcomes Not Proxies (Process, Features, Output) Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 16
  17. 17. Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 17 Photograph © Tom Poppendieck
  18. 18. The Saab Gripen Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 18 Cost Per Hour   Compared to  Competitors
  19. 19. Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 19 Tactical systems can be  changed without  recertification of the avionics The Saab Gripen
  20. 20. Product Leader for the plane One team per major component Product Leader for the component Sub‐teams with technical leader Regulations require hard boundaries  between components A Continuous, Two‐Way  Conversation with Pilots Everything is Simulated Pilots on site  talk directly to teams test changes immediately Copyright©2017 Poppendieck.LLC 20 The Saab Gripen
  21. 21. Sofia, the Professor – Major Professor Supervises graduate student research Helps create internships at local companies Offers to guide students during internship Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 21 Dave, the Entrepreneur – Assembles a business team  Marketing  Development  Quality Assurance  Operations  Support  Finance…
  22. 22. Klaus – the Graduate Student / Intern What do I do next? Dave, the Product Leader How do I do it well? Sofia, the Mentor Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 22
  23. 23. Coordinate multiple flows Expertise Preserve Knowledge  and Set Standards Create Communities  Develop Expertise Act as teacher / coach Business Responsibility Market [Valuable] Opportunity Focus Customer Understanding Design [Usable] What will Customers Love? Interaction Design Technical [Feasible] Technical Vision System Architecture Or Either People Help People develop  their full potential Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 23
  24. 24. Understand  Command Intent Two Levels Up Maintain  Situational Awareness One Level Up Copyright©2017 Poppendieck.LLC 24 Command Intent: A concise expression of the purpose  of the campaign, the desired results,  and expected team progress toward  achieving the desired end state. 1. Collaborative Planning 2. Situational awareness of the progress of other squads/platoons 3. Adapt to make sure the company  reaches the end state 
  25. 25. Photograph © Tom Poppendieck Mary Poppendieck Copyright©2017  Poppendieck.LLC 25