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SmartMoni Market Plan (Whitepaper)


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We Put the "i" in Moni & Give You More

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SmartMoni Market Plan (Whitepaper)

  1. 1. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus Intelligence in Every Transaction Market Plan @ Whitepaper 02-20-2019 A New Medium of Exchange The next generation of money will do more than just transact. It will not only be easy to use, secure and safe. It will also have intelligence & increase in value in every transaction. It will be personal, build stronger relationships & communities. “It will Empower You” “We Make Using CASH or CREDIT CARD a BAD DEAL” 30% of this Proposal will change while being implemented. As you work with Developers, Vendors, Partners, & Customers it gets Better. SmartMoni MTO Roadmap – (4 Levels) Seed $3 Million - Launch $30 Million - Market $300 Million - Partners $2 Billion CEO – Brent D. Amundson 25 Years in the Sale Design Support of Turnkey Global Networks Citibank – American Express – HSBC – Fuji Bank – ANZ Bank – Visa - Mastercard
  2. 2. Executive Summary We are More than a Network & a Token "This is a strong offering: MTO is a better delivery vehicle. We implement a Global Architecture that can be adopted immediately with Universal Branding and Next Generation Capabilities. It also allows each country, region or continent to adapt and evolve their own digital strategy. At the same time, we offer true Value-Added Services tailored toward 5 MoniMarts, 10 Market Segments and provide Personalized Higher Value to each transaction. We also chart multiple and parallel paths for substantial market appreciation inside of 12 Months with 6 very specific Operational Benchmarks. And we intend to use this same exact model - Country by Country. USA is the Model, where we grab market share and reel in 886 Retail, Restaurant, Service & Grocery Chains SmartMoni – Intelligence in Every Transaction Govts use Moni for Power, Banks use Moni for Profit, Merchants use Moni for Commerce. We intend to partner with those who use Moni the Most and can Service it Best - Merchants. It is our belief that Merchants are in a better position to assist in providing the next generation of Moni Services. It will expand the reach and benefits of commerce and communities will be better serviced. Service Safety & Convenience. My experience is Banks are incapable and have no interest in providing value added Consumer Services. The next generation of "money" will do more than just complete a simple, one-time monetary transaction between two parties - aka two consumers, two merchants, or between consumer & merchant. "Money" will not only be easier to use, but be easily Scalable, vastly more Secure, and totally Safe. It will also have intelligence & increase in value the consumer in every transaction. It will be personal, instantaneous, and build stronger relationships between individuals, merchants & communities.
  3. 3. 1. SmartMoni MTO - Market Token Companies do not operate in a Vacuum, they are Connected to the Marketplace The goal is to improve current methodology. An MTO Reflects True Market Value MTO - MarketToken [ It's Not an ICO nor STO, It's Better ] Earnings - Capital – Growth Markets - Merchants - Products - Services - Members Brand - Innovation - Employees - Training - Community Verified Performance, Public Transparency, Legal Accountability, Market Affinity Rewards Bonuses Perks Benefits Payouts MTO Index - 5 Star Rating System True Value 2. 4 Phased MTO Offering This is based upon Operational Benchmarks that we expect to reach within 12 Months. Each forms the basis and opportunity to raise more Capital and enhance MTO Value. Prosperity MTO Schedule Seed-MTO - Launch-MTO - Market-MTO - Partner/Country MTO $3 Million - $30 Million - $300 Million - $2 Billion SmartMoni - The 1st MarketToken 1. Seed - $3 Million 2. Launch - $30 Million 3. Market - $300 Million 4. Partners - $2 Billion (Big Chain Merchants – Country by Country) Scheduled Benchmarks over 12 Months 1. 4 Site Build Out – SmartMoniCenter, GoMainSt, StreetTalk w/MoniAds 2. USA National Launch of GoMainSt w/PocketPlus USA in 100 Metros/2,135 Cities 3. 785 USA Nat’l Retail, Restaurant, Service Chains Adoption of MoniPlus 4. USA Acquisition/Merger of National Distributor for PocketPlus @ 100 Metros 5. SE Asia Expansion into Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines & Australia – (Singtel 22 Countries) 6. Form Merchant Circle – Mobile Carriers & Big Merchant Chain Partners in USA / SE Asia a. USA establishes the Global - Country by Country Model b. 789 Mobile & Merchants – Just 100 @ $20 Million Per = $2 Billion c. 101 Grocery Store Chains – Just 10 @ $20 Million Per = $200 Million
  4. 4. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus We Put the “I” in Moni & Give You more. 1. We create a universal Medium of Exchange MoniCoins, Its in local currency wit low transaction costs - .0002, Moni-ID for payments transfers and exchanges. 2. We then add MoniPlus. We increase your Purchasing Power in Every Transaction. 3. We do this through MoniPromos & MoniPoints. 4. We add a 4th level to the MoniChain - the Value Multiplier. $100 in MoniCoins gives you 120-140- 160-180-200 in purchasing power and you also receive MoniPoints. 5. Anyone can give, share and award them. They become a 2nd currency in the community. 6. In addition, we have a portfolio of MoniServices, MoniAssets being serviced through SmartMoniCenters. 7. We partner with Big Chain Merchants country by country. Its a new business model, near zero transaction costs and supported by MoniAds. 8. In addition, will run, a 21st Century Merchant POS Global Net - the first M2M Financial Network in the world - Machine to Machine. SmartMoniCenter – MoniServices 1. MoniCoins, MoniPlus w/MoniPromos-MoniPoints, MoniPay, MoniAssets, MoniBill etc 2. MoniBuy, MoniLoad, MoniAds, MoniExchange, MoniExpress 3. MoniChain, Market Delivery – the 1st MarketSocial GoMainSt - Designed for Commerce, a New Type of Shopping. We offer 5-in-1 Media Advantage. Give us one promotion and we put it across Print Internet Mobile Beacons and create SmartMoni w/MoniPlus. Initial target is top 785 Retail Restaurant and Service Chains in America. We have partnered with 98 Grocery Chains with blanket coverage of USA - 100 Metros | 2,134 Cities. We launch in 4-5 Months. It has the advantage of enabling us to introduce MoniPlus to All-the-Top-Chains and then allowing us to “harvest” local business across 10 Market Segments in 100 Metropolitan Areas. 1st Months Revenue is $5-10 Million w/52% Profit Margin & 25% Monthly Growth Rate. It launches in 4-5 Months, 1st Annual Revenue $234 Million. Platforms: Theory and Practice I have made a career of taking an existing platform, customizing 30% and substantially expanding its features and global reach to provide whole new Corporate Capabilities. We intend to do the same here with the Stellar Network for SmartMoni and Social Engine/BigStep for the 1st MarketSocials – GoMainSt & StreetTalk. The benefits are substantial: 1. Less Risk 2. Reduced Cost 3. Faster Implementation 4. Better Focus on True Value Added & New Capabilities
  5. 5. SmartMoni Team CEO – Brent D Amundson UCF - Bachelors Finance/Economics, Thunderbird Global Mgmt. - MBA I have 25 years’ experience in the sale design implementation and management of Turnkey Global Networks. I have personally done Citibank, Am Express, HSBC, ANZ, Fuji Bank and managed Bank of America Chase Visa & Mastercard Worldwide and many more. I also Managed the Public Net for 83 Countries and put in the 1st National Nets for Australia and Japan. We basically, introduced the Internet country by country and to the Fortune 1000. It was based upon new technology - “Packet- Switching” - where user data was multiplexed into a “packet”. It provided much more efficient utilization of bandwidth and convergence for disparate legacy systems. This was basically the “net”, it was later that someone introduced the “HTLM Browser” – the Internet. The network was already there. ➢ Companies: Texaco, Control Data, Tymnet (Tymshare), McDonnell Douglas, NCR ➢ Positions: Financial Analyst, Sales Rep, Account Rep, Country Mgr. – Japan, Director of Pacific Rim, Private network Sales – W. Region VP Sales – Jeff Homan BS Computer Science, MBA Thunderbird Global Mgmt 25 years in Software Sales for Financial & Retail Industries. Experience includes Accenture & KPMG Peat Marwick with client engagements such as Bank of America, State of California, and Allstate Insurance Japan. Programmer and Software Analyst. VP CTO – Ram Kuman MSC – Computer Science Bharathiar University, MBFEB – Indian Institute of Mgmt. Bangelor Over 10 years’ experience in blockchain and digital advertising technology. Pioneered a handful of technologies related to Adserver, AdExchange, OpenRTB, DSP, SSP, DMP, CDP, AMP, GDPR compliant ads, and many more Implementation Team Rather than rely on a few individuals to build out our platforms. We will instead utilize a team of 5 companies. Each with their own expertise. Their ability to converge resources to meet objectives and goals are more substantial. I have known and worked with them for 2-7 years. 5 Companies ➢ 1 Is 40th largest Software Company in the World ➢ 2 are listed in Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in India ➢ 2 are the Top in their respective specialties worldwide. We will add staffing and resources as we approach launch time. This reduces Company overhead and provides more flexibility.
  6. 6. While Stellar provides a solid network, its SmartMoni who delivers it to market. People & Merchants – Consumer Services
  7. 7. Nationwide USA Launch 100 Metros/2,135 Cities with 98 Grocery Chains at 13,400 Locations – 98 Grocery Chains
  8. 8. Table of Contents Overview 1. Unprecedented Opportunity 2. Live on Demand 3. Solve a Big Problem 4. Two Platforms 5. Formulas that Work 6. Tailored Services 7. Niches Service Stacked & Racked 8. Life Purpose 9. CEO Experience 10. Cornerstones to Success 11. Why We are Here SmartMoni 12. Introducing Money 2.0 13. SmartMoni – Integrated Data Feeds 14. On Time On Demand 15. We Keep it Simple 16. SmartMoni w/MoniPLus 17. MoniPlus Wallet 18. Colored Coins 19. MoniPlus+ Pay 20. GoMainSt w/CitiMart 21. SmartContracts 22. SmartMoniCenters 23. Global MoniSwift.Net 24. MoniChain 25. MoniScape Markets 26. MoniPlus Multi-Merchant Loyalty 27. Loyalty is Growth Industry 28. MoniPlus 29. Merchant Beacon The 1st MarketSocial 30. GoMainSt MarketSocial 31. StreetTalk SocialStream 32. Building Value 33. A New Type of Social 34. Role of Commerce is Growing 35. 9X More Engagement 36. MarketSocial Platforms 37. MarketSocial Market Size 38. Convergence 39. Suite 8 Menu Services 40. Power of the Pin 41. 5-in-1 Media Advantage 42. GoMainSt PocketPlus USA 43. StreetTalk Streaming 44. Layered Formulas 45. Power of the pin 46. National Launch 108 Cities 47. StreetTalk SocialStreaming 48. SmartPsP PowerMobile 49. Tech Framework People and Partnerships 50. Local to Global Governance 51. Where are We 52. Launch Schedule 53. Forecasted Revenue 54. SmartMoni MTO 55. NOTE: End of Paper - 16 Storyboards
  9. 9. 1. Unprecedented Opportunity Our Goal is to introduce and implement SmartMoni w/MoniPlus - Worldwide. We put the i in Moni and Give You More We increase the value of every transaction and build relationships & communities. We provide Nexgen SmartMoni with 6 bundled features tailored for 5 Money markets delivered with a 5-in-1 Media Advantage across Nex Evolutionary Platforms tailored toward 10 Market Segments. The phone was replaced by the smartphone, let experience be our guide. In the USA Market, we have partnered with 134 Grocery Chains in 108 Cities with 13,400 locations to Introduce PocketPlus USA with National Retail, Restaurant and Service Chains to be launched in 5 Months. We are profitable the 1st Month w/$5-10 Million in Revenue, 51% Profit margin and scheduled to grow 25-50% monthly thereafter. The USA is our Global Model. We will partner Country by Country with Merchants: Mobile Carriers, National Chains, Grocery Chains & Convenience Stores to expand into 187 country markets very quickly. The Market Today – Who has Succeeded? The Market Today in 2019 – There are 100's of Bitcoin Wallets, Coins and Exchanges. Which has Succeeded? Which one is popular? Which ones are different from the others in the herd? Not one cryptocurrency coin has done anything to add value to their "coins", because they did nothing but do what all others before them have done. How to bring them to market and service them. Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies are "penny stocks" that trade like a commodity -- not a true medium of exchange nor a "fiat" currency. It’s market impact is limited and likely short lived. The one who shows the initiative, fortitude and delivers new, different, and unique "market differentiating" benefits the platforms to grab market share will succeed. It needs proper Branding for Acceptance and it needs to offer features and benefits to give consumers, merchants, corporations, and government, a reason to change from Cash & Cards. It will be necessary to provide instant payments with a feature set of benefits above and beyond current methods to gain acceptance and win market share. We feel we have a strong portfolio of solutions and a methodology to achieve dominance with quick profitability. We have created several new platforms to launch nationally. Each leverages the technology and markets of the others. We leverage them and build on them. All are designed to deliver SmartMoni w/MoniPlus. Our solutions stretch across 5 Moni Markets, 5 different types of Media, 10 Market Segments and we triple down by expanding the offering with Convergence; blending Promotions Social Messaging & Commerce to deliver data. We created the MarketStream to feed the MoniChain to seed the MoniCoin to create MoniPlus. MarketSocial – SocialStream – MoniChain – MoniCoin – MoniPlus NexGen – SmartMoni / Intelligence in Every Transaction
  10. 10. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 6+ (5 Platforms/Apps for Delivery) 1. MoniPlus 6+ Wallet 2. MoniPlus 6+ Pay for Internet 3. MarketSocial – GoMainSt + PocketPlus USA w/MoniPlus 6+ Wallet 4. SocialStream – w/MoniPlus 6+ Wallet 5. SmartMoniCenters – MoniPlus 6+ Services 6. MoniCaddy APIs 2. Live On Demand at your Fingertips Live On Demand at your Fingertips I personally (Brent Amundson) have 124 Apps in my Smartphone. Only 6 are “Live”, 4 are Messenger Viber, WeChat, Messenger & WhatsApp and 2 are Facebook and LinkedIn. The rest sit dormant until I specifically pull them up. As a result, all 4 MoniPlus Apps are designed for Live & Alert Delivery Services. Each platform is built upon an already operational platform. We are just adding new value on top of an existing & functioning platform. This reduces our time to market, decreases our cash needs, and reduces our risk substantially. I have done this all my life. In Touch, Tymnet, NCR and Suntel. I did this for the Global Networks – 20-30% tailored and developed in-house to create a better solution delivering whole new corporate capabilities. In that same vein, we have created NexGen SmartMoni – Its evolutionary and revolutionary in what it does and how it delivers services. It changes the nature of Moni, instead of being a sign of wealth – it creates it as you use it. It takes full advantage of the digital stream – using convergence for promotions, social, messaging and commerce with personalization for each transaction. We are providing a host of new services and capabilities. Not only in Consensus, but in calculating Value. It personalizes Moni, builds relationships and stronger communities. While TCIP gave us the Internet by “Packetizing" user data – ie Packet-Switching, Blockchain provides “blocks” and “consensus” providing Verification and Authorization for transactions with a resulting ledger. We add the Value Layer to create SmartMoni. Its through the Value layer we can personalize Moni and give you more in every transaction as well as providing new SmartMoni services all the live long day. This Strategy Works. When NCR hired me. I asked them why? “We want you to show us how to sell Big Networks”. I replied – “Your NCR, you don’t do that now?”. They replied. “No, we just do front ends – this is our first time in the Turnkey Network Business. If you can sell 1 or 2 networks in 2 years – we will be very happy.” I sold 8 - American Express, Citibank, University California – State System, Stanford, State of Alaska, Quotron etc. I also did this with Suntel and Touch, I took existing platforms, expanded them substantially and delivered new capabilities and value.
  11. 11. 1. We Solve another Big Problem with MoniPlus Sure, current money is expensive, cumbersome and unsecure, but ask any small or medium sized company about their high cost of advertising and promotions. It’s a 335 Billion USD Industry. That’s a bigger problem. In the past decade, we have seen the emergence of the digital stream to include voice, data and now with the block chain - transactions. We integrate them all to provide a true end-to-end solution with all new capabilities, true value-added benefits and intelligence. SmartMoni tackles this head on. . Through the convergence of our "expanded" data packets, software programming, and ubiquitous & inexpensive Worldwide transmission networks, SmartMoni tackles this dilemma head on by delivering entirely new & comprehensive solutions to the merchant. We blend Promotions, Social & Commerce and apply it to whole marketplaces and as a direct result – we provide expanded capabilities of Commerce and also extend its reach. One method is to expand the number of options, then apply a 5-in-1 Media Advantage. We broadcast Promotions (5 Types) across Print - Internet - Mobile - Beacons and create MoniPlus. We use convergence to increase the Value of every Transaction while providing enhanced features and benefits for everyone across 5 different media. A. SmartMoniCenters – Convenience, Value & Service The convergence of promotions, social, messaging & commerce creates the necessary data feeds to deliver a true next generation Money Solution and to ensure its success, we have created an entirely new entity SmartMoniCenter to assist in customer services and extend the reach and convenience of our Portfolio. To ensure its success, we expand services and focus on those who use the money most and are best capable to service it as well. As a result, we work with Mobile Carriers, Grocery Stores, National Chains and Convenience Stores. We will implement this model 1st in USA and feel it is the baseline model for expansion – country by country by country. To assist this effort, we have designed a new MoniSwift Global Financial Network which will run on a Global M2M Machine to Machine network and will therefore be more secure and efficient. B. GoMainSt w/PocketPlus USA (MarketSocial) A New Type of Shopping – Power of the Pin We offer a 5-in-1 Media Advantage. Give us one promotion and we put it across Print, Mobile, Internet, Beacons & SmartMoni. We create a new type of Advertising model and we lower the cost of Metro Advertising by 80%. Our Promo 5 Matrix Mix is set up, so the Merchants don’t have to give away their product, service or brand just to get a sale. They no longer have to use the standard Advertising Troll-Staling Internet Model. It expands and grows their business while at the same time building an on-going relationship with the market place by enabling them to keep people informed as to changes and status of their product offerings. In addition, each market
  12. 12. participant – people, teams, companies, organizations – even govt, can individually participate to both offer and receive points, rewards, incentives and promotions to anyone in their MoniChain. PocketPlus USA is positioned to roll out in 108 Cities with National Restaurant, Retail and Service Chains with 134 Grocery Chains at 13,400 locations. It utilizes convergence and with a 5-in-1 Media Advantage, it gives us a very positive cash flow within months and will assist in harvesting Merchants, Business & Organizations into GoMainSt MarketSocial. All combined with MoniPlus Wallet and our Commerce Platform CitiMart. C. StreetTalk – One World / Many Voices (SocialStream) We have another platform called StreetTalk. It’s a messaging & streaming platform and leverages our position with GoMainSt PocketPlus monetization and enables People, Professional, Companies and Organizations within 10 market segments to utilize the SocialStream for: Chatter, Messaging, Streaming, Voicetalk, StreetView, Showcase. 5 different ways to communicate across all media and monetize it through Showcase, PocketPlus, CitiMart and CitiAds/MoniAds. All combined with MoniPlus Wallet – We give you More when you Discover, Save, Share n Click-n- Buy.
  13. 13. 2. Summary: Two New Platforms and Competitive Advantage GoMainSt w/PocketPlus a MarketSocial Community & SmartMoni w/MoniPlus Each of these platforms are designed for a far and wide reach and as each pick up new members, it will always include…. a SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 4+ Wallet. 1. GoMainSt is a Cash Cow - $23 Million 1st 12 Months- Lowers cost of Metro Ads by 80% 2. We introduce a next type of Social: Commercentric with Geo-location 3. We do Convergence: Promotions Social Commerce. 4. We provide 5-in-1 Media Advantage: One Promotion across - Print Internet Mobile Beacon SmartMoni w/MoniPlus. 5. We launch across America Coast to Coast with 134 Grocery Store Chains and National Retail, Restaurant, Service Chains in 108 Cities at 13,400 Locations 6. MoniPlus will be Serviced by people who use the money the most via SmartMoniCenters 7. The MarketSocials provide the Data Feed to create SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 8. We incorporate the Same Model…. Country by Country over a Global MoniSwift.Net with Partners: Mobile Carriers, Grocery Chains, Retail Chains and Convenience Stores in 187 Countries via SmartMoniCenters 3. Formulas that Work for Cascading Results. A company will have a single formula for success – we rack-n-stack them with cascading results 1. GoMainSt – PocketPlus: 11 Market Sectors within a Metrocentric Area 2. PocketPlus – 5X Ways to Promote Your Business without giving it away. 3. 108 Cities with 134 Grocery Chains at 13,400 locations 4. Nat’l Chains: Restaurants, Retail and Service Chains on board PocketPlus USA 5. MarketSocial – People with Purpose 9x Engagement (LinkedIn vs Fbook) 6. 5-in-1 Media Advantage – Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | SmartMoni 7. Convergence – Blending of Promotions Social and Commerce 8. New Ad Model – Promotions equals Discovery vs Ad Trolling 9. The Power of the Pin –Discover Save Share Purchase 10. Engage – Social Energizes Connects Personalizes 11. CitiLife w/PocketPlus; 11 Markets Served – CitiLife, Dining, Home, Health, Services, Investing, Charity, Acts of Faith, Politics, Travel, Latin 4. Tailored Services for 5 Big Moni Markets People to People, Retail, Business to Business, Global & MarketSocials 1. MoniCoins: Instant Payments, Privacy & SmartShopper AI Bot for Service 2. MoniPlus 4+ Loyalty, Rewards, Incentives Promotions. 3. MoniPlus CitiMart – 6 Digital product mixes broken out by 11 markets 4. MoniPlus CitiMart - Services for 8 Markets 5. Dining, Home, Healthcare, Investing, Services, Politics, Charity, Acts of Faith 6. MoniPlus CitiMart - Smart Contracts for 11 Markets; CitiLife, Dining, Home, Health, Services, Investing, Charity, Acts of Faith, Politics, Travel, Latin 7. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus…. MoniCoins w/Private, SmartShopper AI Service and Plus 4+
  14. 14. 8. SmartMoniCenters: People who use Moni the most, service it best 9. Mobile Carriers, Retail, Grocery and Convenience Stores. 10. Partners – Gold Coin Members, Mobile Carriers, National Retail Chains, Grocery Chains & Convenience Stores 5. Services Niches Racked n Stacked = Plus is More Partners SmartMoni - GoMainSt – PocketPlus – CitiMart - StreetTalk – MoniPlus PocketPlus 5X - 108 Cities - Nat’l Chains - MarketSocial - 5-in-1 Media Advantage Convergence - New Ad Model – Power of the Pin – Engage 9X – CitiLife - 11 Markets – 5 Moni Markets - MoniCoins Instant Privacy - MoniPlus 4+ - Points – Rewards – Incentives – Promotions - CitiMart – Services - Smart Contracts Community Services - SmartMoniCenters 6. Life Purpose Launching this company has been a personal mission, it’s my Life Purpose. I had originally planned on launching this model 10 years ago, via the Smart Chip but had to delay my efforts due to elder parents illness/passing and disabled brother. family responsibilities. My professional experience lends itself to this endeavor. I spent 25 years in sales design, implementation and support of some of the 1st largest banking and country networks – American Express, Citibank, HSBC, Exxon, ANZ Bank, Fuji Bank AT&T, Texaco, Exon etc. I also designed and put in the 1st National Public (Internet) Networks for Japan & Australia and managed all the country nets for Latin America, Africa and Asia. It has given me a unique perspective to design and deliver SmartMoni w/MoniPlus, GoMainSt MarketSocial, StreetTalk SocialStream and SmartMoniCenters. All deliver the next generation of Commerce Advertising and Money. It’s a gift, it comes easy, it’s what I’ve done all my life and I’m putting it to work with SmartMoni. I had planned to launch this company myself, then bring in additional partners as we launch. I like partners, in Japan – I had 23 Corporations as partners in its national network, they sat on our Board. The advent of the MTO came and who better to help launch the Money Designed for People. Your assistance is very timely, quite appropriate and will be a cornerstone in the future operations and growth of the SmartMoni. Its design has surpassed even my expectations, it is comprehensive and powerful while at the same time being simple and elegant. We extend the reach of Money by empowering those who use money the most and who are best able to service it – everywhere. 7. CEO Brent Amundson - Experience: Many have stated the Blockchain is like the TCIP Packet-Switching technology that brought us the Global Internet and Banking Networks. I have spent 25 years in the delivery of these networks in USA, Asia and Latin America. This was through Tymnet, then McDonnell Douglas Tymnet. It operated the largest public network in the world and was the leader in Corporate Private Networks. I personally sold, designed, implemented and managed the Turnkey Global Networks for Citibank, American Express, HSBC, ANZ Bank Australia, Fuji Bank, Quotron, Exxon, State of California University System, Stanford, Alaska, At&t and many others. In addition, I managed the worldwide support for Chase, Bank of America, Visa and Mastercard on the Global Public Network. In terms of individual Country Networks; Headed up the JV in Japan
  15. 15. and Director of Pacific Rim that put in the 1st Nationwide Networks for Japan for Australia. I also tailored Public Network Services to better accommodate individual Country markets throughout Asia Africa and Latin America. I routinely evaluated government’s, infrastructure, utilities, industry, companies, population centers and tailored their national networks to better suit their needs. In addition, I also designed and implemented the 1st Fully Fault Tolerant Nationwide Public Network in Existence (Japan). In Tokyo, Japan where I simultaneously lived with Jeff Homan Sr VP Sales (See Below), I headed up the Joint Venture with Marubeni Trading Corporation of Japan in where I was Country Manager, then promoted to Director of Pacific Rim and put in the 1st Nationwide Networks for Japan for Australia. I restructured our Business Model of working with local partners and opened offices and sales throughout the region. Companies Worked For: Texaco, Control Data, Tymnet, McDonnell Douglas/Tymnet, NCR Positions: Financial Analyst, Account Executive, Public & Private Network Sales, Private Network Sales W. Region, Country Manager Japan, Director of Pacific Rim. I would also like to add, typically, at time of Sale – 20% of the technology for a proposed network did not exist yet. I would design it, spec it – talk to our engineers and determine if we could build it. Then – determine when we could deliver it and how much it would cost. I would also actively coordinate with the engineers through development and testing phase . As a result, I delivered all the networks – on time on budget – every time - into a Production Environment. Whether it was a Country Network or a Global Network for a Fortune 1000 Company or Bank. They all succeeded. A Few Positions held: I started as an Account Executive, Private Net Sales – W. Region, Country Manager Japan, Director of Pacific Rim. The companies were McDonnel Douglas-Tymnet & NCR. At the time, MDC Tymnet operated out of Silicon Valley and was the World’s Largest Network for 25 Years. It later became part of MCI. In addition, I have also founded 3 companies, all of which developed their own systems and were successful. So, I do have some entrepreneur experience as well. The reason I bring this up is that I feel this experience has led to SmartMoni’s design and I hope it will assist in leading to its ultimate success . 8. Why We are Here I had tried to implement this very same solution 10 years ago. I was using Internet with XLM and the new Smart Chip for Visa Mastercard etc. Unfortunately, due to family circumstances I had to abandon my plans and investment. (Ouch!) It turned out to be a blessing. Visa and Mastercard crowded out ALL innovation and this new technology is a Godsend. It is empowering like no other. We are finally there to deliver Nexgen MoniPlus. 9. 4 Cornerstones to Success Introducing a new global universal Currency has never been done before. We feel there are 4 key ingredients necessary for success. Each are equally important. 1. Branding – It must User Friendly w/Branding for Tailored Services 2. Product – It needs to be Feature Rich with Direct Benefits 3. Service – Full Distribution and Service Channels for each Marketplace
  16. 16. 4. Experience – My 25 Years w/Turnkey Global Nets: Country, Corporate, Banking American Express, Citibank, HSBC, Chase, Bank of America etc. 10. Introducing Money 2.0 - A New Medium of Exchange First, we are not a Cowboy Currency, we are merely transferring a Digital Token. We are not going to compete with Govt nor the Banks. We intend to use it simply as a Stable and Convenient Medium of Exchange. Its value is determined by user. In daily use for commerce, its value will be tied to local currency. In more sophisticated settings – it can be an asset or a smart contract. 11. SmartMoni - Integrated Platforms for Data Feeds across 5 Media They now allow us to Tap the Digital Stream. At no other time in history have opportunities like this presented themselves. We created convergence and blended promotions social and commerce to deliver across 5 Integrated Media Platforms - Print Internet Mobile Beacon & SmartMoni. And from there we have 3 Product Platforms each providing 8 Integrated Services. We are now able to stream new product and service opportunities to People, Companies and Organizations when they need it most, in a manner, that is non-obtuse, timely and tailored toward their exact needs and budget. 12. On Time On Demand - Tailored toward Your Preferences 5-in-1 Media Advantage with Convergence: Promotions - Social - Commerce 13. We keep it Simple We have 3 Tech Platforms and 3 Branded Solutions. Each are fully integrated to create a seamless environment for whole markets to operate within GoMainSt w/PocketPlus enables Merchants to deliver 5 types of Promotions coast to coast across 5 Integrated Media. StreetTalk provides Social Streaming where Consumers, Professionals, Business and Organizations from 10 Markets can Join the Conversation. They can Buzz, Chat, Message, Stream and use MoniPlus. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus taps into All-of-It through with MoniChain and delivers the Intelligence needed to build relationships and increase purchasing power in every new transaction. Its SmartMoni | GoMainSt | StreetTalk - Prosperity for Everyone. MoniAd a powerful Ad Platform
  17. 17. 14. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus – Intelligence in Every Transaction Our intent is to introduce the Next Generation of Money – Money 2.0. We make money easy to use, secure, private and SMART. Then we Brand it. We are approaching this market in several ways. A true value-added Wallet that increases your purchasing power in every transaction and second, through next generation MarketSocial platforms that empowers Merchants & Business through a more productive marketplace. A next- generation mobile banking solution. Local Currency, Instant Payments, Private Avatar Moni-ID, SmartShopper AI Bot Services w/ a 4 Plus: Loyalty, Rewards, Incentives, Promotions. Serviced via Internet, Mobile & SmartMoniCenters MoniPlus Wallet embedded in GoMainSt PocketPlus, StreetTalk, Stand Alone Platform and API. In addition, a MoniPlus Card for ease safety and convenience. MoniPlus will increase your purchasing power in every transaction. All Together Now Our immediate goal is simple payments done instantaneously. We will provide ease of use, convenience and do it inexpensively with privacy. We also intend to take advantage of the inherent intelligence of the MoniChain and PocketPlus, StreetTalk to provide instantaneous loyalty points, rewards, incentives and promotions from individual merchants and businesses. This will add value to every new transaction and build a relationship between customer and merchant so that everyone benefits from increased participation. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 6+ We increase the Value of Every Transaction Privacy Instant Payments MoniPlus MoniPromos MoniPoints SmartShopper Bot Service • Points • Rewards • Incentives • Promotions Avatar Moni-ID Every Transaction For Retrieval For Purchasing For Doing For Trying For Buying
  18. 18. MoniPlus Wallet – Embedded w/Messenger To gain foothold and market share, we launch the Wallet with MoniCoins & MoniPlus. The key is the convenience of the universal coin coupled with the ability to increase a person’s purchasing power and building long lasting relationships. When you join GoMainSt, StreetTalk, SmartMoniCenter – you automatically get a MoniPlus Wallet. In addition, a SmartMoni MoniPlus API to be integrated into All Live Apps. 15. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus - Privacy, Service w/Plus 6+ We bring you Privacy, a GoPlus-bot for Service and reward you for everything: for Purchases, for Doing, for Trying and for Buying. We deliver it all Next generation Money 2.0. It includes Privacy, Instant Payments, a Service Bot w/Points, Rewards, Incentives and Promotions. We increase the value of every transactions while building relationships. We reward you for being YOU and participating. 1. MoniLoad – Buy Local Currency $100 = $100 MoniCoins 2. Instant Payments, Transfers & Exchanges Our goal is to provide the ability to do instant payments, exchanges and transfers with minimum overhead and optimum efficiency. Any user will be able to perform any payment as a routine daily transaction with all parties with substantially reduced fees and benefits for all parties. In addition, SmartMoni w/MonMTOin residing on a private MoniSwift network Allows for the purchase of MoniCoins. Its value is based upon local currency. Substantially reduces the complexity, verifiability and confirmation of cross-border transactions. This aids our effort to provide instant payment services on a local to global level.
  19. 19. 3. Privacy - Avatar w/Moni-ID Anytime you write a check or use a debit/credit card. Your transaction is public. Anyone can review your checking account and credit card statements and “read you like a book”. No more, from now on – everything you buy and purchase is private. SmartMoni will verify authenticate and record all transactions and deposits without the need to “tag your name” to it. You and how you Spend Money is now Private. 4. MoniPlus Wallet - Payments | Privacy | Points | Promos | SmartShopper AI Bot - MoniCoins Local Currency (MoniLoad) - Instant Payments - Moni-ID - Privacy with Avatar - SmartShopper AI Bot 1. Promotions from 10 Market Segments - MoniPoints - Community Currency 1 Points for Purchasing 2 Rewards for Doing 3 Incentives for Trying 4. Traded, Shared, Given 5. Everyone Participates - Friends Family Charities Schools Merchants Business Govt - MoniPromos - Products & Services 1 Wuts New Wuts Hot Wuts a Deal. 2 10 Market Sectors 3 $100 MoniCoins gets you $120-140-180-200 in Purchasing Power 4 Everyone participates - Merchants Business Organizations Govt 6. MoniPlus 6+ Pay In addition, we provide online internet commerce with MoniPlus Pay. Promotions Fed into MoniPlus Global from Each Commerce Site using MoniPlus+ Pay Internet Commerce 1. MoniCoins - Local Currency 2. Payments Privacy Points Promos 3. MoniPlus a. Local Commerce Site - Their Promos b. Local Commerce Site Promos sent to Global MoniPlus Wallet c. Accessed by MoniPlus SmartShopper AI Bot
  20. 20. Smart Contracts tailored for 10 Market Sectors tied to CitiMart Commerce Markets: CitiLife | Dining | Home | Medical | Investing | Services | Community Service | Politics | Travel | Latin 8. Five Primary Moni Markets SmartMoni Brands tailored toward specific markets Personal | People to People | Retail & Shopping | Business to Business | Global 9 MoniPoints – Color for More Value MoniPlus 6+ - We increase the Value of Every Transaction. A. Blue Points - For Purchasing (Multi-Merchant) The MoniChain is ideal platform in which to incorporate a Multi-Merchant loyalty point program. In addition, there are opportunities to incorporate broader based community enhancements to include schools, charities and special events and holidays. B. Red Rewards – For Doing Rewards can be just attending a Sale from a Merchant, participation in a Charity Event, running a 10-mile Marathon or getting straight A’s in Classes. They can be from Friends, Family, Employers, Merchants – anyone who has a relationship with you. C. Green Incentives - For Trying This is for behavior modification. We know you like Anthony’s Pizza, try ours. We know you like to work out try Fit Health Club, this this one or try this diet to help you lose weight. Friends, family, employers, merchants and restaurants can offer rewards for extra motivation and benefits. “Try our New Salad Bar”.
  21. 21. D. Purple Promotions - For Buying Retailers, Restaurants and Service companies can offer the GoMainSt PocketPlus Promotions – Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wut a Deal for You! and 2 extra banners to promote their company, products and services. Promotions is the big opportunity. Companies Organizations even Govt need to promote their Products, Services and Image. Today, advertising model is very weak and stale: general advertising or coupons. 10 Service – AI SmartShopper Bot For time and convenience, MoniPlus has a Bot who does a lot. Just tell it what you want and it will go fetch and bring you the best and latest promotions - Wuts New! and Wuts Hot & Wuts a Deal for You! It will reach across 10 Markets – CitiLife, Dining, Home, Health, Services, Investing, Charity, Acts of Faith, Politics. All courtesy of our GoMainSt PocketPlus and MoniPlus. It will tap into GoMainSt PocketPlus and bring you the latest in All Promotions. 11 GoMainSt w/PocketPlus | CitiMart & CitiStores Convergence: Promotions, Social Commerce We have expanded the role of commerce to now include Promotions and Social and integrated it into a our MarketSocial Platform. This also supports SmartMoni. A New Type of Social – Convergence: Promotions – Social - Commerce ✓ GoMainSt PocketPlus, StreetTalk & SmartMoniCenters w/MoniPlus ✓ 5-in-1 Media Advantage: Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | MoniPlus ✓ 10 Market Focus – CitiLife, Dining, Home, Health, Services, Investing, Charity, Acts of Faith, Politics. All courtesy of our GoMainSt PocketPlus and MoniPlus ✓ The Power of the Pin & Promotions. The next step in commerce. PinInterest leads in Commerce generation due to its Pin. People go to their site to “Discover, Share, Save – Click n Buy”. This is also why Facebook purchased Instagram. We have designed the next big model with convergence – blending Promotions, Social, Commerce and incorporating the Power of the Pin. 12 Commerce – Smart Contracts | MoniAssets & MoniPlus 6+ Smart contracts are simply computer programs that act as agreements where the terms of the agreement can be preprogrammed with the ability to self-execute and self-enforce itself. The main goal of a smart contract is to enable two parties to trade and do business with each other over the internet without the need for a middleman. This is a term used to describe blockchain code that can include terms for an agreement, the assist in its executing and enforces performance of an agreement and schedules payment. The entire process is automated can act as a complement, or substitute, for legal contracts and will execute automatically via transactional data being transmitted, verified and accepted.
  22. 22. There is much interest, activity and development being done in this area. Our approach is to implement simple Smart Contracts within GoMainSt. PocketPlus, CitiMart and CitiAds. They focus on 10 markets Retail, Construction, Food Services, Healthcare, Investment, Community Services, Professional Services, and Politics. In addition, CitiMart is running the Magenta Commerce Engine and is one of the most powerful in the marketplace with 6 Digital mixes for product offerings. It will also be supporting MoniCoins w/MoniPlus Smartcontract. We feel over time these will grow in complexity and maturity and will be organically driven by our Users. As people get more experience, they will grow in terms of usability and benefits. MoniAssets – Certified Asset Values & Titles These will be standardized to create procedures for inclusion of Cars, Boats, RVs, Houses, Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Silver Etc. to incorporate titles and certifications for Digital Commerce. Incorporation of Smart Contracts for Ready Commerce 14 SmartMoniCenters We take the word Bank out of Moni We do instant payments, facilitate transfers, gifts and incorporate Smart Contracts -. We do not extend credit or loan money. MoniPlus will be accessible via Internet, Mobile and through convenient SmartMoniCenters via our Retail Partners. These include Mobile Carriers, National Retail, Convenience Stores and Grocery Chains. This strategy provides an expedited implementation and establishes the framework to build strong working relationships and partners country by country. This reinforces our Strategy of being owned & managed by People who use Money & best to service its daily use. US Bank excels in Grocery store banking. They’ve extended the concept to university campuses, hospitals, and corporate office complexes. U.S. Bank has about 60 university and workplace branches, adding 10-15 annually. Here’s the key: these small footprint branches only cost 20-25% of the cost of a traditional branch but generate 30-40% of the income, and are sales leaders when it comes to new account opening.
  23. 23. “If Visa can be owned by Banks, why can’t SmartMoni be owned by Merchants” • They manage in-store separately from stand-alone, traditional branches. “Our mantra is it’s 50% the same as traditional branch banking and 50% different”. • They leverage their host partner’s knowledge – not just traffic patterns, but also demographics and purchase propensity during different day-parts. “We employ different marketing tactics, offer different promotions, pricing wise, from what traditional branches do.” • They hire differently, looking for individuals with retail experience, then teach them about banking. • As consumers write fewer checks, and teller transactions in traditional branches continue to decline, we believe U.S. Bank’s experience in non-traditional branches will give it a competitive edge, enabling it to – expand distribution while at the same time reducing cost. People to People • Buy | Sell MoniCoins • Transfer to Friend • Transfers Overseas • Currency Exchange • SmartContracts Business to Business • Payments • Billing | Invoicing • Global Exchanges • Loyalty & Promotions • SmartContracts Retail | CitiMart - Commerce • MoniStore – MoniCoins • Payments, Transfers, Exchanges • Loyalty – MoniPlus • Promotions – PocketPlus • Beacons – Merchant • SmartContracts Global Transfers • Payments | Billing • Transfers • Currency Exchange • SmartContracts 15 Markets Serviced CitiLife | Dining | Home | Healthcare | Services | Investing | Charity | Acts of Faith | Politics | Travel
  24. 24. 13 MoniAds 14 Introducing MoniChain
  25. 25. Architecture of Choice – Stellar Network w/Chain & IBM Our technical requirements are quite simple. A Digital Token used to transfer value while encompassing Instant Payments with Loyalty Points and a Value Multiplier. As we reviewed all the blockchain platforms, we concluded the Stellar and the Banking Consortiums “Chain” solution formed by Visa Citibank NASDQ suited us best. We intend to take advantage to interchange/exchange within their networks. We are however an independent entity with our own values, goals and aspirations. After reviewing Stellar and Chains Specifications, their technical experience, goals and ambitions for delivery of service are aligned with our own. The fact that they have already done modifications regarding scalability, performance, security and privacy only reinforces our decision. It’s obvious, the 20 years’ experience banks have in operating their current banking network has provided them a wealth of experience and practicality to ensure the success of Chain. In that regard, we intend to contribute our share of resources and expertise to further that goal. We are however working with other “chains” for new and practical solutions. Financial assets in a digital medium Designed for currencies, securities, and other issued financial instruments Instant settlement Federated consensus that allows for immediate transaction confirmation with absolute finality Scalability and reliability Throughput to meet market-scale applications and server architecture designed for high availability Multi-signature accounts Secure, multi-asset account management for individuals, businesses, and institutions An immutable ledger A perfectly auditable record of transaction activity that cannot be forged or altered Transaction privacy Only the parties involved in a transaction (as well as those they authorize) can view transaction details
  26. 26. Smart contracts Programmatic transactions, facilitating complex agreements with automatic enforcement and no counterparty risk Permissioned network access Role-based permissions for operating, accessing, and participating in a network Full-stack security HSM integration, stable cryptographic primitives, and an auditable, open source stack Reference data Assets definitions, compliance data, and arbitrary annotations are included directly in the transaction structure MoniPlus Wallet | GoMainSt PocketPlus USA | StreetTalk | SmartMoniCenters People to People - Retail Merchants - Business to Business - Global MoniPlus | MarketSocial | SocialStream | Service Network Scalability Ability to support Unlimited Transactions If all transactions using Bitcoin were on the blockchain, to enable 7 billion people to make two transactions per day, it would require 24GB blocks every ten minutes at best (presuming 250 bytes per transaction and 144 blocks per day). Conducting all global payment transactions on the blockchain today implies miners will need to do an incredible amount of computation, severely limiting bitcoin scalability and full nodes to a few centralized processors. If all transactions using Bitcoin were conducted inside a network of micropayment channels, to enable 7 billion people to make two channel per year with unlimited transactions inside the channel, it would require 133 MB blocks (presuming 500 bytes per transaction and 52560 blocks per year). Current generation desktop computers will be able to run a full node with old blocks pruned out on 2TB of storage. With a network of instantly confirmed micropayment channels whose payments are encumbered by timelocks and hashlock outputs, Bitcoin can scale to billions of users without custodial risk or blockchain centralization when transactions are conducted securely off-chain using bitcoin scripting, with enforcement of non-cooperation by broadcasting signed m-signature transactions on Blockchain Instant Payments and Portfolio of Transaction Types To support Unlimited Instant Payments and a Portfolio of Payment Options, the following accommodations are under review: Raise topology 1 level, Recentralization, Masternodes, Abbreviated Blockchain, and the addition of Microchannels, IP Channels and implementation of Multi-Strands. Each substantially and exponentially increases our ability to service a global network of 7 Billion user’s daily needs with a portfolio of payment services. 1. Instant Transactions. MoniPlus transactions are now nearly instant with any party. It is possible to pay for a cup of coffee with direct non-revocable payment in milliseconds to seconds.
  27. 27. 2. Exchange Arbitrage. There is presently incentive to hold funds on exchanges to be ready for large market moves due to 3-6 block confirmation times. It is possible for the exchange to participate in this network and for clients to move their funds on and off the exchange for orders nearly instantly. If the exchange does not have deep market depth and commits to only permitting limit orders close to the top of the order book, then the risk of coin theft becomes much lower. The exchange, in effect, would no longer have any need for a cold storage wallet. This may substantially reduce thefts and the need for trusted third-party custodians. 3. MicroPayments. Current blockchain fees are far too high to accept Micropayments, especially with the smallest of values. The addition of Micropayment Channels, near instant micropayments without a 3rd party custodian would be possible. It would enable, for example, paying per-megabyte for internet service or per-article to read a newspaper. 4. Financial Smart Contracts and Escrow. Financial contracts are especially time-sensitive and have higher demands on blockchain computation. By moving most of the trustless transactions off-chain to payment channels, it is possible to have highly complex transaction contract terms without ever hitting the blockchain. 5. Cross-Chain Payments. So long as there are similar hash-functions across MoniChain, its possible for transactions to be routed over multiple chains with different consensus rules. The sender does not have to trust or even know about the other chains – even the destination chain. Similarly, the receiver does not have to know anything about the sender’s chain or any other chain. All the receiver cares about is a conditional payment upon knowledge of a secret on their chain. Payment can be routed by participants in both chains in the hop. E.g. Alice is on Chain, Bob is on both Chain and X-Coin and Carol is on a hypothetical X-Coin, Alice can pay Carol without understanding the X-Coin consensus rules. 15 Global Financial Network - The Global Network will not be on Public Net, it will reside on its own Private Network. This is for obvious security reasons. In fact, it will be on a special M2M Network. (Machine to Machine – Shipping, Mfg., Trucking, Utilities, Railroads and Pipelines applications are typically hosted on these networks). We are the first to do financial services and retail point of sale. We will expand this network country by country as we enter into each market. NOCs: Dallas, London, Dubai, Caracas, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, 168 Countries: 8 Net NOCs, VPN Network, Cloud, Mobile GSM/CDM M2M Partners - Machine to Machine The type of Industry and Applications running on these networks are: Shipping, Mfg., Trucking, Utilities, Railroads and Pipelines. Partners include AT&T, China Mobile, China UnMTOm, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Sprint, Telefónica, Telenor, Verizon, and Vodafone.
  28. 28. 16 Our Primary Markets - SmartMoni Scape Special attention must be paid to the markets we intend to service. This is no longer just a commodity. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus is designed to provide a higher value-added service to each market and its customers. It also defines our business and will lead us to future and higher revenue generation. We are local to global. Market Segment Size (USA) 1. People to People 2. Retail – Merchants, Restaurants, Services 3. Business 2 Business 4. Global Express 5. GoMainSt MarketSocial – 10 Mkt Segments $ 800 Billion $ 5.700 Trillion $33.000 Trillion $ 4.000 Trillion $16.4 Trillion 17 MoniPlus - Merchant Promos & Points Regarding loyalty program, as you purchase from a participating merchant, you will accrue points and they will be exchangeable or transferable for more goods and services. As a trustless distributed ledger, blockchain allows participating agents, which in the case of loyalty rewards programs include loyalty reward program providers, administrators, system managers, customers, etc. to intersect and interact in one system without intermediaries and without compromising privacy or competitiveness. They also believe that blockchain has the potential to streamline execution and administration of their programs with near-real-time transparency, resulting in cost savings that can be realized in the medium term and would be ideal for a Loyalty Multi-Merchant Program. A Multi-Merchant program typically costs 1% of Sales vs 1.5% for Private Program Full-fledged coalition loyalty programs do not currently operate in the U.S., but have had considerable success and adoption in established, developed economies for over 20 years. This
  29. 29. will surely change as coalition continues to gain steam in the U.S., and retailers look for better alternatives to drive profitable growth over increasingly ineffective loyalty programs. Retailers will look to coalition’s proven model of offering superior customer engagement for lower costs and its added benefits of providing an efficient, data-rich marketing platform to offer better customer- centric initiatives. Retailers joining with other non-competing companies will create a lasting, value enhancing partnership that will allow them to differentiate themselves from competitors. The first U.S. retailers to create a coalition will certainly reap these rewards, and enjoy longer lasting, more profitable customer engagement. We believe it is not a question of if, but only a matter of when. 18 Loyalty is a Growth Industry Enrollment in loyalty programs in the US grew by 20 percent to 3.32 billion in 2015 from 2.65 billion just 3 years earlier. While Multi-Merchant Loyalty Programs are successful everywhere else. Until now, no one has ever initiated one in the US Market. Program Goals are higher customer retention, lifting sales and shifting competitor’s customers. ROI Goal is typically a 15% increase of the 3-matrix’s combined. 73% - Recommend brands 81% - Do business with brands 66% - Modify spending 75% - Brand relationship 70% - Modify when/where to buy 80% - Choose a Bank offers rewards Promotions & Rewards Build Better Customers & More Revenue Millennials, ages 18-34, were more likely to share their location to receive coupons from nearby businesses: 56%, vs. 42% of those 35 and over. 25% also said that they would give away personal information to get more relevant advertising, compared with 19% of the 35 and over group. Millennials are more comfortable about releasing their personal info when it comes to getting discounts or relevant advertising, which make sense for a generation more connected than any prior. (source: USA Today) 19 MoniPlus Club (Merchants Circle) Finally, SmartMoni w/MoniPlus running on MoniChain provides an ideal solution suited for an Multi-Merchant Loyalty Program. It allows for the instantaneous and secure creation, redemption, and exchange of merchant promotions and loyalty reward points across programs, vendors, and industries through a trustless environment using cryptographic proofs. Through its rigorous online protocol, well-programmed building blocks, smart contracts, blockchain has the capability to operate independently without intermediaries and can execute seamlessly to create a cohesive marketplace. Its key elements are integrated points, rewards, incentives and promotions with Monichain. This is then combined and delivered to everyone’s advantage with the integration of Currency Digital Token MonMTOin w/MoniPlus. All of this substantially increases the efficiency, effectiveness and on-time benefits for the Merchant, Consumer and Marketplace. MoniClub – MoniPoints & MoniPromos/ Points, Rewards, Incentives & Promotions w/SmartMoni MoniPlus
  30. 30. 20 MoniPlus - CitiLife Merchant Beacon This will be made available to Merchants using PocketPlus n MoniPlus. Using this product, any business can create a virtual perimeter and send notifications to the customers who pass through this perimeter. In addition, MoniPlus Mobile app will display Promotions & Loyalty Specials. • Proximity campaign Get unlimited deals and discount bargains on the product whichever you pass through it. • Geo-fencing Sends push notifications and promotional messages to the App users within a certain geographical area. • Analytics Analytics will help in measuring your advertising ROI as well as track users interest area and footfalls via heat map, social networking sites and applications. • Web Management Console To manage content such as promotions, geo-fencing messages & store infor for your app • Summary The Power of MarketSocial as Data Feeds to create SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 21 GoMainSt w/PocketPlus USA The GoMainSt MarketSocial Community through convergence blends Promotions - Social - Commerce onto a single platform. Its approach is Metrocentric while still focusing on 10 broad market communities. It represents the next evolution of Social - a full Social Commerce Platform. Taking advantage of the graphic visual and the simplicity of the Pin, it unleashes its Power to enable People to quickly and conveniently locate products and services. The Pin allows People to Discover, Share, Save and Buy at an accelerated rate. We also designed it to enable Merchants, Hospitals, Charities, Restaurants to post Promotions for products and services on 8 Diverse Presentation Tools and to do it across 5 Integrated Media. The Promotions can be Individual and specific, or broad and companywide. They can also be engaging to include Life Events to celebrate achievement and accomplishment. And to bring it all home, CitiMart our Commerce platform enables 6 different classifications and grouping of products and SERVICES to even empower Charities to bring to market specific projects people and tools needed to gain additional funding. It’s exciting and new – its GoMainSt’s Local to Global Metrocentric Commerce Solution
  31. 31. 22 StreetTalk.Buzz – Join the Conversation (SocialStream), Bringing a More Connected World StreetTalk is an opportunity to bring people products & places together. We focus on a Metrocentric View with 10 Markets and enable People to better communicate. We find engagement furthers progress and as a result, we have provided a portfolio of Join the Conversation Services. From Chat, Message, Streaming, TeleTalk, StreetView with Showcase, we a fully integrate the SmartMoni Wallet w/MoniPlus and Plus Alerts. Within each Metro and its market communities, whether its Home Improvement, Dining, Investing, Community Service or Healthcare; People Professionals Companies and Organizations can better converse, interact, provide status and updates. And thanks to GoMainSt w/PocketPlus our Social Suite 8 Services allows everyone to promote their products, services and conduct commerce spontaneously, persistently and with continuity. StreetTalks geo-location also enables you to do live streaming or video for a local block party, a citywide event or a market sector community – all within GoMainSt and StreetTalk. 23 GoDaily.News – We are the News With GoMainSt and StreetTalk market and messaging platform covering 11 Major Market Sectors. CitiLife, Dining, Home, Healthcare, Services, Investing, Charity, Acts of Faith, Politics, Travel, Latin News & Views are organically generated, and we then feed them into GoDaily.News. In fact, we already have the infrastructure and monetization to extend Ad Revenues to this Platform.
  32. 32. 24 Building Value In addition, activity within the MarketSocial Community could earn you points. They would do this through curation, content and commerce. Users would be able to spend Points on products, services, and other valuable assets offered by merchants, developers, influencers, and other participants. This has been tried before, resulting in an average monthly transaction volume 3X higher then global transaction volume of Bitcoin. A chat app could measure demand and gain valuable insights into user behavior with transactions in a messenger context. During a 2.5-year period from 2014 through 2016, Their users completed 253 million offers and spent the points earned on 74 million purchases. Their Points experiment was successful, with an average transaction volume of 300,000 transactions per day for its lifetime from 2014 through 2016, reaching 2.6 million transactions per day at the peak. On average, the monthly number of transactions was nearly three times that of the Bitcoin network. Chat is a very effective platform for Peer to Peer SmartMoni. GoMainSt w/PocketPlus and StreetTalk unleashes the power of a new type of social, whereby People, Merchants, Business and Organizations can more effectively communicate and conduct their daily affairs across important areas: CitiLife, Dining, Home, Services, Healthcare, Investing, Charity, Acts of Faith, Politics, & Travel. GoMainSt with its tools for promotions, social and commerce, combined with the power of the pin will expand the productivity of the marketplace where everyone benefits and prospers. 25 GoMainSt - A New Type of MarketSocial Social is one of the largest tech phenomena we have seen. And look at its impact. What are there, just 5 Platforms? And most of them were not even originally designed to do what they are doing now. They have morphed and are still attempting to accommodate, define and respond to market demands. Basically, Facebook is a giant watercooler – a News Social, Twitter is News Messaging, and LinkedIn services a Business Niche – Hiring and Professional Networking. 26 The Role of Commerce is Growing Facebook has acquired Instagram to help move into Commerce. PinInterest due to its nature leads in Commerce. This is due to their immediate “Pictorial” level of engagement and being more suited for Commerce. We have created a new type of social that is focused on Commerce. We use several formulas to empower the platform, convergence, 5-in-1 Media, 5X new Promotional Tools combined with Digital Commerce that also empowers Charities and the marketing of “Services”. We are positioned to take advantage of this new direction in Social and it will also help us expand SmartMoni into the Marketplace with Merchants across the USA.
  33. 33. 27 9X the Engagement – People with Purpose What’s crucial to understand. The level of engagement between Facebook and LinkedIn differs substantially. Studies show, due to LinkedIn being more focused on a specific subject and task, it achieves 9X more engagement. I tested this. In Facebook, when I posted, I would get 10-30 likes shares comments. I then went into a special group focused on Economics. I did posts for several months. I would routinely get….400, 800, 1,500 likes shares & comments. I talked to the Moderator. “Yes, I set the limit to 500 comments, but got so many complaints – I raised it to 650.” Focusing on a Purpose brings Exponentially More Engagement. Imagine taking this same level of engagement and apply it to whole new markets. 28 MarketSocial – People with Purpose (“Mostly” Built n Ready) With Social being so big, why are there only 5 Companies? We have developed a new type of Social – A MarketSocial Community – People with Purpose. We do Convergence and blend Promotions, Social n Commerce across a single platform. We apply it to 10 Markets to increase productivity in each Market Place. 29 GoMainSt PocketPlus USA – Market Size Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wuts a Deal & 2 Wildcards (5X) 5 in 1 Media Advantage: A single promotion is available across Print, Internet, Mobile, Beacon, SmartMoni We have partnered with 134 Grocery Store Chains in 108 Cities at 13,400 locations to provide 8 Million Printed PocketPlus USA Mthly.
  34. 34. Market Social US Markets Anchor Tenants Market Size GoMainSt Metro Merchants Home Services Dining Out Healthcare Charities Faith Based Services Investing Professional Services Politics Latin 2,206,681 1,837,084 990,805 1,622,648 1,409,430 575,083 488,000 2,648,062 258,000 1,188,547 $4.70 Trillion $1.80 Trillion $ 683 Billion $1.90 Trillion $2.06 Trillion $ 400 Billion $1.70 Trillon $1.45 Trillion $ 700 Billion $1.10 Trilion Total 13,224,340 $16,493,000 30 Convergence – Promotions | Social | Messaging | Commerce Within GoMainSt, we build whole new capabilities. We take the power of Social and blend in Promotions and Commerce and apply it to market sectors. The result, we introduce whole new and effective ways to promote your company product n service, within social and conduct commerce. 31 Social Suite 8 Menu Services – Standardized Menu for Market Socials Show | PocketPlus | Weekly Billboard | Life Events | Engage | Team | CitiMarts 7 Menu Items: 4 is for Promotion – 2 are Social – 1 For Commerce What MS Office did for Office Productivity, we do for Market Productivity
  35. 35. 32 Unleash Commerce - The Power of the Pin Discover Save Share – Click n Buy! As Social moves to Commerce…” Pictures Sell” (FB bought Instagram Its driven by Discovery - Search Share Save or Purchase (PinInterest)In addition, younger users are dropping Facebook and just using more of Instagram. It is our belief, people with purpose is more of a sustainable business model then “watercooler social”. LinkedIn being a perfect example. User Stats across the Social Divide Social Users Daily Growth PinInterest Instagram Linkedin Twitter 100 Million 400 Million 100 Million 316 Million 21 Min 21 Min 10 Min 17 Min 207% 143% 229% 114% PinInterest – PICs Inspire them to Discover, Save, Share n Buy 70% helps them on what to buy 41% of ecommerce traffic 90% specialty retailers 47% shopper’s bot because of pin 88% bought due to 1 Pin 49% bought 5 items due to Pin 72% follow brands for purchase 71% like a Pin with a Price tag 93% plan their purchases 10B recommended to buy shares per day 33 5-in-1 Media Advantage across All Market Socials Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | SmartMoni Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wuts a Deal! & 2 Banner Types Give us one Promotion – (5X types) and we deliver it across Print Internet Mobile SmartMoni. Tailored for each Market Social You don’t have to give away your company products or services to promote your company, products and services (coupons) 34 GoMainSt – PocketPlus USA - 5-in-1 Media Advantage 1. Print – 108 Cities at 134 Grocery Store Chains @ 13,400 locations – all Mth Long 2. Internet – 10 Market Areas 3. Mobile – 10 Market Areas 4. Beacon - Merchants 5. SmartMoni – MoniCoins w/Promotion & Loyalty to create MoniPlus
  36. 36. 35 GoMainSt Social Suite 8 Menu Services What MS Office did for Office Productivity, we do for Whole Markets Show | PocketPlus | Weekly Billboard | Life Events | Engage | Team | CitiMarts 1. Showcase Media: Photos Video Music 2. PocketPlus USA - Products & Services Promotions for Wuts New Wuts Hot Wuts a Deal | SpotLite | Blowout (5X) Each Vertical Mkt: Snacks n Gas, Health n Fitness, Finance n Prosperity, Treats n Eats, Leisure n Fun, Retail Chains, Merchants, Services 3. Weekly Billboard: Company Profiles & Portfolio Offerings Weekly Ads: Grocery Chains, Auto, Coffee Snacks n Gas, Community Plus, Dining n Take Out, Education Plus, Finance n Prosperity, Healthcare, Leisure n Fun, Retail Shopping, Services for Everyone, Travel.
  37. 37. 4. Life Events: Share Your Experience Spotlight, Around Town, Dinner Table, Family Focus, SmartShopper, Over Hill Travel, Career Path, Learning Curve, Community Plus 5. Engage – Social, Posts, Shares, Likes, Comments, StreetTalk, Blogging, Forums 6. Teams - Members, Clubs, Companies & Orgs 7. CitiMart & CityAds CitiStores focused by Vertical offerings Products n Services 36 Overview - Layered Formulas for Success A MarketSocial Community – People with Purpose 1. GoMainSt – PocketPlus: Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wuts-a-Deal for You! plus 2X Wildcards= 5X 2. PocketPlus USA - 108 Cities with 134 Grocery Chains at 13,400 locations all-month-long 3. PocketPlus – 5X Ways to Promote Your Business without giving it away with 4 Platforms. 4. PocketPlus USA - Nat’l Chains: 785 Restaurant, Retail & Services, 4,000 internet companies then go Local 5. MarketSocial – People with Purpose = 9x Engagement (LinkedIn vs Facebook) 6. 5-in-1 Media Advantage – Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | SmartMoni 7. Convergence – Blending of Promotions Social and Commerce 8. Entirely New Ad Model – Its one Discovery vs Ad Trolling, its called Pins through PocketPlus w/Promotions 9. The Power of the Pin – It leads Commerce w/Discover Save Share n Buy 10. Engage – MarketSocials: Connects Participants Professionals Companies & Orgs 11. CitiLife w/PocketPlus; 11 Markets Served CitiLife, Dining, Home, Health, Services, Investing, Charity, Acts of Faith, Politics, Travel, Latin 12. 5 Moni Markets – People2People, Retail, B2B Global & MarketSocials (11X Markets 13. MoniCoins: Instant Payments via MoniChain, Privacy through Mon-ID, MoniSquare.Cards 14. MoniPlus 4+ Loyalty, Rewards, Incentives Promotions w/SmartShopper AI - Get Me Service 15. MoniPlus CitiMart – 6 Digital product mixes serving 11X Markets 16. MoniPlus CitiMart - Services & New Type of Commerce for 8X Markets Dining, Home, Healthcare, Investing, Services, Politics, Charity, Acts of Faith 17. MoniPlus CitiMart - Smart Contracts for 11 Markets CitiLife, Dining, Home, Health, Services, Investing, Charity, Acts of Faith, Politics, Travel, Latin 18. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus…. MoniCoins w/Private, SmartShopper Ai Service & Plus 6+ 19. SmartMoniCenters: People who use Moni the most, service it best Partners: Mobile Carriers, Retail, Grocery and Convenience Stores. 20. MTO Partners – Gold Coin Members with Privileges, Equity & Profit Sharing GoMainSt – PocketPlus – CitiMart - StreetTalk MoniPlus+ MarketSocial | SocialStream | SmartMoniCenters SmartMoni
  38. 38. 37 The Power of the Pin 1. Discover, Share n Purchase (PinInterest) 2. A New Type of Advertising / Promotion - Discovery vs Ad Trolling 3. 5-in-1 Media Advantage – Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | SmartMoni 4. SmartSocial Convergence – Promotions Social Commerce 5. Applied to 10 Large Market Segments (9X More Engagement) 6. Promote Your Company-Org, Product n Service – 5X Different Ways 7. Engage – Social likes comments share post content media 8. CitiMart – 6 Digital product mixes broken out by 10 market segments. 9. SmartMoni – MoniCoins w/MoniPlus: Privacy, GoPlus for Service, Loyalty, Rewards, Incentives Promotions. 38 GoMainSt PocketPlus USA – National Launch 108 Metros/ 2,134 Cities. Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wut a Deal for You! & 2 Wildcards (5X) One promotion is available across 5 Media: Print, Internet, Mobile, Beacon, SmartMoni
  39. 39. 1. Print – 8 Million Monthly Pocket.PLUS Publications distributed FREE in 108 cities at 13,500 Premium Retail Locations with blanket coverage of USA. They are available all month long and may be carried in a purse, auto console or your pocket for Smart Shopping for Everyone. Its ideal for Seniors.Note: Why Print?? 40% of Adult Population is age 50+ and only 22% use Tech for Promotions. Big Revenue and Profit Stream immediately. 2. Internet - Each Promotion across GoMainSt Market Areas Market Segments: Metro | Home | Dining | Healthcare | Charity | Acts of Faith | Investing | Professional Services | Politics | Latin Life | StreetTalk 3. Mobile – SmartPsP Power Mobile GoMainSt PocketPlus, StreetTalk w/MoniPlus 4. Merchant Beacon Business can create a virtual perimeter and send notifications to the customers who pass through this perimeter. MoniPlus Mobile app will display Promotions & Loyalty Specials. 5. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus MoniCoins w/MoniPlus to provide Privacy, Service and increase every transaction value through Points, Rewards, Incentives and Promotions 39 New Media: StreetTalk - Join the Conversation Due to the 10 MarketSocial Communities, there will be a huge reservoir of content, news and events organically generated. Our market participants are Consumers, Professionals, Employees, Companies and Organizations – all engaged in the day to day furtherance of their goals and objectives - all generating content. In addition, Twitter is typically Celebrities, Entertainers, Politicians and Sports. What is not represented are People and Thought leaders within many of the Country’s Economic Sectors. We naturally cultivate this within our Cornerstone communities and can easily generate relevant and timely content.
  40. 40. a. Social Streaming A Standalone Messaging, chat and live streaming platform. Also, fully integrated into GoMainSt and 10 Market Segments. Participants in each Market segment – consumers, professionals, business and organizations are enabled. (Twitter|YouTube) Also, ideal for People to People Money SmartMoni 40 SmartPsP - PowerMobile Suite We cover all the bases – Conveniently racked n stacked for Everyone to Use 1. Shopping 2. MarketSocial 3. SocialStream 4. Commerce GoMainSt PocketPlus USA 10 Market Segments StreetTalk.Buzz SmartMoni w/Moni.PLUS GoMainSt SmartPsP covers every corner of a Mobile User Needs
  41. 41. 41 Our Tech Framework – Just Two Platforms GoMainSt PocketPlus & StreetTalk Platform: Zend PhP | Open Source & Proprietary | 106 Modules w/Magento 1. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus Platform: Stellar/Chain Core w/Gateways Integration to IBM Hyperledger, ChainDB, Openchain, Lightening A banking consortium tailored toward Financial Services w/Service Upgrades. Members: Visa, Citibank, NASDQ, 1st Data and others Priorities: Scalability, Instant Payments, Loyalty, Promotions, Smart Contracts The assets on Chain network are not new cryptocurrencies but are rather issued assets like currencies, securities, derivatives, gift cards, and loyalty points. Because these types of assets are issued by financial institutions and governments, Chain’s protocol and platform are designed around the needs of these issuers and the firms that custody these types of assets. In fact, they have designed Chain together with leading financial organizations as an iterative, use-case driven process over the past several years with the following criteria. Issue financial assets Permissioned network access High transaction volumes Confidentiality transaction data Programmable transactions HSM Hardware Security Module High availability Performance Scalability / Upgradability 2. MarketSocials, SocialStream & News (GoMainSt & StreetTalk & GoDaily.News) Zend PHP Platform w/106 Modules Customized Member Profiles The member profile page gives each member a home for their content, activity, and personal info. • Multi-part profiles • Profile types • Member levels & moderators • Customizable Profile Questions • Conditional Questions • Keyword-enabled Questions • Personal Photos (avatars) • Profile Privacy Options • Profile Posts • Custom profile layouts Network Structure SocialEngine gives you lots of options for deciding how people will join, interact, and use your community. • Networks • Two-way Friendships & One-way Followers • Verified or Unverified Friendships • Custom Privacy Levels • Join by Member Invitation • Join by Admin Invitation • Customizable Signup Process • Email Message Templates
  42. 42. Activity Feeds Activity feeds are streams of posts made by members mixed with notifications about what's happening in your community. Your members can comment, share, and "like" all types of content. • Multiple feeds • Inline links, photos, music, and videos • Inline comments & "likes" • Share Feature • Customizable feed content • Feed Filtering • Publishing Privacy • Auto-updating timestamps • Admin announcements Private Messaging Members can send each other private messages right on your community. • Thread-style Conversation History • New Message Notifications • Message attachments • Multiple Recipients, Mass-Messages Content Management Your site's layout, style, and content can be fully customized by SocialEngine's easy to use CMS. Drag-and-drop Site Designer • Easily Create New Pages • Public/private Sections • Theme Editor • File & Media Manager • Custom Meta data • Search engine friendly URLs • Announcements • No Copyright or "Powered by" Notice • Multi-language Support Other Admin Tools Plugin manager Site-wide statistics & analytics Referring URLs and recent sign-in log Server resources monitor Advertising Displaying advertisements is an excellent way to monetize your social network. SocialEngine lets you show ads anywhere on your site. • Ad campaign manager • Google Adsense compatible • Drag-and-drop advertisement blocks • Performance monitors and safeguards • Advanced targeting and filtering capabilities • Anti-spam Features • Keeping your community free of spam helps to keep your members' social experience enjoyable and clutter-free. • Email address verification • Random password generation • Automatic "CAPTCHA" images • Inappropriate content and abuse reports • Content Deletion • Banning features • Word censors • Member blocking • Moderator accounts Membership Billing Create subscription plans for different member levels and charge for access to certain parts of the community. • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or One-Time Payment Options • Transaction / Subscription Tracking • Subscribe During Signup • International Currencies • 2Checkout or PayPal Payment Gateways Browse & Search SocialEngine allows members to easily navigate your site, discover new content, and find specific posts. • Browse members • Browse plugin content • Site-wide search
  43. 43. MarketSocial Modules 1. Multiple Listing Types Plugin - Listings, Blogs, Products, Classifieds, Reviews & Ratings, Pinboard, Wishlist’s, etc All In One 2. E-commerce Store Plugin - Social Magento Integration 3. Discount Coupons Plugin 4. Geo-Location, Geo-Tagging, Check-Ins & Proximity Search Plugin 5. Directory / Pages - Offers Extension 6. Facebook Feed Stories Publisher 7. Video Lightbox Viewer Plugin 8. Email Templates Plugin 9. FAQs, Knowledgebase, Tutorials & Help Center Plugin 10. Directory / Pages - Polls Extension 11. Events - Documents Extension Plugin 12. Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin 13. Directory / Pages - Short Page URL Extension 14. Advertisements / Community Ads - Sponsored Stories Extension 15. Directory / Pages - Badges Extension 16. Directory / Pages - Form Extension 17. Directory / Pages - Contact Page Owners Extension 18. Advanced Slideshow Plugin - Multiple Slideshows 19. Directory / Pages - Embeddable Badges, Like Box Extension 20. Directory / Pages - Documents Extension 21. Directory / Pages - Notes Extension 22. Advanced Photo Albums Plugin 23. Directory / Pages - Reviews and Ratings Extension 24. Directory / Pages - Videos Extension 25. Directory / Pages - Music Extension 26. Recipes Plugin 27. Directory / Pages - Photo Albums Extension 28. Directory / Pages Plugin 29. Directory / Pages - Discussions Extension 30. Advertisements / Community Ads Plugin 31. Facebook News Feed, Friends, Invite and more 32. Advanced Facebook Integration / Likes, Social Plugins and Open Graph 33. Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin 34. Groups - Polls Extension Plugin
  44. 44. 42 People & Partnerships As PocketPlus, MarketSocials n SmartMoni platforms roll out, we are developing strategic partnerships which allow us to integrate more fully into the Community. Many are strategic in terms of technology and professional expertise. These are IBM, Microsoft, Deloitte, Cornell, AWS Amazon and others. In addition, we will expand our relationships with the Mobile Carriers, National Retailers, Restaurants and Service Companies. 43 Local & Global Governance We operate Local to Global – we will build associations and relationships with each Country Market that we participate. For example: Mobile Carriers such as Smart & Globe in Philippines, Singtel in Singapore for 22 Countries, Country specific National Retail Restaurant Chains, Grocery, Convenience Stores – all of which would provide SmartMoniCenter Services. At a corporate level, we are also forming a MoniPlus Merchant Circle Board – strategic Retail Partners and serve as our Board of Directors. It will guide us in terms Market Sectors and MonMTOin Policy. In addition, top legal and accounting advice and practice will permeate our Corporate Decision Making and Operations. 44 Where are We Our Communities are utilizing Amazon Cloud. Development is being managed and development partners from all parts of the world – USA India Vietnam Russia. We are positioned in Irvine, Ca and Cebu, Philippines. We intend to open a back-office support in Cebu Philippines and a USA operational HQ. We are evaluating a primary move to Texas or Florida.
  45. 45. 45 Action Items – Pipeline (6 Months) 1. Launch PocketPlus in 108 Cities w/134 Grocery Store Chains at 13,400 Locations • We tie in 1000 – 785 National Restaurant, Retail, Service Chains to SmartMoni w/MoniPlus • We tie in 134 Grocery Store Chains to SmartMoni. Already w/MoniPlus 2. SmartMoniCenters – incorporate MoniCoin APIs to top 38 Commerce & Retail Apps. 3. A National Distributor - Merge or Acquire | Gives us offices in 80 Cities 4. Pickup Mobile Carriers - Philippines | Singapore - Globe, Smart, Singtel - 23 Countries 5. SmartMoniCenter Partners - Private Equity (Merchant & Mobile Chains) 6. China Partner – China just opened Financial Services 51% Ownership. 46 Launch Schedule Platforms will Launch in Phases through 2019 1. Platform Buildout – 2.5 Months (Phase I) 2. PocketPlus - National Launch in 4 Months ( 100 Metros/ 2,135 Cities – 98 Grocery Chains) 8 Million Branded Copies distributed all month long – Free at every grocery store entrance 3. Promotion: of / Peace Counts A. Phase 1: 3-7 Months – Layered and Scheduled 3-4 Months > GoMainSt PocketPlus – 4 in 1 Media Advantage Launch with the top 100-200 Retailers, Restaurants & Service Merchants 8 Million Print Distributed Monthly Free in 108 Metro Markets @ 13,500 (Expand to 835 Nat’l Retailers, 4000 Internet Cos & Regional/Local Metros) 2 Months - Launch GoMainSt MaketSocial Community – People with Purpose Marketing Program – eMails to 10s 1,000s Anchor Tenants and Partner Programs across these market segments: Merchants, Dining, Home, Healthcare, Investing, Services, Charity, Acts of Faith and Politics. 3-4 Months > Launch StreetTalk – Join the Conversation. There are already several 3rd party open source chat programs available for our platform. We will select one, implement it and then develop more capability over time. • 4-5 Months > SmartMoni w/MoniPlus – Intelligence in Every Transaction • PocketPlus USA 4-in-1 Media Advantage: Adoption by National Chains • MarketSocial Communities– CitiMart w/CityStores support MoniCoins. • SmartMoniCenter Online Service and Support • CitiMart – MoniCoins w/SmartContracts • Global Expansion: Mobile Carriers & Retail Chains Adopt Service Model Print – Qtrly 8 Community Guides w/MarketSocials. PocketPlus will already be distributed in 108 Cities. Dining, Home, Healthcare, Investing, Services, Charity, Acts of Faith and Politics.
  46. 46. WildCard - Add On Option: Peace & Prosperity Launch. It costs millions to promote your Brand – we do it through PeaceTrain Peace and Prosperity Bottom line, Everyone has nukes on the table and tensions are high – Mid East. Baltics, Asia. China has 1st Strike Hypersonic nuclear ballistic missiles….low altitude, evasive maneuvering, 10 Warheads per missile. They also one designed to take out US Aircraft Carriers 1,850 miles away - deployed. Etc……. Launch the companies with it • We use it to promote Peace & Prosperity • P2-3 Brands – Peacetrain & GoMainSt (Local to Global)…..Smartmoni. • Sell a ton of T-Shirts • Plus: All the big tech, even the Successful MTOs have set up foundations, now we have • We can use Social Media to spread this around: (Media Loves this Stuff) Drive it across all Social Media Networks, Press Releases, NYC Media Interviews etc. Just Say NO to 1st Strike Hypersonics Nuclear Weapons @ 6,000 Miles-per-Hour Missiles - Bombers - Drones China | Russia | USA | Nato People Count 7,000,000,000 Post 4 Peace Comment - Pic - Video You Count Too Get Your Number (click) Brent Amundson PeaceCount - #1,387,387 Peace & Prosperity PeacetTrain - GoMainSt - SmartMonii Join Us
  47. 47. 47 Forecasted Revenue Fast & Robust Thanks to PocketPlus USA • PocketPlus National Launch is in 4 Months. • $50,000 a month for National Accounts. • 1st months recurring revenues will $5-10 Million • Immediate 50% Profitability and 25-50% monthly growth. 1st years revenues for GoMainSt PocketPlus is forecasted @ $234 Million. GoMainSt w/PocketPlus will offer free services for 4 months, then we will start charging for services. 9 Services for Each Site. (9X10). SmartMoni w/MoniPlus – SmartMoniCenters & MarketSocials 48 GoMainSt MarketSocial w/PocketPlus – Product Menu & Services 1 Community: Anchor Tenants – Promotions, Social, Commerce 14 Fees - Mthly Profit Centers 1. PocketPlus Guide 2. Community Guides (8) 3. Merchant GoSite 4. PocketPlus Online 5. Weekly Billboard 6. Life Events 7. CitiMart - MoniStore 8. CitiAds 9. MoniCoins 10. MoniPlus 11. Plus Alerts 12. Beacon 13. Community Ads 14. Sponsorship Ads Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee/Transactions Monthly Fee/Transactions Monthly Fee/Transactions Monthly Fee/Transactions Broadcast/Transactions Monthly Fee Fee/Transactions Fee/Transactions We are at an advantage. GoMainSt w/PocketPlus provide us an immediate revenue and market presence across 108 Cities & 10 Market Sectors. Ou5-in-1 Media Advantage includes SmartMoni w/MoniPlus - Online Demos – GoMainSt Username: | Password: Prosperity
  48. 48. 9 People & Partnerships As PocketPlus, MarketSocials n SmartMoni platforms roll out, we are developing strategic partnerships which allow us to integrate more fully into the Community. Many are strategic in terms of technology and professional expertise. These are IBM, Microsoft, Deloitte, Cornell, AWS Amazon and others. In addition, we will expand our relationships with the Mobile Carriers, National Retailers, Restaurants and Service Companies.
  49. 49. 10 Local & Global Governance We operate Local to Global – we will build associations and relationships with each Country Market that we participate. For example: Mobile Carriers such as Smart & Globe in Philippines, Singtel in Singapore for 22 Countries, Country specific National Retail Restaurant Chains, Grocery, Convenience Stores – all of which would provide SmartMoniCenter Services. At a corporate level, we are also forming a MoniPlus Merchant Circle Board – strategic Retail Partners and serve as our Board of Directors. It will guide us in terms Market Sectors and MonMTOin Policy. In addition, top legal and accounting advice and practice will permeate our Corporate Decision Making and Operations. 11 Where are We Our Communities are utilizing Amazon Cloud. Development is being managed and development partners from all parts of the world – USA India Vietnam Russia. We are positioned in Irvine, Ca and Cebu, Philippines. We intend to open a back-office support in Cebu Philippines and a USA operational HQ. We are evaluating a primary move to Texas or Florida. 12 Action Items – Pipeline (6 Months) 1. Launch PocketPlus in 108 Cities w/134 Grocery Store Chains at 13,400 Locations • We tie in 1000 – 785 National Restaurant, Retail, Service Chains to SmartMoni w/MoniPlus • We tie in 134 Grocery Store Chains to SmartMoni. Already w/MoniPlus 2. A National Distributor - Merge or Acquire | Gives us offices in 80 Cities 3. 1 or 2 Payment Providers are already interested buying in to SmartMoni 4. Pickup Mobile Carriers - Philippines | Singapore - Globe, Smart, Singtel - 23 Countries 5. SmartMoniCenter Partners - Private Equity (1,000 PocketPlus Partners) 6. China Partner – China just opened Financial Services 51% Ownership.
  50. 50. 13 Launch Schedule Platforms will Launch in Phases over next 3-9 Months – April/May 2019 Primary Goal & Method Lower Overhead, Lower Risk, High Rate of Success 1. Work will be outsourced to 5 companies i) 2 are in Top 50 Fast Growth in India ii) 2 are #1 in their “Specialty” iii) 1 is Top 40 Software Company in the World iv) Ramp up Internal Personnel as we approach launch. Phase 1: Build-Out – 2-4 Months 1. SmartMoniCenters w/ 28 Commerce Carts 4 Retail Platforms 2. MoniWallet – Payments, MoniID, AI SmartShopper 3. GoMainSt w/PocketPlus & CitiMart w/MoniCoins 4. StreetTalk w/Messenger 5. MoniAds – Ad Server Phase 2: Launch – 4th Month 1. 3-4 Months Sales Cycle GoMainSt PocketPlus – 5 in 1 Media Advantage 2. Launch with the top 100-200 Retailers, Restaurants & Service Merchants 8 Million Print Distributed Monthly Free in 108 Metros/2,135 Cities @ 13,500 3. (Expand to 835 Nat’l Retailers, 4000 Internet Cos & Regional/Local Metros) Marketing & Public Relations 1. eMail Marketing to 10 Market Segments. 2. Public Relation Releases to Top Market Media Companies 3. TV / Radio Interviews. 4. Grocery/Merchant Partner Programs. Print – PocketPlus is Monthly and each Qtr: 8 Community Guides rotate CitiLife, Dining, Home, Healthcare, Investing, Services, Charity, Acts of Faith and Politics. 14 Forecasted Revenue Fast & Robust Thanks to PocketPlus USA • PocketPlus National Launch is in 4 Months. • $50,000 a month for National Accounts. • 1st months recurring revenues will $5-10 Million • Immediate 50% Profitability and 25-50% monthly growth. 1st years revenues for GoMainSt PocketPlus is forecasted @ $234 Million. GoMainSt w/PocketPlus will offer free services for 4 months, then we will start charging for services. 9 Services for Each Site. (9X10). SmartMoni w/MoniPlus – SmartMoniCenters & MarketSocials
  51. 51. 15 GoMainSt MarketSocial w/PocketPlus – Product Menu & Services 1 Community: Anchor Tenants – Promotions, Social, Commerce 14 Fees - Mthly Profit Centers 1. PocketPlus Guide 2. Community Guides (8) 3. Merchant GoSite 4. PocketPlus Online 5. Weekly Billboard 6. Life Events 7. CitiMart - MoniStore 8. CitiAds 9. MoniCoins 10. MoniPlus 11. Plus Alerts 12. Beacon 13. Community Ads 14. Sponsorship Ads Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee/Transactions Monthly Fee/Transactions Monthly Fee/Transactions Monthly Fee/Transactions Broadcast/Transactions Monthly Fee Fee/Transactions Fee/Transactions SmartMoni MTO - 4 PHASES A. Seed - $3 Million (10% Equity) B. Launch - $30 Million - TBD C. Market - $300 Million - TBD D. Partner - $2 Billion TBD E. Country Partners - $X Billion Partners are Mobile Carriers & Merchant Chains Example: 785 National Chains in USA: If 100 invest $20 Million Each. And 101 Grocery Chains. 1. SEED MTO 2 Months $3 Million @ 40 Cents Coin w/25% Bonus Benchmarks: a. GoMainSt Deployed b. StreetTalk Deployed c. SmartMoniCenter Deployed d. MoniAds Deployed e. Office in Malaysia / Labuan-Kota Kinabalu / India – Chennai
  52. 52. 2. LAUNCH MTO 4-6 Month $30 Million @40 Cents – Equity is Dependent on Build-Out & Benchmarks Reachd Benchmark: a. Sale of PocketPlus USA (50-200 National Account) b. Launch Nationwide 100 Metro/2,134 Cities c. Sales Office in USA Orlando/Tampa d. Support Office in Cebu Philippine (Mactan) 3. MARKET MTO 7-9 Months $300 Million @ 40 Cent – Equity is Dependent on Build-Out & Benchmarks Reachd Benchmark: e. Sale of PocketPlus USA (200-2000 National Account) f. Expand Nat’l Distributorship Nationwide – 8000 Stores g. Expand Sales to Local Metro Market h. Launch MoniPlus i. Sales Int’l – Singapore, Philippine, Australia j. Tech Office – India 3. PARTNER MTO – 9-11 Months $2 Billion - – Equity is Dependent on Build-Out & Benchmarks Reachd Mobile Carriers | Grocery Chains | Retail Chains | C-Stores (985 Entities) “If Visa can be owned by Banks, why can’t SmartMoni be owned by Merchants” Benchmark: a. 200 Partner @ 20 Million = 2 Billion (785 Retail Restaurant Service Chain / 104 Grocery Chains / 5 Mobile Carriers)
  53. 53. References: 1. Loyalty – Making it Real, Multi-Merchant Loyalty 2. Loyalty – Blockchain will transform Loyalty Programs (HBR) 3. Loyalty – Reimagining Loyalty 4. Loyalty - Blockchain 5. Commerce - The Power of the Pin 6. Commerce – PinInterest Drives Commerce 7. MoniPlus - Colored Coins 8. Beacon – How to Personalize Shopping 9. Beacons – How it can reshape Retailing 10. Chain – Blockchain Banking Consortium 11. Banks enhance block chains, where is Bitcoin? 12. Bank Box – Digital Currencies 13. Blockchain – Deloitte 14. Scalability – Can Ethereum Scale 15. Scalability – Performance Matters 16. Scalability - OpenChain 17. Scalability – BigChainDB 18. Scalability - Lightening 19. SmartContracts – Getting Smart about Smart Contracts
  54. 54. 20. Walmart Money Centers- 4,500 Stores 21. Globe Mobile Philippines – GCash 22. Smart Mobile Philippines – Smart Money 23. Singtel Mobile Singapore – 22 Countries 24. Shopping GoPlus Facts of Millennials 25. US Bank excels in Grocery Store Banking and More 26. Global Net – M2M, Machine to Machine Network 27. Global Net – Networkcentric Operations in M2M Network 28. Big Data – Blockchain 29. Big Data – Social Big Data applications 30. Big Data – Blockchain n BD Worth Watching for 2017 31. Banker Fines Hit $265 Billion with $65 Billion to Come 32. How about Fining Bankers not Shareholders for Bankers Misconduct 33. Too Big To Jail – 1,500 Bankers went to jail in 87, not one from 2008 34. Obama Admits 95% of Income Gains went to the 1% 35. WSJ – 95% of Income Gains went to 1% 36. ½ of the 10 Wealthiest Counties in America are Now Suburbs of Wash DC 37. GoMainSt CitiMart Commerce – Service Sector is Booming 38. China opens market to Foreign Financial Services – 51% Ownership