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HELM TALKS: Net Zero Lecture Intro

Dieter Helm's lecture series on Net Zero

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HELM TALKS: Net Zero Lecture Intro

  1. 1. AGENDA GETTING THE QUESTIONS RIGHT QUESTION: What is the question to which net zero is supposed to be the answer? UNILATERALISATION IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT VERSION ONE: Carbon production on a territorial basis VERSION TWO: Conditional carbon production on a territorial basis VERSION THREE: Carbon consumption on a territorial basis
  2. 2. GETTING THE QUESTIONS RIGHT • Climate is global, not national • Carbon emissions are location–independent • Greatest increases in emissions will be in Africa, India, China, Brazil, Indonesia etc. • The story of the post-1990 increases have been dominated by China, focussed on coal and energy- intensive exports So, the broad question is: • What is the most efficient way of reducing global emissions? And the narrow question is: • How can the British cease to cause further climate change?
  3. 3. UNILATERALISM • What is the purpose of unilateralism? • Does it make any difference if a small country (UK) or a de-industrialising area (EU) reduces its terrestrial production emissions? • The argument by example • The argument for moral goods • The argument for an economic growth perspective