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Namac presentation


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National associatin of mongolian agricultural cooperatives

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Namac presentation

  2. 2. Current status 22 branch offices in every province and capital city 630 primary cooperatives 10 secondary cooperatives 44 295 households 130 000 individual members Over 300 000 farmers indirectly benefits from our activities
  3. 3. Internal governance
  4. 4. Institutional structure of NAMAC
  5. 5. Blue print of NAMAC Adopted by General Meeting in October, 2014 It is aimed to implement NAMAC’s strategic goals which is devoting to create a more sustainable and prosperous Mongolia by uplifting agricultural cooperatives and cooperators through the logistic advise, training, support, best practice exchange, and by promoting a favorable environment for cooperative development.
  6. 6. ROLE OF NAMAC IN COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT  Plays significant role in the formation and strengthening cooperatives and raises awareness of agricultural cooperatives at national and international level  Lobbying and policy advocacy  Protecting interests of cooperative members  Capacity building of cooperatives and their members  Technical assistance  Key information, best practice and contacts dissemination to members  Maintain and develop effective communications
  7. 7. We help the co-operative members and farmers indirectly: We help the cooperative members and farmers directly:
  8. 8. What NAMAC did in 2015  We organized 3 Regional forums of agricultural cooperatives covering the whole country  With ICA-AP - “Management capacity building of women for co-operative development” training for trainers  With Asian farmers association for sustainable rural development - “National level consultation on forest based livelihood” which aimed to consolidate the voices of members who are farming in forested landscapes  Other trainings for members