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Candidate Experience Webinar - RecruitingDaily and MyAlly


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Candidate Experience Webinar - RecruitingDaily and MyAlly

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Candidate Experience Webinar - RecruitingDaily and MyAlly

  1. 1. The Biggest Gaps in Your Candidate Experience and How to Fix Them
  2. 2. The 3 Pillars of a Great Candidate Experience • Speed • Communication • Transparency
  3. 3. Success begins at home. • Develop positive relationships with hiring managers • Write fair, honest and accurate job descriptions
  4. 4. Steer clear of the Resume Black Hole. • Acknowledgement of candidate applications • Act quickly on candidates you want to talk to
  5. 5. Personalize outreach. Connect part of their career history to the role you’re hiring for, especially for senior and leadership positions.
  6. 6. Set realistic expectations. Discuss logistics, compensation and other realities in the beginning to avoid wasting candidate time (and yours).
  7. 7. Candidate comfort is paramount. Candidate flying in? Make sure the flight and hotel are comfortable. All-day interview? Make lunch arrangements.
  8. 8. Life happens. Give every meeting enough leeway to accommodate for reschedules due to last-minute emergencies.
  9. 9. Stick to the plan when possible. Many candidates already have full-time jobs and lives. Be mindful of this and respect their time.
  10. 10. Arm all candidates for success equally. Give every candidate for a given role the same outline, brief, interview structure and information.
  11. 11. No surprises. Don’t keep candidates in the dark about protocol and compliances.
  12. 12. Simulate the work environment. Don’t create ‘pop quiz’ culture. Replicate the conditions candidates will work in to see them at their best.
  13. 13. Happy interviewers make happy candidates. Keep an eye on load balance. An interviewer with burnout is less likely to deliver a great candidate experience.
  14. 14. Don’t assign overly time-consuming tasks. Many candidates have full-time jobs and lives. Asking them to perform complicated assignments is unfair and unwise.
  15. 15. Culture fit is a two-way street. Candidates are looking for a workplace that fits them. Introduce them to potential peers and teammates.
  16. 16. Initiate the ‘next steps’ conversation. Let candidates know what to expect following an interview or assessment. Give them time to prepare.
  17. 17. Don’t let candidate evaluations wait. Collecting interviewer feedback within 24-48 hours will expedite hiring and shorten your pipeline time.
  18. 18. Be quick to say ‘no’. Deliver the bad news to rejected candidates quickly so they can move ahead with other opportunities.
  19. 19. Candidate experience goes beyond the offer. Help new hires feel settled quickly, especially if they’re moving from another city or region.
  20. 20. Nurture post-rejection relationships. You never know when someone might be an ideal fit for another role in the future.
  21. 21. Thank you for joining us!