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Family Promise of Brevard "The Face of Family Homelessness"


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LEAD Brevard's Leadership Brevard Class of 2019 Leadership Action Project
This project will create and launch an awareness campaign aimed at inspiring a call to action to end family homelessness in Brevard. This campaign may consist of a video, billboard, television, radio and other collateral materials for public advertising and awareness to move our community to action. The project team will build on the data created by two prior Leadership Brevard classes to guide the development of a marketing campaign. Project participants will meet with families who are experiencing homelessness, and major stakeholders like service providers, landlords, healthcare providers, law enforcement and educators to create the concept and narrative for the campaign.

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Family Promise of Brevard "The Face of Family Homelessness"

  1. 1.  Every child deserves a home.  Families should stay together.  Strong communities come from Strong Families  Families can end their homelessness with your support.
  2. 2. Meeting At Family Promise Was Profoundly Moving And Compelling…
  3. 3. LAP PROJECT MEETINGS Family Promise of Brevard has teamed up with LEAD Brevard for a Leadership Action Project to raise awareness about family homelessness in Brevard County and create a call to action. LAP Team met at the Family Promise House and initiated immediate action “You’re the Key” campaign is a call to join the Sheriff of Brevard County, and other community leaders to represent the key to ending homelessness.
  4. 4. Connects to • Spread the word • Family homelessness is in your own backyard • You can help end family homelessness • Invites ambassadors to contribute in solving this major social issue • Connects volunteers to Ambassador, Agencies, and Corporate Partners • Social Media • You Tube • Instagram • Facebook #yourethekey
  5. 5.  Branding  Team No Place Like Home - “You’re the Key” was formed with 10 Ambassadors!  was added to race shirts  650+ participants became Ambassadors by sporting the March 1st Emerald City 5K Race shirts. Public Launch of Campaign
  6. 6. Clear Channel  Billboards as ‘PSAs” to help promote  Featuring Sheriff Wayne Ivey and other community and State Officials  Promo to launch end of April and continue through December 2019  Florida Senator Debbie Mayfield and local elected officials as Campaign Ambassadors
  7. 7.  “You’re the Key” campaign was selected by Rock Paper Simple as a recipient of the 2019 Galactica Event  Join us Dec. 20th 2019 for a fun family experience at the AMC theatres in Viera.  Proceeds to Family Promise from the Galactica Event will go to The Brevard County H.U.M.I Program  HUMI combines case management and an opportunity to empower families towards Self-sufficiency  Rent Assistance  Late Rental Payments  Move-In Expenses  Security Deposits (for qualifying families)
  8. 8. LAP TEAM DEVELOPED  PSA video production featuring Sheriff Wayne Ivey  LAP Team + Sheriff Ivey created Story, Script and Key Message  Sheriff Ivey was a key contributor in conveying our message  Brevard County Sheriff’s Office  Video Production Team Filmed and Edited PSA
  10. 10. K: Key photos – take a photo with a key and post on social media with #yourethekey E: Educate others about the increasing number of families without homes and Encourage our community to become ambassadors Y: Your support for legislation benefiting affordable housing and homeless services Unlock A New World For A Family In Need
  11. 11. Ambassadors are influential keys to ending family homelessness  Anyone can be an Ambassador! Be featured in our social media campaign Volunteer at Family Promise or with anyone of our caring partner Ambassadors
  12. 12. Who are our Ambassadors? Engaging Community Leaders
  13. 13.  Frank, Jimmy, Bruce, Gaga  RESPECT!  Creativity  Experience  Skills  Feedback  Work towards our common goal MISSION  Follow the Plan  Meeting Minutes + Reminders  Assigned individual task or sub-projects  Communication  Communication  Communication!  Different Viewpoints  Don’t be afraid to ask for help  NETWORK  CONNECT  UTILIZE  Hurdle past obstacles efficiently  Never forget our MISSION  Have our MISSION be heard Planning is Key What we Learned?True collaboration